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Tumblr of the Week: Adrien Blondel

- @adrienblondelphoto

Born in France and now living in the US, Adrien Blondel works in the film industry as a grip, director of photography and cameraman. 

His work focuses on landscape and architecture, and he explores the bonds between people and their environnement. 

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Albert and Davied Maysles’s (along with Charlotte Zwerin) documentary of the final weeks of the Rolling Stones’ 1969 US tour (which ended with the disaster of the Altamont Free Concert) was released on 6 December 1970.

George Lucas was one of the camera operators during the shoot, but none of his footage was used in the final film.

My favorite placement is probably Pluto in the fifth house. I get very obsessive with my hobbies and interests. It feels like I’m dwelving into another dimension when I’m watching true crime documentaries for a week straight (and forget to take showers). When I play video games, I need to feel totally immersed or I won’t play it. (Same thing with books.) I feel like I learn a lot about the world and the human psyche through my hobbies. 


When frightened or under extreme stress, the rare Gemina sapphirens is known to reach speeds of up to 100 smol gay rocks per second.