What a busy week!

 First I had my name change on Tuesday, and today, took a couple more steps. I started off the afternoon by going to the DMV and getting everything changed there. I have my temporary ID with my new name (AND gender marker adjusted!), and get my new ID in a week or so in the mail.

 Then I said why not, I have time, and stopped by one of my banks and changed my information there. The temporary ID with the judge-signed name change declaration was enough to get things changed there too, with a new debit card coming in the mail in… a week or so (theme there?).

 Third, I came out to one of my roommates (finally!). I have two male and one female roommate, and I came out to her. She was just as supportive as I thought she would be, and after a ~10-15 minute conversation, we hugged and are as good as we were before. Just the two guys to go… I think they’ll be guys, but no less supportive, but I’m sure will ask few questions, and probably won’t end in a hug either. They’ll be fine though, I have faith!

 I’m just sitting here finally getting off the adrenaline high from the day, drinking lots of water and finally getting my BP under control. I’ll end the post here because I just need to relax.

 I hope you have all as great as a week as I have, because you can bet your behind, I’ve had one of the better ones I’ve had in a long time!

 - (now legally) - Lana


The Desktop by Marcus Rodriguez

WikiLeaks is billing its latest document dump as the largest leak of CIA material in the history of the spy agency, and it describes cutting-edge ways to hack into phones, computers and even televisions connected to the Internet.

The thousands of documents, many of which are highly technical, are said to be internal CIA guides on how to create and use cyber-spying tools — from turning smart TVs into bugs to designing customized USB drives to extract information from computers. The CIA has refused to comment on their authenticity.

But there are significant differences between this set of documents and those revealed by Snowden four years ago. 

The CIA Document Dump Isn’t Exactly Snowden 2.0. Here’s Why

Photo: Ariel Zambelich/NPR

Dylann Roof described by his co-workers

Brock Pack (a crew leader at Clark’s) said Dylann:

  • Often spaced or zoned out while working. One day, while working on a house by the lake, he was edging around the rocks by the lake. There was no fence and he was edging three houses down from the house they were working on. Brock had trouble getting his attention and had to get in front of him to get him back on the right property. 
  • Would go sit somewhere else by himself if the crew sat down for lunch before him (even though the rest of the crew was sitting together. The crew went to lunch together most every day).
  • Would sit with the crew only if he sat down first and the crew sat next to him. 
  • Said everything in a monotone voice and would not crack a smile when joking (this made brock have a hard time knowing when he was joking).
  • Often wore two shirts and had his pants rolled up at the bottom with his socks pulled high.
  • Seemed to have no interests outside of work.

John Patton (co-worker) said Dylann:

  • Was difficult to get answers from that were more than a word or two (john tried to get to know Dylann but it was hard to do so because of this).
  • Told john that he was only working because his dad made him.
  • Fell asleep virtually any time he was stationary, even when he was in the truck for only 2 or 3 minutes on the way to the next job.
  • Was seen sitting on his own at lunch by John. 
  • When asked about hobbies one time, said he did not do anything; he just went home and sat in his room.
  • Was asked if he played video games and he responded, “No, I literally look at the walls.”

Brian Fanning (a manager of the landscaping division at Clarks) said Dylann:

  • Was extremely quiet; it was like pulling teeth to get him to give more than a one-word answer. Even when he did give a longer answer, it would take him a long time to provide an answer of any kind.
  • Worked at Clark’s for approximately two months in 2014 (from late March to early June) and for less than two months in 2015 (from mid-April to late May).

The following’s from a news article. I couldn’t find the documents.

Dylann’s former coworkers described him as largely “keeping to himself,”. One of his former coworkers recalled him offering to show them the pistol he had recently purchased with money given to him by his father. The man said he told Dylann not to bring the pistol to work.

Another former coworker recalled a time when a fellow employee “made some racist joke,” after which Dylann stated that he was a racist. Dylann also told the man that he would like to one day get a job as a clerk or someone in the retail field, but no one would hire him due to the way he looks.

(I’ve edited this post since posting it to make it easier to read)
Wikileaks says it has published CIA hacking codes
WikiLeaks published thousands of CIA files and documents Tuesday.

WikiLeaks posted on its website thousands of documents Tuesday it described as hacking files and related material from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in what Wikileaks called the “largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency.”

Wikileaks said the document dump represents a new series of leaks it had code-named “Vault 7.” The website says the CIA “lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal,” more than several hundred million lines of code, providing “the entire hacking capacity of the CIA.”

anonymous asked:

Now that the first-born Ciel is back, does that mean that everything for Sebastian's Ciel will be ruined, or taken from him? As I know very little about the first Ciel. I'm unsure on whether or not, he could be trusted. Did things just got real and serious?

Things got seriously real.

Technically, real Ciel could just use the title or certificate already presented to the earl that gives him status as an earl… and any documents mentioning him as owner of all Phantomhive real estate and other assets. All of these certificates and other documents are in the name of “Ciel Phantomhive”. Real Ciel can easily seize all assets and the title by using these legal documents. He might even be able to legally claim Funtom and any sister companies as his own…. I expect real Ciel to lay claim to absolutely everything.

Essentially, our earl has *automatically* lost everything he owned or controlled, since *nothing* was under his real name.