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The Real Top 100 NHL players of all time
  1. Wayne Gretzky
  2. Bobby Orr
  3. Alex Ovechkin
  4. Sidney Crosby
  5. PK Subban
  6. the amount of people annoyed by the fans of a stanley cup winning team
  7. Alex Trebek
  8. All of Me by John Legend
  9. Fifth Harmony
  10. Marntin
  11. When players use their water bottles upside down
  12. refs who swear at players
  13. Brad marchand’s nose
  14. the worm lawson crouse ate on a boat
  15. “Hanifin, That’s gotta be a battle win”
  16. Nate Mac’s OT winner against Sweden
  18. johnny hockey ™
  19. the faces mitch marner made when they were reviewing his shootout goal
  20. henrik lundqvist sucking this year
  21. Las Vegas Golden Knights
  22. the bear that roars when the bruins get a power play
  23. oscar klefboms nickname being sexbomb
  24. taylor hall going from being cheered to booed in his return to edmonton
  25. I once was a kid with the other little kids Now I’m whippin’ up shows and ‘em fans goin’ wild with us Tell mommy I’m sorry This life is a party, i’m never growing up.
  26. John Scott
  27. Auston Matthews four goals in his first ever NHL game
  28. The Oilers being tied for top of the pacific in January
  29. the atlantic being an absolute mess
  30. totinos pizza rolls
  31. brad marchand calling himself “best player”
  32. martin jones and cam talbot being basically the same person
  33. Zdeno Chara breaking the hardest shot record every time he made it to the NHL All Star Game
  34. Evgeny Kuznetsov at one point being the highest scorer on the Washington Capitals
  35. People who say “every team has bad fans” slowly realizing it always seems to be flyers fans
  36. some old guy who makes “They have ice joke” about a southern team
  37. Tom “Daddy” Wilson 
  38. all the WAGs
  39. Sidney crosby’s tim horton’s commercials with Nate Mac
  40. The Merry Christmas banner i still have hanging in my apartment
  41. All the pet names Andre Burakovsky comes up for his teammates
  42. teams with star wars nights
  43. Paul Pierce
  44. the habs cwhl affiliate Les Canadiennes being 100x better than them
  45. nature documentaries
  46. people who cry at alarming noises (me)
  47. all the cats in the whole world
  48. some cool birds
  49. Jack Eichel trying to politely say the evergaldes tour was the worst thing he has ever done in his life
  50. connor becoming a daddy
  51. People who really want Nuge to shave
  52. the ship name McNugget in general
  53. Team USA beating Team Canada in the shootout at world juniors and canadians acting like it didn’t count because it was the shootout.
  54. Babcock having to buy wine for underage in his own country auston matthews
  55. self love the size of alex ovechkin’s
  56. boys wearing nail polish
  57. when you have “hey Siri” turned on and she just starts randomly talking to you.
  58. NHL Combine pictures
  59. the fact that the NFL fucking added dodge ball to the probowl
  60. the NHL taking away the brakaway challenge and then using almost exclusively breakaway challenge footage for their “best all star moments” montages.
  61. Jaromir Jagr breaking Gordie Howe’s age record
  62. Zdeno Chara being three kids in a trench coach
  63. Mitch marner being carded for a rated R movie
  64. Joe Jonas’ new band DNCE
  65. just guys bein dudes
  66. People who have to make their bed before they get back into it
  67. Connor Mcdavid (20) getting 100 points the same year Shawn Thornton (39) does as well.
  68. matt martin high sticking his own teammate and proceeding to yell at the other team about it anyway
  69. Jazzy Kadri
  70. Jake Gardiner’s rivalry with Jazzy Kadri
  71. Jake Gardiner’s sister being significantly hotter than him
  72. The lost look Jake Gardiner always has on his face
  73. Braden Holtby’s just all around style
  74. “why would i be the one to get the ring?”
  75. Zdeno Chara threatening to eat sidney crosby as a chirp. 
  76. Moana
  77. Wayne Simmonds finally making it to the NHL all star game
  78. steve dangles tweet about tim thomas shooting a tv in a chik fil a
  79. Geno’s terrible flip phone he used to film pres obama
  80. mixing up the “dad” contact and the “daddy” contact in your phone.
  81. only using snapchats for the filters
  82. Nicki Minaj’s masterpiece “Get On Your Knees” featuring Ariana Grande
  83. finnish draco malfoy valtteri filppula
  84. the count down clock on Claude Julien’s career while Therrien remains unthreatened.
  85. Carey Price not resigning with the habs when his contract runs out
  86. the fact that no one knows who Lupul is anymore
  87. Roman Josi not being the hottest Pred since the Subban trade
  88. adam mcquaid actually scored???
  89. that time Jaromir Jagr hooked evgeni malkin so noticably and the bruins scored in OT because of it
  90. bill clinton mispronouncing yzerman really bad
  91. saad not being that good 
  92. the fact that bobrovsky is literally going to win torts the jack adams
  93. nikita zaitsev actually having a son
  94. kitty sneezes
  95. kazoos
  96. all star by Smashmouth but every word is somebody
  97. Connor McDavid (97 get it)
  98. the oh mama don’t you cry usa hockey chant
  99. drake
  100. the fact that i came up with 100 things

