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5 Films That Will Inspire You to Leave Animals off the Menu

1. Earthlings
Inspiring countless people to ditch meat, this 2005 documentary narrated by famed actor Joaquin Phoenix explores our relationship with non-human animals, including those used in food production.

2. Forks Over Knives
Struggling with heart disease? Looking to reduce your risk of cancer? This film details the health benefits of a plant-based diet, including reduced risk and even reversal of most chronic diseases.

3. Speciesism: The Movie
This film addresses the core concepts of Peter Singer’s seminal book, Animal Liberation, with a touch of much-needed humor.

4. Cowspiracy
Released just last year, this documentary explains how our meat-heavy diets impact everything from climate change and species extinction to land and water wastage. You’ll never look at meat the same way again.

5. Vegucated
This film documents three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers on their journey towards a vegan diet, including the often humorous challenges they face along the way.

i’m finally watching cowspiracy for the first time and i cannot believe what i’m learning… an acre of rainforest is cleared every second? people gunned down for speaking out about cattle ranching? why are these big environmental organizations not addressing the impact of animal agriculture on our planet?


Someone get David Attenborough on the line stat

This is Julia, a sow rescued from a gestation crate.

Living on a factory farm, pregnant Julia’s defiant nature lead to her being abused. When she refused to move from a cramped gestation crate to an equally cramped farrowing crate to give birth, a worker brutally kicked, beat and electrocuted her. 

Upon witnessing Julia’s treatment, a farm worker informed the local police and SPCA. The farmer responsible was forced to give up Julia - and she was surrendered to Farm Sanctuary NY. Eight hours after she arrived at Farm Sanctuary, Julia gave birth to 16 premature piglets. 

Today, two years later, Julia is a gentle and loving pig happily residing with several of her children at the sanctuary.

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Saturday: Kevin Jerome Everson’s film Park Lanes presents an 8-hour factory shift in real time, celebrating the everyday and raising questions on race, class, and labor. Experience it as part of MoMA Film’s Documentary Fortnight festival. 

[Park Lanes. 2015. USA. Directed by Kevin Jerome Everson. Courtesy of the artist, Trilobite Arts-DAC, and Picture Palace Pictures]

anonymous asked:

ok sorry but did you seriously just say "awful advice from a cancer specialist dietician"??? this person went to university and has made a career out of a very specific area of knowledge and you think you know better because what, you watched some factory farming documentaries and read some articles online?

I wish I had the mental energy to properly reply to/explain this

Cancer has been proven time and time again to be linked with dairy and animal fats

Yes, documentaries can tell you this, so can many clinical trials, medical studies and journal articles. 

Cancer cells THRIVE in an acidic environment, which is what happens when we eat a diet high in animal products. Dairy is a growth substance that literally encourages the spreading of cancer cells. It isn’t, nor was it ever, intended for human consumption. It’s the breast milk of a mother cow, made specifically for her son or daughter, to grow as rapidly and as big as possible.

Countries with the highest intake of dairy and animal fats subsequently have the highest prevalence of cancer, and those with the lowest intake have the lowest incidence. 

I highly recommend checking out The China Study by Doctor Colin T Campbell, (If you want you can read a summary of the main findings here x) Forks Over Knives, any of Doctor McDougall’s work on the subject, etc. Jane Plant’s work is great too x.

This dilemma (of doctors recommending a diet high in animal products despite our national healthy eating pyramid now disagreeing) is one that I have battled with for the past year and a half now, and it’s still hard to explain. In that meeting with the dietician, she wanted my dad to ‘keep his weight up’ as he was about to endure chemotherapy and radiation, therefore recommended lots of meat and dairy (growth products). She also gave him a bag of the supplement Sustagen, a dairy-based product which would be sponsoring/subsidising the practice. 

When my dad was eating meat and dairy he gained weight (fat, not muscle), was incredibly puffy and bloated, and overall sick. Since going predominantly plant based, he is looking and feeling healthier each day. 

This dietician also said that fruit has too much sugar and should be limited.