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Interview of Sae Miyazawa, from "Documentary of AKB48 show must go on"

Translation from >>HERE<< Thank you! ありがとう!

【About visiting Tohoku areas, after the disaster of great earthquake and tsunami】

(Staff) Every member says that they got power when they visit the stricken areas.

(Sae) Yes, it is really true. Not every resident could come to the event, but still so many people came for us. We were supposed to give them power by visiting them, but instead they gave us a warm welcome with smile. I didn’t imagine children would tell us

“I can live cheerfully because of you.” This 3.11 crisis made me realize the great power of the word “Thank you”.

(Looking at the stricken areas) I could not think of a word to say. I was sorry that I didn’t know the original scenery of Rikuzen-Takada city, but I couldn’t even believe it when people told me “we used to swim around here”, “there used to be many trees”, and “there were normal houses here.” I couldn’t say anything to the look of disaster, smashed glasses and torn clothes that would have been swallowed up by the Tsunami.

In these few years, there was a big change to my surroundings and my mind. My beloved grandmother’s death (she has lost her grandmother 2 years ago) made me think seriously about “life”. It made me think about life for real.

【About activities of DiVA】

I can feel myself standing at the start line again.

As a member of AKB48, we had come up many steps and had many experiences, and get used to it. But everything is new to us in DiVA. I feel nervous at every first experiences, such as individual interviews. The question “what do you think about the activity of DiVA?” makes me think about so many things that I want to do. I can have great expectations to the future of this unit, so I really enjoy it.

I realized that presenting our own ideas and making it into action makes us feel greater achievement. In AKB48, there are so many members and so many ways of thinking, so it’s hard that one’s idea is actually accepted. We all understand that we should not put in a word. But in DiVA, there are only four members and with four ways of thinking I can see so many possibilities.That is why I enjoy being in DiVA so much.

I had been working only as a member of AKB48 since the beginning, and also I had more anxiety for being in DiVA at first than pleasure,so I am surprised at myself becoming so excited about doing activities of DiVA.

【The election】

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