@anoasisinawasteland​‘s fic request “if you could do anything about Team Legends - being domestic/arguing on the ship… - going on a vacation and wrecking havoc, being the adorable, nerdy fuck ups. Time Mum and Dad being disappointed but also joining in on the fun. - Gideon’s pov over the team. Like a day in the life of Gideon and how she sees and reacts to the team” (LoT fandom)

i’m so sorry it took so long ! i’ve been swamped with work and stuff and i was hesitating between writing this and a gideon’s pov fic. - the latter will definitely happen at some point, because I absolutely love the idea.

hopefully you’ll like it! 

“This is a bad idea.”

 Jax shared an eye roll with Sara, both groaning loudly. From where he was leaning against Rip’s office doorframe, Ray frowned, miffed, while Nate pouted at his feet, his arms crossed in petulance. Amaya threw them a look before turning to Mick, the latter responding to her cocked eyebrow with a low grumble. Martin, unlike the others, didn’t seem undeterred nor peeved by the Time Master’s constant pessimism.

“Have a bit of faith, Captain,” Martin insisted, his grin hopeful. Rip responded by cocking an eyebrow, his expression unmoved, “We arse all responsible adults, aren’t we?”

“I beg to differ,” Rip muttered, gaze darting from one person to the other.

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“What she say?” 😂

so through pure crazy happenstance, my entire 4-person ESO dungeon crew was on at the same time, and we decided to run Blackheart, which we hadn’t sucessfully done yet (ran it once with 3 people: healer, tank, squishy DPS. did not end well.).but our less squishy dps rogue was on so we tried again.

and had ZERO problems until we hit the final boss, Blackheart himself, who is apparently only supposed to use his “unavoidable pounce that turns you into a mostly useless skeleton for 20 seconds” attack on the tank. and he was using it on EVERYONE. there was a point where our tank was the only one NOT turned into a useless skeleton, and it seemed to last a LOT longer than 20 seconds (plus he would pounce again the second you turned back, before you even got to your feet. and it can’t be blocked or dodged.)

his swarming ads (dumb little skeleton archers are only supposed to spawn for six at a time but we were easily getting 10 or more. I caught like 7 in a well timed ultimate attack of a stun/dot bubble and there were still at least three fucking about, not counting teammates that were skeletized.

we wiped. twice. and then we tried a trick we saw online: there’s a spot on the map where there’s a rock just off the beach, and the ads will all try to swarm you there and cluster up tight enough to be easily dispatched with a couple of aoe attacks, buying several minutes to hack away at the boss unhindered. awesome. let’s try that.

except that’s not what happened.the boss tried to use the teleport-pounce to skeletize our healer, who was on the only spot for a good ten feet in every direction where he could STAND while the rest of us were swimming nearby.

he teleported and never came back.

schrodinger’s boss got stuck outside the game boundaries, neither alive nor dead. and no amount ofwaiting or leaving the dungeon and coming back in would fix it.

we broke the fucking dungeon. on the last boss.



1970 Dodge Charger RT Promotional photo from summer 1969

Room Service


Having a concert scheduled on his birthday was the best thing Jongdae could have wished for. All his members were together, he got to surround himself with his fans, and he was doing the thing he loved to do. The only thing missing from his special day was you.

While he was on tour in Japan, you were back at home by yourself.

Arriving back at his dressing room, Jongdae moved to his corner and started stripping out of his stage costume. The concert had been amazing, one of the best memories of his life, but he was eager to just go to dinner with his members and then head back to the hotel to sleep. In the morning, he would be heading back to celebrate his birthday properly with you.

“Are we heading straight to the restaurant hyung?” Chanyeol asked as he pulled his oversized hoodie over his head.

Across the room, Junmyeon shook his head. “We’re going to wash up back at the hotel first and then head to the restaurant,” he explained, checking his phone.

Jongdae hung up his final costume on the rail and fell into a chair at the long table, rummaging in his bag for his phone. “Hyung, we can go straight to the restaurant. We don’t have to go back to the hotel first,” he reasoned, checking his phone for texts from you. But there was nothing after the ‘happy birthday’ you sent that morning.

“Hyung! It’s your birthday!” Sehun exclaimed, stuffing everything into his bag haphazardly. “You didn’t want us to get you any presents, the least we can do is turn up not smelling.”

“And I’m not sitting next to Chanyeol when he smells like that,” Baekhyun added, artfully dodging the sweaty towel sent flying his way.

Rolling his eyes, Jongdae stowed his phone away with a little sigh. “Ok, ok! But can we all hurry up? I’m starving!” he whined, lying his head on his bag with his hands on his stomach.

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