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I watched a great BBC documentary this week. It’s about this blue whale skeleton that has been installed in the Natural History Museum in London. The whale was beached in Ireland in the 1890’s, and it hasn’t been exhibited in over 70 years. The blue whale is the biggest animal that has ever existed, with a heart as big as a Volkswagen Beetle.

Sand and Sun

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Taehyung

Genre: Fluff / Humor

Prompt: “He’s four years old!” + “I lost our child.”

Rating: PG

Word Count: 641

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White Filmmaker David France Stole the Work of Black Trans Woman Reina Gossett to Make His Marsha P. Johnson Documentary

this week while I’m borrowing money to pay rent, david france is releasing his multimillion dollar netflix deal on marsha p johnson. i’m still lost in the music trying to #pay_it_no_mind and reeling on how this movie came to be and make so much $ off of our lives and ideas. david got inspired to make this film from a grant application video that @sashawortzel & I made and sent to Kalamazoo/Arcus Foundation social justice center while he was visiting. He told the people who worked there -i shit you not- that he should be the one to do this film, got a grant from Sundance/Arcus using my language and research about STAR, got Vimeo to remove my video of Sylvia’s critical “y'all better quiet down” speech, ripped off decades of my archival research that i experienced so much violence to get, had his staff call Sasha up at work to get our contacts then hired my and Sasha’s *ADVISOR* to our Marsha film Kimberly Reed to be his producer. And that’s just the shit I have the spoons to name. TRUST🥄THERE'S🥄SO🥄MUCH 🥄MORE🥄. This kind of extraction/excavation of black life, disabled life, poor life, trans life is so old and so deeply connected to the violence Marsha had to deal with throughout her life. So I feel so much rage and grief over all of this & STAR must have some serious level plan on moving through many—and clearly by any means necessary—to get the message out… So tonight I’m channeling high priestess energy to show me the honey throne cuz this storm queen is 😖😫😱

Swerve X Reader – A Human Crewmate - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The Real Thing

A/N – Based on a lot of @rocksinmuffin head-canons so extra special thanks to them for that. I’d also like to give a big shout out to @robotyuris who left an awesome message in my inbox which was really nice, yep I’ll do your fanfic btw but I do have a few questions since I’m surprisingly new to the whole transformers fandom.


Rating – T

Rewind’s documentary on you lasted weeks. No matter what you were doing, he would walk by your side, asking questions. Whenever he asked about you specifically, you’d give a vague answer that changed the subject, hoping he wouldn’t notice; he always did but never pushed it, how could he when everyone on the ship knew what it was like to lose their home? Rewind sent the interviews over the ships radio-waves, waiting till he could edit it to put it on video. As a result, a few members of the crew had requested that the two of you host a show together, answering their questions; although it didn’t interest you, it did make you feel more welcome aboard the large ship.

At the start of the ‘documentary’, Chromedome had taken to avoiding you completely, after a week or so he started walking behind the two of you, then beside you, and finally he started talking to you; despite his initial shyness, you quickly found a friend in him, even with his occasional, self-depreciating attitude. Having Chromedome and Rewind around helped you become more accustomed to other bots, at least to the point where you didn’t fear them and would sometimes initiate a conversation with others. It was somewhat like being a celebrity, bots would approach you in the hallway, some excited, others nervous, then they’d usually apologise for bothering you, say a fleeting comment, which you’d happily reply to, and dash off, clearly happy. Despite your new-found company, it didn’t fight off the constant loneliness that gnawed at your insides.

“Oh!” Rewind lit up, snapping you out of your daydream, “You haven’t seen where all the mechs hang out after a shift.”


“Yeah, there’s “Visages” and Swerves, which would you prefer?”

You knew nothing about either place, so you opted for the first one. The three of you started on the way to “Visages” but quickly found the route blocked by a throng of mechs, all apparently trying to get to some form of event. Chromedome picked you up and grabbed Rewind’s servo; he was used to looking after Rewind but ferrying the two of you through the crowd would be a challenge, one knock and you could fall, which distressed him to no end.

Sensing his partner’s distress, Rewind suggested heading to Swerve’s instead.

“Good plan.” Chromedome said, clearly relieved, though he didn’t let go of either of you.

Swerve had long since given up on his mission to see you, some mechs got all the luck and he wasn’t one of them; perhaps he simply wasn’t good enough to meet you.

