documentary about love


A Documentary about love, hate and being transgender

The Pearl of Africa is a story about Cleopatra Kambugu, a 28 year old Ugandan transgender girl. Biologically born male, but against all odds, transitioning into the woman she knows she was born to be. Through an intimate fight for love in Uganda, one of the worlds most transphobic places. Once named The Pearl Of Africa by Winston Churchill, for it’s vast diversity in gender, flora and fauna. We get an insight into what it means to love as trans.


Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple gushing over David Suchet’s Poirot <3

i’m watching “long way round” and i gotta say ewan mcgregor is probably the calmest aries in the world

Russell T Davies has made Freddie Fox’s year. “Working on Cucumber was the most amazing experience,” says Fox of his role as Freddie Baxter. “I really got the chance to develop the character. I felt quite bereaved when I had to let him go.” He grew up around the business. “I wasn’t really a child actor. I was an extra in a lot of things, but that was more a sort of free-childcare arrangement while my parents were working.” 


Directed by their grandson Muta'Ali Muhammad, and titled “Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee,” the “documentary style film about Love, art and activism” tells the life and love story of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, for the first time, incorporating candid and revealing conversations and much more.

Premieres on Centric on January 17, 2016 @ 3:30PM. Available on DVD February 1, 2016


someone get taylor to see this thanks


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