I don't work for you anymore

(Set right after Episode 15 – Intent)

When Harvey strolls in his office, after an agitated and short night, the first thing he notices is the white envelope sitting atop his closed computer. Raising a questioning eyebrow, he walks around his desk and grabs it. It’s not sealed and it doesn’t have anything written on it.

Inside, he finds a typed letter and a business card : “Michael Ross – Junior Partner”. He flips it over and frowns at the handwritten words.

Harvey, here’s my letter of resignation. I’m sorry I let you down again. I swear I had no idea Donna would steal those documents. Everything you need to finalize the case is on my desk. Mike.”

For a second, he wonders if this is a joke. He knows he was hard on Mike, he doesn’t remember in details but he’s sure he said words he didn’t mean because that’s what he does when he’s pissed. But why would Mike resign now ? Harvey’s been meaner, harder in the past and it always seemed to make Mike want to do better, to surpass himself. Something must have happened. Maybe with Rachel.

To be honest, he’s not really in the mood for a tantrum. He’s sleep-deprived and his favorite coffee shop was closed when he arrived this morning. Plus, Donna is going to be here any minute and he’s not sure he’s ready to face her. She’s actually the reason why he didn’t get much sleep.

He told her he loved her yesterday and left right afterwards. Once in the corridor, having closed the front door, he realized that what he had just said, without context, could be interpreted wrongly. He hesitated for a second, his hand still on the door handle. But he certainly couldn’t go back and say “Just one more thing though, I love you like a sister, I’m not in love with you, duh.”. So he walked away.

That’s why he doesn’t express his feelings. He always screws up.

He exhales sharply and walks out of his office. First things first, he needs to go see Mike and drag him back to the office. Whatever happened with Rachel or whatever made him think that he could resign, just like that with a letter on Harvey’s desk, cannot be that bad. The kid’s way too damn emotional. Just when Harvey’s thinks he’s finally grown a pair, Mike lets his emotions get the best of him.

Mike jumps when a loud pounding on the door interrupts his lazy breakfast. He thought it would feel weird to wake up jobless but it didn’t. He actually felt relieved and happy when he opened his eyes this morning, way past his usual wake up time.

“Mike, open the door, I know you’re in here !”, he hears.

Harvey. He should have known the man would show up.

“What do you want ?”, he asks when he opens the door, deliberately not wide enough to look like an invitation to come in.

Harvey apparently doesn’t give a fuck for he pushes past Mike with a scowl and walks all the way to the living room.

“Please come in.”, Mike mutters, closing the front door.

“What the hell is that ?”, Harvey asks, waving the letter under Mike’s nose.

“My letter of resignation I guess ?”, Mike replies, his arms defensively folded across his chest.

“You’re damn right it is !”, Harvey snaps. “Go get dressed and come with me, we have a court appointment at 11.”, he adds.

“I don’t.”, Mike replies calmly. “I don’t work for you anymore. That’s what the letter says.”

Harvey’s jaw tenses and he tears the letter up with an annoyed sigh.

“Come on.”, he rolls his eyes. “Get dressed.”

“Harvey.”, Mike says in a serious voice. “I gave Jessica a copy, tear it up all you want, I’m not working for you anymore. Now I’d like to enjoy my breakfast in peace.”

“What happened ?”, Harvey asks, motioning for Mike to sit down as he himself sits down on the couch.

“Nothing happened, Harvey.”, Mike replies with a pointed look. “And there’s nothing more to say so please be on your way.”, he says, walking to the kitchen where his cereal bowl is making eyes at him.

“Ok.”, Harvey jerks up. “Is that because of what I told you yesterday ?”, he huffs. “Because if it is-“

“You know what ?”, Mike turns around. “It is because of what you told me, Harvey ! It is because of the way you’ve been treating me lately. I know you think I’m just a screw up who sometimes comes up with an idea that saves the day but what you said yesterday, the way you talked to me yesterday ? You hurt me and I know you meant to !”, he yells, hating the way his voice gets high-pitched when he’s angry. “I’ve had enough of your mood swings, of your emotional constipation. I’m not your freaking punching bag !”

Harvey takes a step back and Mike mentally fist bumps for managing to unsettle the great Harvey Specter.

“I know you think it’s cute and utterly funny but I became a lawyer because I wanted to help people !”, he continues, he might as well now he’s started. “This is not what Pearson Specter Litt does, this is not what you do and it struck me yesterday. I know, I’m slow.”, he scoffs. “You didn’t want me to take the case in the first place because you didn’t think it mattered then Donna screwed it up and you lashed out on me. I’m responsible for a lot of things, Harvey. I’m responsible for a lot of your successes, for example. But I am not responsible for Donna’s actions. What she did, she did on her own, I didn’t ask her to steal those documents !”, he stops, breathless. “The way you tried to put it on me yesterday ? That was the last straw. I thought you’d changed but you haven’t and I’m tired of suffering the consequences of everybody’s errors. I’m tired of making rich people richer. I’m tired of people uncovering my secret. I’m tired of you always making me feel like I’m a complete screw up.”, he pauses. “So no, I’m not working for you anymore and I will not get dressed. Please go.”