At least I have Rewind’s interviews,’ he thought miserably, playing one about music genres on his private audio channel between serving drinks; he always thought he knew all the types of Earth music but there were so many more genres than he could’ve imagined. Languidly, his optics scanned the bar, travelling to the entrance where, for some reason, a crowd was gathering.

“What’s going on over there?” Swerve asked Cyclonus who was sat unperturbed at the bar.

Cyclonus, who was much taller than Swerve, looked over the bots and got up to leave, “The human’s here.”

Swerve almost overheated, he was so excited it was a miracle he didn’t short circuit on the spot. He had to find a way to you, then again, with the entire bar’s patronage already bothering you, he didn’t want to overwhelm you, there had to be a way to get to you without looking like a creep.

“Alright,” he shouted over the hubbub, trying to appear cool and collected, “Give her some room or no more drinks tonight.”

Everyone ignored Swerve, too curious to ogle you to care. You stood high on Chromedome’s shoulder, using his helm for balance, attempting to spot who was trying to help you. You saw the mini-bot behind the bar and whispered in Chromedome’s audio receptor.

Chromedome nodded, then addressed the crowd authoritatively, “We’re just here to relax, give us some space please.”

Something about Chromedome’s tone demanded respect. The crowd dispersed, each bot heading to their previous area in the bar, most eyeing you up as Chromedome carried you to the bar. He helped you down, you sat cross-legged on the table top while he sat with Rewind on the bar stools.

Swerve took a few moments to think about what he was going to say before approaching you, shooting a cool wink, “Hey there, I’m Swerve, your friendly neighbourhood bartender. For our resident human, how about a free cube of energon?”

“I can’t drink energon, sorry,” You shrugged off the offer apologetically.

Swerve grinned sheepishly, speaking faster than you thought possible, “Right, yeah, I knew that, I can get some human stuff, OJ and coke and all that other stuff, that can be free too. I mean, of course it would be, you don’t carry shanix, that’s money by the way, did I mention that-”

“Easy Swerve,” Chromedome stepped in.

Rewind’s optics lit up jovially, he’d guessed Swerve would be happy to meet you; it seemed that, after all the two of you had been through, you both needed a friend right now.

“Swerve here is somewhat of an expert on Earth,” Rewind bragged.

“I wouldn’t say an expert,” Swerve blushed.

“Maybe, maybe not, either way, he has some interesting stories.”

“If you can stand your audials being talked off,” a mech taunted from across the bar.

Swerve cringed, so far, he’d offered you a drink toxic to humans, babbled incessantly, and now been heckled; it wasn’t a great introduction.

You ignored the heckler, determined to smooth things over with the bot who’d attempted to help you, “I’d love to hear some stories,” You said.

“Really?” Swerve lit up, jumping straight into one of his tales “Okay, one time I was on a quest to find the lost ship of Starjet, an old bot from back in the day, and…”

Chromedome and Rewind left the two of you alone, getting a booth in the corner of the bar to simply enjoy each other’s company.

The hours ticked on and you quickly found that the heckler was right, Swerve could indeed talk your ears off but not in an unpleasant manner; you actually found it a nice distraction from the usual questions of home. After a while, you yawned tiredly, Swerve was horrified, the knowledge that humans only yawned when tired or bored echoing in his mind; he hoped it wasn’t because of the latter.

“Are you okay? If you want to talk about something else we can, how about you or Earth? Your favourite movies, maybe?”

You shook your head, "Sorry, I’m just sleepy, need to recharge, y'know?”

Swerve nodded vigorously, “Yep, no problem. I can call someone to take you back to your hab-suite or um… I could take you… if you wanted,” his spark was heavy as he waited for the probable rejection.

You looked around the bar which had cleared out apart from a few stragglers. “You sure it’s not too much trouble?”

“Like you could be trouble,” he guffawed giddily, “I’ll close up here and walk you back.


If possible, your smile would’ve made Swerve blush, he was awe-struck. As promised, he shut the bar, showing the few remaining bots out before escorting you back, talking about anything and everything to do with the ship and crew; he was dying to ask some more personal questions and find out more about you but he didn’t want to push you away when you’d so clearly avoided answering them for Rewind.

