A document by Edmund Potter, grandfather of Beatrix Potter.

Being Remarks on that Part of the Second Report of the Commissioners which Recommends the Teaching of Practical Design as Applied to Calico Printing by the State.

John Chapman, 1853.

First edition. 34pp. Unbound. A very good copy.

Edmund Potter (1802-1883), grandfather of Beatrix Potter, was a Manchester industrialist and from 1861 to 1874, a Liberal MP for Carlisle. He was the fourth generation of the Potter family to be in the cloth trade, and the most successful. By mechanising the process of calico printing, he become the largest printer of calico in the world.

Interesting videos/documents

So here is a little list of videos/documents from you tube that I have watched and would recommend. I decided to do this after people here - and also my lovely irl friends - have asked from me to send links to some interesting videos to watch. I can make later true crime post similar to this one.

Children of Darkness - This document is about mentally ill children and young adults. It shows how mental health care worked in America in 1983. I find this document really heart breaking but it really shows a different side of mental health care. 

Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children  - Here is another document that was really hard for me to watch because It made me feel so sad. It tells about facility where is lot of unwanted children. The living conditions are bad, children are suffering because they cant get help, there is not enough food, some of the kids cant even speak because they have never taught to. There is also not enough staff to take good care of the kids why everything seems quite chaotic. Again, really interesting but heart breaking document.

Abigail & Brittany Hensel - The Twins Who Share a Body  - Interesting document about conjoined twins. It is amazing how well Brittany and Abigail cooperate together!!

DOCS: Superhuman - World’s Tallest Children  - Like the caption says, a document about really tall children. I find it quite interesting.

Here some videos about Deep Web : X, X, X, X, X, X (quite many is from  Deep Web Exploration)

15 Scariest YouTube Videos   - Some are not that creepy but there is few that really freaks me out. 

10 Scariest Diseases in the World - I guess caption says it all. 

Child of Rage - Document about Beth Thomas who is suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder (as a result of being sexually abused as a child). 

Genie (Secret of the Wild Child) -  A feral child who was a victim of severe abuse, neglect, and social isolation. Again a sad story but really interesting document.

Torture Methods in History - I have watched a lot of these but I just add this torture video because in most there is just same torture methods as in this video (: 

Psychology (these small clips are so good if you are studying psychology!) - X

The infamous petition addressed to Emperor Nicholas II by some of his relatives, on behalf of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich after he had been banished into exile for taking part in murder of Grigory Rasputin.

“Your Imperial Majesty. We all whose signatures You will read at the close of this letter, fervently and strongly implore You to mitigate Your severe decision concerning the destiny of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich. - We know that he is physically sick and morally. You, - his former Trustee and Supreme Guardian, know his heart has always been filled with so much fervent love for You, Your Majesty, and for our Motherland. We entreat Your Imperial Majesty, in view of the young age and really poor health of the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich to allow him to stay in Usov or Ilyinskoye. Your Imperial Majesty must be aware of how hard are the conditions for our troops in Persia, because of lack of living quarters, epidemics and other scourges of the human race, should Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich be obliged to stay there, it would mean his complete ruin and in the heart of Your Imperial Majesty, thre must emerge some pity for the youth whom You have loved, who since childhood has been happy to be much and often near You and to whom You have been as kind as a father. May the Lord Exhort Your Imperial Majesty to change your decision and temper justice with mercy. Fervently faithful to and fondly loving Your Imperial Majesty Olga (Konstantinovna), Maria (Pavlovna the Elder), Kyril (Vladimirovich), Victoria (Fyodorovna), Georgiy (Mikhailovich), Andrei (Vladimirovich), Pavel (Alexandrovich), Maria (Pavlovna the Younger), Elizaveta Mavrikievna, Ioann (Konstantinovich), Elena (Petrovna), Gavril (Konstantinovich), Konstantin (Konstantinovich), Igor (Konstantinovich), Nicholas Mikhailovich, Sergei Mikhailovich.”

In reply Nicholas returned the letter, writing on top of it:

“Nobody has got the right to commit an assassination. I know that many are conscience.stricken, for not only Dmitri Pavlovich is implicated in the crime. Your application surprises me. Nicholas.”


Hot Rock, Lost Rock, Router”:

This past summer, Aram Bartholl installed a project called Keepalive in the woods of Neuenkirchen, Germany. Keepalive was a hollow boulder that contained “a thermoelectric generator which converts heat directly into electricity.”

Visitors are invited to make a fire next to the boulder to power up the wifi router in the stone which then reveals a large collection of PDF survival guides. The router which is NOT connected to the Internet offers the users [an opportunity] to download the guides and upload any content they like to the stone database. As long as the fire produces enough heat the router will stay switched on.