Harvey purses his lips and Mike’s sure he’s thinking about what to reply, what to say to have the last word. Either he doesn’t or he doesn’t feel like sharing because he just gives Mike a quick once-over and shakes his head before turning around.

When he hears the front door close, Mike heaves a long content sigh and he cannot help the smile that starts spreading across his face. He’s free. Free of Harvey’s power over him. Free of the sword of Damocles that was hanging above his head because of his secret. Free to be his own man.


what type of camera is that


'cause all of me loves all of you [07/16]

anonymous asked:

hi! i'm sorry for bothering you, but you exude a certain vibe that makes me feel like you're the right person to ask about this. basically, i feel like i really need to broaden my general knowledge, but i have no idea how to start going about that. i would also like to start keeping up with news, because i've never been able to do it consistently, so do you have some reliable, non-us-centric news resources? thanks a lot :)

well you figure out fairly quick that there’s no single reliable unbiased news source, everything has bias and agenda. it’s a bad idea to get all your news from one place. 

I roughly cobble together my sense of what’s going on in the world from a number of sites, e.g. the BBC (also Radio 4’s “Today” programme), Al Jazeera English (probably the best counterweight to a US-centric media diet), Die Zeit (German language, centre-left), the Guardian (UK), the Independent (UK), Mother Jones (US site), Reuters (UK, not often), Wikinews—all of these have strengths and weaknesses—plus social media (imo twitter is somewhat more reliable than tumblr, and it’s easier to find a diversity of opinion; tumblr is sometimes good for synthesis/analysis). I try to avoid watching news if possible, because it’s harder to consciously unpack the manipulative use of images and words at once.

i mean, look for news sources which try to preserve the complexity of events, rather than crunching them down into an easily consumable story / paradigm. also try to take account of your own biases, because it’s easy to get smug and complacent and self-congratulatory when nothing you read disturbs your views and favoured narratives. i’m almost too socialist to function and that won’t change any time soon, but I’ll read reporting and op-eds from news sources with different political leanings to get a sense of alternative narratives, even if I ultimately throw them out. 

Unfinished Melody

A very short Sherlock/Irene fanfic, set after the events of The Sign of Three.

Written in screenplay format. Read the full script here.

A very happy birthday to Merry


My dearest Raven,

In the future, you will meet a boy.
The kind of boy that girls fall in love with at poetry slams.

The kind of boy who rewrites his mother with poems about all the tragic girls he’s slept with.

He has eyes like very intense magnets and all of his best features are external but he’s really funny and he will make you laugh and he will steal your heart and it won’t be long until you are handing yourself over to him….

But he will never take you on a first date.
He will nearly stand you up on Valentine’s day.
He will never call you his girlfriend but will kiss you and still want you to want him.
You will wait forever for him to say he loves you and when he finally does, it will come out of his mouth like a horse throated cough.

He will be telling the truth and you will smile, but you will still wish he had said it louder and a long time ago…

I am telling you this, because right now I am eating breakfast and crying in the kitchen like I have done every morning for the past two months.

I met a boy.
The kind of boy who girls fall in love with at first sight.
The kind of boy who is gentle and feminine like his mother.

He has eyes like very soft demons and all of his best features are external but he’s really funny and he made me laugh and I did not hesitate to hand myself over to him…

But he left me, for an easier girl.
Turned me into a hanging rope of a person.
Made me want to pocket sharp edges or push myself into moving traffic.
Count the number of times I could bring up his name in conversations that did not belong to him.

He made me into the girl who sits and waits and begs for forgiveness.

I told myself I would not be this girl again.
That next time I would be smarter and more resilient.
I would be ice bitch and razor blade.
I would trample the heart of any man who treats me as anything less than a young god…

But here you are my love
Crying in your bed for this new boy,like you have done every morning for the past two months.

You do not have to be this girl again.
You do not have to plan for better next time.
You are allowed to forgive yourself.

The girl you were this time last year


12 things I may have said to you in a dream

1. Yesterday I wanted to day drink in your honor.

2. Sometimes my body is a casket of panic attacks for you.

3. I am not here to be your cheerleader. Young wifeys turn into widows before they ever see a diamond.

4. I am not the girl who has all the time in the world to wait for you.

5. Subtweets do not whisper “I love you” under their breath.

6. I learned love like my mother. Like walking and talking and fucking on eggshells to keep a fist out of her mouth. To keep the man she loved from killing her.

7. Subtweets do not whisper apologies under their breath.

8. You charming boy, don’t you know that love is not a power move?

9. I am not the girl who has all the time in the world to build an alter for you.

10. You cannot pretend to be a god if you have never noticed the serene parts of a hurricane.

11. Subtweets are not worthy enough to be love poems.

12. I woke up from that dream again. The one where I love you for the rest of my life.