Everybody knows I love a min ivan, and am always griping about why vans and minivans don’t come in the U S with manual transmissions. This ‘87 4 cyyl, 3.0 L automatic dodge caravan has been modified for Wheelchair access (not driving, just passenger) and still has 3 seats. Where does the gas tank get moved to?  Tucker Ga

Just a Few More

“We can get a few more up here if we can leave out the spare tire and the jack.”

Letterpress collectors are a desperate, dedicated sort.

I took this picture, nine years ago, at an auction for a deceased letterpress dealer. These guys scored on a large lot of empty type cases. Unfortunately, their Dodge Caravan was insufficient in hauling capacity.

If I remember right, they did end up getting the spare tire and jack, back in the vehicle, but they left the rear seat at the auction grounds. They lived more than 300 miles away, so I really doubt that they came back for it.