dodge challenger 70

Growing Up With the Winchesters (Part 2 - Meeting the Winchester Brothers)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Words: 1427

Warnings: none

A/N: Sooo here’s part two. This is where the actual story begins so there’s gonna be some more dialogue and stuff. It’ll keep you entertained till I finish the Teddy Lupin x reader I’m working on.

Part 1 here

When you were 16, you met the Winchesters. They stayed sometimes with you and Bobby, when John thought the hunt was too important to have to take care of two kids at the same time, though they weren’t kids. When you first met them, Dean was 17 and Sam 13.

After Bobby introduced you to them and you led them to their room, you went to check on the lasagna you were preparing. It’s not that you cooked all the time, even if you had visits, but Bobby wanted to have a family atmosphere the day you met the brothers. They were like family to Bobby and he wanted you to feel the same way.

“Hey, sweetheart,” you heard a deep voice say from behind. When you turned around, you saw it was Dean. He was walking towards you with the flirtiest smirk ever. Bobby had warned you about the older brother’s tendency to flirt with every human being that possessed boobs, so you weren’t surprised.

“Hey,” you answered innocently with a kind smile on your face, not paying much attention to him but to the food you had just taken out the oven.

“So, what do you say about you and me, snick out late tonight and go watch a movie,” Dean was biting his lip and taking small and slow steps, closing the space between you two. You tried to avoid it but you couldn’t hold it any more. The sound of your laughter floded the kitchen as tears run through your cheeks. You leaned on the kitchen table to avoid falling to the floor leaving a confused Dean standing in front of you. It wasn’t that he messed up or something, it was good and you would’ve probably fall for it if the situation was different. But it wasn’t.

“Bobby! You son of a bitch!” you called within laughs. “He did it, you bastard! Here’s your money!” you said taking 15 bucks from your back pocket and handing them to Bobby. After delivering the cash, you collapse to the ground, grabbing your stomach, which hurt from laughing so much.

“Did he say the ‘sweetheart’ too?” Bobby said imitating Dean and chuckling as you nodded, unable to answer with words and still on the floor. He then looked at a bewildered Dean and explained him the situation. “You see Dean, I love you as my own. I really do, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to have one of your one-night stands with her,” he was smiling at the boy, who was very accepting because he respected Bobby and his opinions. “So… we did a little bet. I told her about your m.o. for hitting on girls and we bet if you’d do the same with her. Of course, I won,” he said triumphantly holding the 15 dollars in the air.

“I shouldn’t make it awkward for her. I guess we’re gonna see each other often so I’ll leave her alone,” Dean accepted and helped you get up. “We’ll have to cancel our night out, sweetheart,” he smirked as if he expected you to complain.

“Yep, too bad,” you said. You could’ve been talking about throwing an overdue yogurt and it wouldn’t have changed anything. Of course, you thought he was hot and you didn’t even try to deny it, but you weren’t the kind of girl that throws herself to the nearest good-looking guy.

During dinner, you all chatted normally, though the topic of conversation was monsters and not what you were learning at the moment at school, like an ordinary family’s conversation. It was pleasant and you got to know the boys better and they knew more about you too. Sam, the sweetest of the two, complemented your lasagna more than once during lunch and you loved it every time, thanking him. Dean nodded every time his brother told you how delicious it was, as he had always his mouth full. Not that he cared, but Bobby had scowled him several times for doing so.

“Bobby told me you know about cars,” you told Dean who looked at you curiously. Normally girls wouldn’t talk to him about cars, though you were the first female hunter he met. You were different from others, as your priorities weren’t make up and clothes but saving people from supernatural shit. Your hobbies weren’t going to the mall or gossip but fixing cars you thought were cool at Bobby’s car scrapyard and playing Poker with cocky hunters that thought a little girl like you wouldn’t be able to win.

“Yeah, why?” the older brother asked with his mouth full of food. Bobby looked at him sterny, but the young hunter shrugged him off

“Cause I’ve got my eye on a '70 Dodge Challenger but it doesn’t start and I can’t seem to find the problem. I already painted it dark blue, changed the oil and repaired the distributor and hydraulic converter. I was wondering if you could help me,” you were eager to go and make your new baby start.

“Sure, no problem. I didn’t know you knew about cars,” he tried to hide his excitement and surprise but failed. You chuckled at his expression.

“Oh yeah, (y/n) loves it. She spends all the time searching for cars to fix,” Bobby explained with a grin on his face, showing how proud he was.

After you finished eating you went to your room to change your clothes to ones that could get dirty without you minding about it. You took Dean to the garage where you kept your baby and explained him everything you did and how you did it, just in case you’ve done it wrongly. That was not the case though. Everything was perfect and after inspecting the car, Dean had the diagnosis.

“Dodge here has some cables cut, don’t know why but it’s easy to repair so in a few hours we’ll be able to take him out for a ride,” he was talking like if he was a mechanic himself trying to impress you with his professional tone. You forced him to talk about your car as a he and not a she, threatening not to cook again. He agreed, gritting his teeth, trying to discuss about it but he only got ignored by you about the issue. He glanced at you from time to time to check if you were falling into his game but you were too busy paying attention to your damn car to even look at him. But he then cursed himself as he realized he was feeling jealous of a fucking car.

“Thanks, Dean!” you’ve been attempting to repair it for weeks and you were so excited that now you would be able to drive it, you didn’t realize you were hugging him tightly. “Oh, sorry,” you chuckled nervously as you let go of him and after an awkward silence with nervous snickers from both you, you added, “Well, we should probably start fixing it, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, sure, let’s do it,” your companion was relieved and grateful you could find something to say to end that awkward moment; a task he failed to do himself.

After a few hours, you finished repairing it. You laughed and had a good time after you overcame the awkwardness. Dean told you about some weird hunts he’s been to and you told him about yourself. When the car was ready, you informed Bobby you would be going to take Dodge for a ride with the older Winchester. After Dean named him like that, you both came to the conclusion it was a good name for him.

“You really don’t give a damn 'bout speeding limits, do you, (y/n)?” Dean laughed besides you, as you sped through the dirt streets.

“No, why? Do you?” you asked in a mocking tone, laughing at his expression. He had the most 'are you kidding me?’ face you’ve ever seen.

“No! Are you kidding me?” he said in a dramatic way with a hand on his chest, acting offended by your comment. You kept talking like that, laughing and having a good time until you got bored from driving and went back home.

Back at home, you took a shower and had dinner. You watched a movie with Sam while Dean and Bobby had a beer together talking about God knows what while playing Poker. Your first day with both brothers was better than you expected it to be. You enjoyed every moment and went to sleep with a smile on your face.