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Because I'm genuinely curious, how is Adam Sandler sadistic?

Lol, in the dodgeball film, think it’s called Billy Madison or something, he refused to use camera trickery when hitting the kids with the balls: 

“Tamra, you know, tomorrow we’re going to do this dodgeball scene. I really want to hit these kids.”

“Adam, you can’t just hit these kids. They’re children.”

“No, no, no. Line them up, and ask who would be okay getting hit. Make sure you get the parents to say yes, and I’m really going to hit them hard. Hurting kids is funny… it’s gonna be really funny.”

Also if you watch the scene, you can see after a kid is hit, it’s cut very abruptly. This was when the kid started crying/screaming:

(skip to around 1:17)

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You know that one scene where Legolas gets a bloody lip/nose (can't remember which) in The Hobbit and looks at it in astonishment? When that happened I leaned over to my fiance and quietly quoted the film Dodgeball, saying, "No one makes me bleed my own blood." We laughed for a good five minutes lol

I HAVEN’T SEEN DODGEBALL BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE A GR8 JOKE bc it totally suits Legolas character