documentary and conceptual photography

Photography may correspond to the way things actually look in the world, but optical precision is not the same thing as reality. In the art world, the truth-telling capabilities of photography are tethered less to fact than to ideas about perception, emotion, and cultural evolution. If documentary work shows us that life may be stranger than fiction, recent conceptual photography counters that fabrication may be truer than life.

Photography After Frank

Philip Gefter


Hi! My name is Sergio Alejandro (Alex) Vargas. I´m an amateur photographer currently living and working in Menorca (Spain), a small and beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea. I grew up surrounded by photography books as my father is also an enthusiastic amateur photographer.

My favorite photography style is street or documentary but also conceptual and moody photography. I´m a little bit colorblind so I feel more comfortable with b&w, but my friends keep telling me they like more my color photography !

I switched to digital in 2001 and I shoot now mainly with small compact cameras and very recently with my phone. I don´t like talking about gear; for me it´s just a tool and for now what I use is what suits me better. If you are interested I post all my photos with exif data embedded (that small icon on the bottom left corner).

Instagram is the place where I upload my daily snaps and a good place to play with color photography, you can find me here:

and this is my Tumblr:

Forwarding City

We are two youngsters looking for means of expression never used before. We like experimenting and mixing different instruments. We investigate on the theme of the city related to modern technology. We project images, visuals and messages on the walls. We climb on cranes and throw paper planes with messages. Our projects are sometimes obstructed by the lack of funds. We would also like to involve other people in the making of some shorts and documentaries.