I’m still impressed.

Atsuko collapsed during the rehersals due to hyperventilation.
Shortly before ‘Flying Get’, she was exhausted, she was hyperventilating again, the staff had to take her away on freaking chair, she was crying in the backstage and yet, she went on stage, thanked the fans and was able to smile.

Some of you can say “but she’s an idol, it’s her work”, but I’m still impressed. She could have not perform, she could have stay in backstage and not come out anymore.
Maybe she would take some terrifying consequences because of that? I don’t freaking know…
But I know, that now, I respect her even more.
She performed, no matter what. I’m glad it didn’t impact her actual health…

In my opinion,
Atsuko didn’t perform because she’s and idol;
she’s and idol, because she performed.


【予告】「DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 Show must go on」/ AKB48[公式] (by AKB48)

So this is gonna be a yearly thing from now on…?

I must admit as much as I want to see this the fact there is gonna be a sequel kinda takes the ‘punch’ out of the first one for me.

This was my comment on arama and my thoughts haven’t changed.

This would have been cool if it was made in 2015 or 2020, but it’s to soon and cheapens the original in my opinion.

Of course this was made for the money. While 2011 was the year of the million sellers it wasn’t like last year, the year when everything started to rise into the stratosphere and AKB48’s place as national Idols was finally cemented.

2011 was just more of the same but slightly bigger with the million sellers, record number of CMs and Acchans first lead in a drama but then slightly smaller with the first notable drop in sales with Kaze wa Fuiteiru and the ratings plummet with Naruhodo! High School and the aforementioned drama.

On a fan girl level I will love this and I will definitely get the DVD if a subbed version comes out again. But as a filmmaker I can’t ignore the commercialization that is happening here as much I can forgive it in AKB48s other projects.

スピッツ 横浜サンセット2013 -劇場版-


例えば「DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 Show must go on」は同じ音楽映画として作られていても、バックステージやメンバーの苦悩を映すことによりAKBに興味のない人さえ希求する傑作になった訳だけど、本作はそういった「ファン以外の人がみても作品として楽しめる工夫」がなかったのが個人的には残念。Radiohead の「Meeting People is Easy」みたいなやり方もあったかなとは思う。