dod phasor


Finally got all my pedals together in one room! This makes my preference for stuff from the 80s and 90s painfully clear.

Ampeg scrambler reissue
NYC reissue big mufff
Sovtek black big muff
Ibanez pds1 programmable distortion
Marshall shredmaster
The Rat - 90s vintage reissue
Rat 2
DOD yjm308
MXR d+ early Dunlop reissue
MXR d+ late 70s block logo
Dan Armstrong blue clipper
Ross distortion

MXR stereo tremolo
Moog mf trem
EHX small clone
DOD phasor 490
DOD fx70 stereo flanger

DOD fx40b
MXR six band eq
DOD 280 - early 80s
MXR dynacomp - hand wired custom shop

Digitech PDS1002
Boss dd-2
Ibanez de7
EHX holy grail
DOD FX90 - rehoused
Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude
EHX 16 second digital delay reissue

And then there’s all my builds…
Superfuzz clone
WEM pep box clone
Bluesbreaker inspired OD
“Normal distortion” high gain distortion prototype
Ibanez cyberdrive clone
A distortion pedal
IC big muff inspired distortion
A fuzz pedal
Scrambler inspired fuzz
Cornish inspired big muff
Another fuzz pedal
Another distortion pedal
Yet another fuzz pedal
Dual loop switcher
Expression pedal preset switch

Ok that’s it.

New board…
I’ve been trying to settle on a reasonable sized board for the longest time and hopefully this is it.
I wanted something that I can use for both bass and guitar in the two bands I play with and enough to keep me happy at home.
It always felt silly taking my bigger board for these bands when I wouldn’t use half of it and was so tired of tearing apart my main board to make a little guy once or twice a week.
Signal chain goes like this:
DOD 280 compressor - DOD 490 phasor - Dirtkeeper Scuzz - Dirtkeeper Debaser - Dirtkeeper Overdraft - Strymon Dig - Polytune mini. Favourite and reverb footswitch also in the back.
I should be able to get my MXR stereo tremolo on there too if I can find some taller feet and mount the 1spot underneath.

This weeks board:
DOD 280 comp - 480 phasor - Alesis nanoverb w/ bypass box - 2 x blnk page dirt 1987/the driver - digitech pds 1002 : dry out into boss dd6 (just for its hold function) and dd2 into a Randall commander - pds effect out into ehx 16 second digital delay into the fender solid state reverb/supertwin.
This has been great for creating those infinite sound blankets with lap steel.