documentary junkie

Just a reminder to you millenials that Hitler was one of the biggest junkies and addicts around and he was extremely high functioning. They also gave people lsd to confuse them and meth to keep the other guys awake for days to kill people in the war too.

I bet your high school books didn’t tell you that.

If you don’t believe me, check out the documentary Hitler the Junkie.

day off 

  • The University has a study day so the foxes have the day off (Kevin tries really, really hard to get the team to use the extra time on the court) 
  • There was a resounding chorus of NO KEVIN when he proposed the idea at dinner a few days before. 
  • “C’mon guys.”
  • “Kevin. Go look up the meaning of the word fun.” Matt blurts out before stuffing a forkful of spaghetti in his mouth.
  • Nicky laughs at the joke and slaps a hand against Kevin’s shoulder, “Well. I’m crashing Aarons and Katelyn’s zoo date. Don’t let me be the third wheel, Kevin. Come. Pleeease.” 
  • Kevin begrudgingly agrees, “Fine.” But he definitely mumbles something about the upcoming game. 

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anonymous asked:

HI! would it be possible for you to do some friendship and crush headcannons for zoro and Law? Thanks so much!

Everything is possible when you’re hitting up Blenheim ok no I stop being a white hip hop boy and get to the request

I did Crush Hcs for both already, here is Zoro and here is Law

Now to friendship (Which made hella fun)


  • Best and most loyal friend one could ask for
  • His gonna kick your ass when you fool around and call you ‘dumbass’ a lot
  • In fact the more he calls you ‘idiot’, ‘dumbass’ or ‘moron’ the more he loves you
  • Everyone who talks shit about you behind your back is done for
  • He’ll beat the crap out that person but won’t tell you anything about tho
  • His way of cheering you up is awkwardly patting your back and giving you a bottle of booze
  • You’re probably the pair of friends who sneak into public outdoor swimming pools at night and then have run away from the guard dogs
  • Zoro usually runs in the wrong direction that leads to the other side of the swimming pool
  • He’s super overprotective of you, literally everytime he senses any sort of danger he protectively takes your arm and brings you behind his back so his body can shield you


  • People at times don’t understand how you could call him your best friend, since he’s so anti social
  • You’re probably one of the very few people he genuinely cherishes
  • He regularily annoys you with trying healthy food and whatever vegetarian/vegan shit he’s into
  • His ‘Mama mode’ is triggered with as much as a paper cut
  • You’re the cheerful affectionate friend and he’s the grumpy, unemotional friend
  • He has no idea how, but you ALWAYS manage to talk him into doing jackshit that leads both of you to nice cushy night at the police station
  • He will judge with crossed arms when you fall asleep, he will keep judging you with crossed arms as you wake up
  • You two watch wild nature documentaries together
  • Generally two tv junkies the amount of GoT theories you’ve already discussed…

left Law, right you