docv art

my half of an art trade with Ciaran who is a rad dude with a good haircut

While on a walk with Ciaran one day I came upon a mysterious cassette tape placed carefully on top of a parking meter. Its label read “A xxxxx 19 II” (the xs in this case represent indecipherable symbols of some kind, maybe Chinese).

We agreed that this tape was too specific and interesting to be anything but the central maguffin in a shitty movie. The question of course is, are we in a Chinese rip off of The Ring or more like Kazaam???

My prediction is that playing the tape will lead to adventures with Chinese Genie Shaq (*Xaq).


i do a lot of this kind of thing and never post it because i hit some roadblock and never finish it

i decided this time i would show you some process shots

this is celia, nagiphax and haunt. i am rendering them for no particular reason. if i really love them when they are done maybe i will make a shitty cg comic of the sort that nobody wants to see

(the roadblock in this case is going to be nagiphax’ hair i mean good hair is hard dang)