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Literally fuck everyone in this state. Every time I open my mouth I get mocked or outright laughed at even though I kept us from missing half a dozen important things in the space of an hour. Fuck Kansas.

my life changed so much when i found out about the documented decades-long phenomenon of young closeted lgbt people overachieving in competitive arenas in order to deflect attention from their sexuality/gender non-conformity like

Deriving self-worth from achievement-related domains, like Ivy League admissions, is a common strategy among closeted men seeking to maintain self-esteem while hiding their stigma. The strategy is an effort to compensate for romantic isolation and countless suppressed enthusiasms. And it requires time-consuming study and practice, which conveniently provide an excuse for not dating.

…But the study does show that the longer a young man conceals his sexual orientation, the more heavily he invests in external measures of success, potentially leading to undue stress and social isolation. Perhaps that explains why I recently moved to Washington, D.C., America’s most populous closet, where esteemed work abounds, promotions are frequent and ambition is in the water supply.

Another of the study’s findings is that boys who grow up in more stigmatizing environments are more likely to seek self-worth through competition. I spent my first 18 years in a rural, religious town in North Carolina, a state that recently passed a constitutional amendment barring same-sex unions by a wide margin. Now here I am, a metal detector scanning for golden prizes. That’s no coincidence, the research suggests.

i mean this study was just cis gay boys but like goddamn who hasn’t been there

Hungarian Cubes

Visual artist Katharina Roters has spent over a decade documenting the abstract patterns painted onto post-war homes in Hungary. These structures are coloquially nicknamed Magyar Kocka or“Hungarian Cubes”. Extremely plain, cheap and standardised, these box-like houses would be totally anonymous if not for their custom, one-of-a-kind murals that seem to say “Victor Vasserly was here.” Enjoy: Hungarian Cubes.
AT&T Helped N.S.A. Spy on an Array of Internet Traffic
By Julia Angwin, Charlie Savage, Jeff Larson, Henrik Moltke, Laura Poitras and James Risen

The New York Times: Newly released archive documents reveal decades-long “highly collaborative” relationship between NSA and telecom giant AT&T, who gave the spy agency access to billions of emails from at least 2003-2013. Verizon was also linked as a partner with NSA, according to documents were provided by Edward Snowden.

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This might have been brought up before but... Dipper Pines becomes a historical figure, seperate from Alcor entirely. The earliest known text on The Boy Who Saved The World, "The Bravery of Children" as it was later called, was a compliation of documents gathered only a few decades post-Transcendence by a Gravity Falls librarian whose name is lost to time (aka Henry researching how Mabel's incorporeal brother became a thing because he was too shy to ask). It's mostly diaries and Dipper's Guides.