“As the series developed it began to take on more of a poetic quality. Photographing landscapes and still life photographs interchangeably became a large part of the body of work, as I wanted to document quiet fragments of day to day life that had significance in our relationship. I revisited familiar places near my childhood home, focussing on changes that have occurred and the inevitable cyclical nature of our surroundings.”

Isabel by Lauren Maccabee [2|4]


Jaggery. Mysore, India

“Childhood nostalgia is something embedded in our memory, and I wanted to explore this in relation to my younger sister. Isabel and I have had a close relationship since a young age, and we have developed a mutual understanding of each other. This series looks at sisterhood, growth, and adolescence.”

Isabel by Lauren Maccabee [1|4]


BBC Documentary, ‘What Makes Art Valuable?

The question “What is The Value of Art?” is a valid one and many people ask it. In this BBC documentary, journalist Alastair Sooke wants to find out more about this infamously secret art world and the multi millionaires who populate it.


The Secret Life of Icelandic Teenagers

 “I’ve always found the general idea of being a teenager something extremely beautiful, sad and complex,” says Camila Svenson in an email interview with PDN. The rituals and transitions of teenage life are at the heart of “you will never walk alone,” her series that uncovers the universal loneliness and thrill of being a young person in a small town.

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20 Best Street Photos Shot by London’s Homeless in 2016

In July 2016, the UK-based initiative Cafe Art handed out 105 Fujifilm disposable cameras to homeless individuals in London. Of the 99 cameras and 5,000+ street photos returned, 20 were chosen by a panel of expert judges.

The project follows an identical project that went viral in 2015, which resulted in a 2016 calendar and £17,500 raised.

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Laundry. Badami, India