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California becomes the first state to legally recognize a third gender
"SB 179 helps people of all gender identities be their authentic selves."

Last weekend, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that allows residents to choose a third, nonbinary gender on state identity documents. 

The Gender Recognition Act also makes it easier for transgender and nonbinary people to change their legal gender marker, removing the requirement for a physician’s statement that they have had “clinical treatment.” Another bill the governor signed allows trans people to change their name while incarcerated. 

“As the LGBT community — but especially the trans community — is under assault in this country, California needs to go in the opposite direction and embrace the trans community and support the trans community and modernize these laws,” State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), who co-sponsored the bill alongside Sen. Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), said in a statement

While Oregon and Washington D.C. have undergone steps to make it easier for citizens to legally identify as non-binary, California is the first to enshrine a third gender category into law.

This is huge. Congratulations, California. Let’s hope more states follow.
Trump Wants Families On Food Stamps To Get Jobs. The Majority Already Work
Some 55 percent of families with kids on SNAP have jobs — they just don't earn enough to live on.

People taking care of young children are working, taking care of children is work, they just are not getting paid wages for the work they do.  Society couldn’t run without all of the work that these “non-working” food stamp recipients do.

Also, as one of the non-working food stamp recipients, I’ll remind everyone that disabled people, elderly people, and young children make up a huge percentage of food stamp recipients (about two thirds).  And that there are a lot of disabled people who don’t have documentation or recognition by the welfare system and therefore don’t get counted as disabled in these statistics.

And people who could work, and aren’t already doing unwaged caretaking work, don’t just mystically not have jobs because of some bullshit about laziness, they are having trouble finding work, or could only find extremely dangerous low paid work, or couldn’t find work that would also allow them to take care of their children, or a million other reasons (including that capitalism requires a certain level of unemployment in order to make it easier to threaten workers and exploit them).

Non-working food stamp recipients are not less valuable.  We deserve to be treated with dignity and not as needing to be starved as punishment for whatever they think we need punished for today.  Everyone deserves food, you shouldn’t have to earn food by good behavior, it’s something everyone should get just by virtue of being human beings.


Drowning in clutter “We are a mass-produced society which is drowning in clutter.

The Internet never forget – Fist invisible art documented on Internet

Gesture recognition - (creation of music - not required any knowledge but knowing electronic tricks)

Photo with mirror is popular for the optical trick “to make me invisible”

Curator Paul Schimmel introduces his exhibition “Destroy the Picture: Painting the Void, 1949-1962” in this video featuring archival footage of Yves Klein and Salvatore Scarpitta and paintings by Japanese, European, and American artists influenced by the destruction wrought by World War II.

2012 exhibits - works of various artists do a one-shot attempt at invisible art concept. Usually it happens once in the artist’s carrier, he wouldn’t continue it this direction since he will just repeat the same unable to develop the idea and failing to capitalize on a disposable thing.

Titles of such works indicate that attempt is made to “connect” to the viewer when the work is titled like: “You are Invisible”

Invisible Flower by Yoko Ono – still visible just pale artworks.

The art of measuring the invisible. 

anonymous asked:

how do you think gender will be abolished(presuming we agree that gender abolition will or can happen)?

hard to tell as someone embedded within gender, but i think it would be a world where people lived their lives without their behavior or bodies or the histories of those behaviors or bodies being seen as having a bearing on each other or on their relations to others in an organized or total way. a world where anyone can slip into and out of anything like warm and comfortable clothing. i don’t see it as possible without communism or communism as possible without it.

if you’re asking how that will happen, a destruction of structures of gendering and sexing by a women’s vanguard. a spiritual destruction to the greatest extent possible but also a literal physical destruction of literal edifices. the gentle death of the western nuclear family and marriage, of heterosexuality. in the immediate term, i think we could do worse than an end to workplace discipline, an end to prisons, an end to legal sanction of marriage, an end to laws and social norms tying mothers to children and women’s lives to motherhood, and an end to recognition or documentation of ‘biological sex’