Upon reaching your room, Swerve felt suddenly lost for words, instead of staying quiet though, he began babbling again, “Here we are, your room, not that you didn’t know that, you live here so yeah, you probably knew that unless you think it all looks the same or um, you know. You’re welcome in the bar anytime by the way and I can give you the number to my private channel if you need me, wait, sorry, humans don’t come with a comm-link, Primus that was stupid, I mean I’m stupid, not you, you haven’t done anything to-”

“I’d love to hang out again,” You cut him off with a smile.


“Yeah, it’s nice to have somebody to talk to as a friend, most bots just want to ask me loads of questions which, quite frankly, I don’t want to think about now, y'know? That and they all want to know what my hair feels like; it was nice to just talk, thanks for that.”

Swerve didn’t answer for a long time, you sighed and said, “You’re wondering about the hair, aren’t you?”

“It’s so unique,” Swerve said defensively.

“I’ll let you touch it once, that’s all, no pulling.”

Swerve held a digit over your head, hesitating momentarily before lightly grazing your hair. He didn’t linger, as much as he wanted to. “It’s soft,” he murmured, mesmerised.

“…I guess. So, I’ll drop by the bar sometime?”

“Whenever you want. How about tomorrow?”

“Can’t tomorrow, Rung makes me go to weekly psyche evaluations since I’m the only human here; how about the day after?”

“Like I said, you’re welcome whenever you want.”

You smiled, opening your door, “See you then.”

You headed to bed, leaving Swerve to go to his own hab-suite. Initially he’d intended to recharge but he couldn’t, there was too much to think about. From the second he knew you were on the ship, he’d planned on being your friend, he never imagined he’d feel anything towards you.

No,” he reprimanded himself, “I don’t feel anything other than friendship. I mean, she was cute and all but what’s really to love other than the attentive way she listens or that cute little human yawn, maybe even how soft her hair is, or that she let me walk her home or- oh no!

He covered his face with his servos, being your friend would either be the best thing in his life or it would destroy him from the inside; Primus, he hated himself.

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Mclennon festival, let’s celebrate!

Dear followers, Mclennon fans, Beatles lovers,

I had an idea about the upcoming anniversary of the day John met Paul.

I want to celebrate the most important day in music history with an online festival about John & Paul.

It’ll begin next week until 6th July. During this month you are all invited to take part at the Mclennon Festival, an online festival in which you can:

1) take part at games and quizzes about John & Paul and win t-shirts, books, stickers and cards.

2) watch a documentary about John & Paul every week.

3) share your passion for John and Paul as much as you like: if you’re good with Photoshop you can make edits or gifs. If you’re good at drawing you can make a fanart. You can even cosplay. Or you can simply share your experience writing a post in which you explain how their music influenced your life and why you love them. You can make a video, or simply post a selfie with something (a t-shirt, a cd, a poster) about John and Paul. It’s up to you, it’s your choice to let the world know why and how you love John and Paul. There’ll be also a fan wall in which we’ll share all the pictures you’ll post about them.


1 - Have fun. That’s the only rule I can give you. I decided to make this online festival to gather all the fans who sincerely love Lennon&McCartney music and want to remember and celebrate the most important day in music history. You don’t have to make extraordinary things to join in. What is important is that you have fun.

2 - As I mentioned before, there will be various games and quizzes with prizes. You can win the book ‘The day John met Paul’ by Jim O’ Donnell by taking part at an online questionnaire with 15 questions about John and Paul. There will be a fanfic contest, the best fanfic wins cards and stickers of John and Paul. There will be a music contest in which you can share your talent singing a Lennon/McCartney song, video or audio, and the most voted wins a t-shirt of John and Paul.

So, basically, since  I won’t be able to go to Liverpool on 6th July to celebrate the anniversary I thought that maybe there are other people like me on this website who would like to make something funny and creative to celebrate this important day. I proposed this idea to Joana @mclennonbook who agreed with me since the start, supported my crazy idea, we’re planning everything together.

More news coming soon!

You’re all invited, LET’S HAVE SOME FUN! :D 


Kaz carries his cross to the end.

Or, Kazuhira Miller and Venom Snake fall in love and save the world.

Whether the glass is half-full or half-empty depends entirely on how thirsty you are.

Warnings: It’s 1991 and you know what that means. Big Boss bigging and bossing, Ocelot Ocelotting, war crimes and atrocities aplenty.

Written for @vkazweek for the day 3 prompt.