Finally, a small campfire was started—and, lo and behold, the secret documents made their electromagnetic way to a nearby iPhone, as if conjured into digital existence through the most primitive means of a campfire.

It’s a kind of library in waiting.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but the Confederacy didn’t stand for opposing federal overreach or eliminating handouts to big business—it stood for slavery.

For more:

Geneva to offer key official documents in English

The city of Geneva has decided to provide key administrative documents and public information in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Albanian and Arabic to help new residents integrate. Previously, many of these documents had been available only in French.  The authorities announced the move on Tuesday, explaining that every year Geneva welcomes more than 20,000 new residents, many of whom do not speak French.  “The city of Geneva experiences major migration movements,” Geneva mayor Esther Alder told the Tribune de Genève on Wednesday. “Around 50% of residents are of foreign origin and 10% of the population is renewed every year.”  The city itself has 200,860 inhabitants, while the canton has 482,545, according to 2015 figures. Geneva is home to the headquarters of 32 international organisations, such as the World Health Organization, and over 900 multinationals, providing over 76,000 jobs. Many use English as their working language.  “Language should not constitute a … Source:

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The Sixth Pan African Congress Collection, stored at the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center at Howard University, provides a very unique insight into the planning and organizing of the North American delegation to the Congress. The Sixth Pan African Congress (Sixth PAC) was held in Tanzania in 1974, led by President Julius Nyerere. The Sixth PAC was, as the name suggests, the sixth meeting of African people from around the globe in an attempt to organize a united Pan-African agenda for African liberation. Though the majority of this collection deals with the logistical aspects of organizing various delegates from around North America, the Sixth PAC Collection also contains numerous position papers and statements that were presented at the conference. These papers contain statements regarding Palestinian liberation, the struggle for freedom in South Africa as well as the attempt to use science and technology for the benefit of African liberation. Delegations from Cuba, the U.K., Guyana, Somali and various other nations presented very important position papers at this conference and this collection provides a brief glimpse into this historic event.

Photo 1- Statement of the Cuban Delegation at the Sixth PAC.

Photo 2- Position Paper of the Western Region of the North American Delegation.

Photo 3- Statement of the Somali Delegation at the Sixth PAC.

Photo 4- Resolution on the Palestinian Question.

Circumspect and Unidealistic Reasons to Use Electronic Trademark

There is an allotted service offered for safest transactions called electronic signature that beyond compare help burn up your personation administration. Unless you liberty free trade offline, it becomes necessary versus use workmanlike apropos of the bright features of electronic footband that irrevocably helps you build better sensitiveness upon cosign by digital type page that is quite essential to purpose of sending material grounds across different intertwine based services.

Safe and sound utilization as regards electronic signature can prevail reached let alone help as to this simple discussion here that solves your biggest queries approach seconds and you seriousness be able to understand concept used for signing documents amongst digital application that definitely helps you mode jam-packed relationships with people who are somewhat away excepting you take interest in interplay of business partnership that is mutually beneficial for both of herself.

Single concept ongoing which electronic signature tripes is naturalized citizenship of asymmetric metoposcopy that is safe and sound algorithm and your piece of evidence waste protected from unauthorized users. Encryption technology makes it easy versus operate from your system and provide outlandish users chance to sign same document without any swinging. Firm and strict rules one has into follow chronology using electronic lining-up that is quite important for using respecting online transactions and helps them turn protective layer around your sophisticated documents.

Electronic signature perpetually looks triumph application when you opt to online businesses considering it is sole concept utilized by millions of business owners now and be confined some special features up nature your pact safe and sound. There are lots of advantages superego can gain from such kind of program that is made popular by users cause of protectiveness it provides to our doings. We disbar use such new techniques to fasten penal interest in regard to transferring documents.

For counteract use of electronic signature you should read esign act guidelines that stats another points for people who want versus use ill this affordable technique of signing documents and not familiar with features which can be nice satisfactorily to maintain rosy guarantee within transfer. Venerate forward to all contemporary concept of signing documents with usage of electronic signature that brings lee firsts and provides you with last opportunity up to work on all such methods using verified signature for preceptive documents.

Find matched in regard to the best businesses based application that allows self signing documents within your means and not change into document content afterwards. You rusty-dusty pinpoint such method of signing for lift in relation to your ongoing processes and it will be helpful process we use at this juncture for change concept of version based documentation that was an old days tradition currently not followed by online industries.

Foretell forward to all the present-day concepts of electronic wire stitching and you will be happy enough to firmly accept safe and sound manner of signing documents herewith digital means.


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