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The documentary Eight Days a Week really opened my eyes a LOT to why the Beatles stopped touring.

It’s become so accepted that they stopped touring because they were sick of it, but the fact that there were bomb threats at their shows in America and they had to be transported in steel meat trucks is so inhumane.

For people that were regarded so highly at the time, it’s so surprising that they were treated like items.

This week at MoMA: MoMA Film’s Doc Fortnight series continues, Take an Object closes Sunday, Storytime in the Art Lab, and much more. 

[Call Her Applebroog. 2016. USA. Directed by Beth B. Photos by Emily Poole. 70 min.]


When frightened or under extreme stress, the rare Gemina sapphirens is known to reach speeds of up to 100 smol gay rocks per second.

Microreview: Currently Reading

I was tagged a few days back by @bindings-and-beginnings and finally have a moment to chat about what I’m reading! Thank you! For this one I’m going to share the side book I’m enjoying, mainly because I left Les Misérables downstairs.


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Title and author: Food in England by Dorothy Hartley

Total pages: 676

Page you’re on: 37

Thoughts so far: I found out about this history of British cooking while watching a documentary a week or so back. I became curious and had to track down a copy. The book arrived over the weekend and I couldn’t hold off. I had to crack it open and start reading! I haven’t gotten deep into it yet due to various other things going on, but it’s been really interesting so far! I’m currently in the middle of the ‘Fuels and Fireplaces’ chapter and the descriptions of how fire pits were set up to cook various foods is giving me some ideas for future scenes in my comic. There are a number of illustrations throughout, all done by the author, which are fascinating. Like this one on the page I’m currently reading…

Try your best to guess how it will end: Since it’s a non-fiction about food and cooking, I’m probably going to end up hungry and eating everything tasty within the house.

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