Outdoor installation by Aram Bartholl is a fire-powered wifi router which can make PDFs on survival available when heated:

The boulder from the region Neuenkirchen, Niedersachsen contains a thermoelectric generator which converts heat directly into electricity. Visitors are invited to make a fire next to the boulder to power up the wifi router in the stone which then reveals a large collection of PDF survival guides. The inspired router which is NOT connected to the Internet offers the users to download the guides and upload any content they like to the stone database. As long as the fire produces enough heat the router will stay switched on. The title Keepalive refers to a technical network condition where two network endpoints send each other ‘empty’ keepalive messages to maintain the connection.

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The Freedom Tower or One World Trade Center is a breathtaking architectural building located in Lower Manhattan. Standing at 1,776 feet, it’s the tallest building in NYC and serves as a reminder of the resilience of NYC after an impactful act of terror on September 11, 2001. Such an iconic landmark. I couldn’t help but be the tourist in me and snap a photo while taking my post-dinner stroll on May 10, 2016. 

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Article Stealth Edited After Revealing Anita Sarkeesian's $20,000 Speaking Fee - Breitbart
Feminist Frequency spokesperson Anita Sarkeesian’s public speaking fee has been revealed to be at $20,000, or $5,000 for students on a budget.

Basically… 20.000$ to have saint Sarkeesian come and give your event or organization the stamp of “feminist approved”

Fucking hell - no wonder she doesn’t want to bother with making videos any more


This started as a project to track my musical development and turned into so much more. Raw emotion. Real feelings. Pure passion. Most importantly my story. Who I am. How I got here and why a burning desire, an inner fire, in your soul, is all you need to destroy everything and build it up again. Enjoy


14 months >> despite the last yr being full of challenges, not a moment goes by regretting my decision to embark of my new/final self. A life time journey of self-discovery & self acceptance… and in that process, educate the world that being trans-cistrans/gay/straight/or the whogivesafuckyourehot/ that life’s all about the differences & embracing them.
When an online anti harassment group is run by a harasser
I really hate writing so please take into consideration the fact that I am writing this at 3 am on a Friday must mean I’m writing something important and true to me. Recently Zoe Quinn has unveiled…

Anyways the notyourshield thing ticked some people off, I ended up getting hacked, harassed, threats, I cover that a lot so not getting into it but one day I think her boyfriend was saying something about the charity work we were doing so I tell him to piss off because at this point I’m not doing anything to impress these people they are proven liars to me.

An year old but still actual article.


I now have facial hair. A lot of mustache hairs that are really hard to capture on camera! I didn’t know how I’d feel about growing facial hair, but I’m surprisingly excited. It’s growinf really fast too? 5 weeks? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve heard most trans guys starting growing facial hair a few MONTHS in?

I can feel T changing my mind.
It’s a fascinating process from a scientific aspect really; I’m watching myself become more logic based. T has really leveled out my emotions. I was so scared I would have issues with non-manageable rage… At most I get angry and it goes away faster. It’s not much more than I’ve dealt with in the past.

I don’t have huge emotional swings anymore, for literally no reason. I’ve stopped having the issue where my brain would make problems out of nothing and I would worry and cry. I think my last relationship ending was a big help in the emotional swinging, since most of the worries I had that seriously affected me involved him and the relationship was really unhealthy for me.

Not having PMS symptoms is steadying me out too. I missed my first period since starting T, 5 weeks after starting. I never want to have another one in my life- I’m so relieved I didn’t have to go through the extreme agony I used to have to once a month.

I’m becoming far more comfortable with the parts between my legs, and that is a blessing. I started pumping about two weeks ago; I can’t tell what’s from T and what’s from the pump, but it can’t hurt. And it feels really lovely and gives you harder erections, so I can’t complain. I recommend it to any trans guy curious!

I’m starting to get gendered correctly in public as well.

I’m so happy with how T is affecting me.
I also realized the only reason I had doubts in the first place was because everyone around me was doubting me.
Ask someone if they are sure of something long enough they will start to doubt themselves.
There’s no doubt in my mind now this was the right choice for my future.