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Witchy Bullet Journaling

So, one of those things that is helpful and sort of become a fad at the same time is bullet journaling. I really can’t complain about it becoming a fad, because that’s how I heard about it. However…my first attempts did not go well. I knew I had to get back to it because it actually helped me remember to take my medication on time and with diabetes that’s kind of important. 

Like with everything though, the witchy has crept in, almost insidiously and has actually helped me keep up with it. So, I thought I’d share some of my ideas and such that I use. I have a hard time documenting my practise because a lot of it is either too everyday or random people cropping up, that bullet journaling has really helped. So…

1.  Moon Phases - This can be as basic or as complicated as you like, or how often you track it. I simply put the phase in brackets on the other side of the date in parentheses like this [FM] for Full Moon or [WXC] For Waxing Crescent

2. Daily/Weekly Divination Pulls - A good way to track daily or weekly divination pulls is to list them in a bullet journal, that way, at the end of the week, month, or whatever, you can look back and see trends. You could also use this as a way to see trends in what you pull and what’s going on in your life at that time. 

3. Sigils - Now, sigils are not a big part of my practice because of my perfectionism, but this is a useful way to imbue a day with a sigil for a particular thing without having to sew it on something or mark it on your skin, especially if you plan on carrying your bullet journal with you. 

4. Quiet Time Reminders- If you are of a faith, but have a hard time remembering to pray or give offerings, a bullet journal is an easy way to remind yourself, and people who don’t worship can use this as a reminder of meditation, quiet time, or reading. As a polytheist, I find this particularly helpful in tracking to make sure I’m not losing track and accidentally snubbing anyone. 

5. Spell Musings - Sometimes you just have a bit of a rhyme pop in your head, or an idea for a new working, or you do something on the fly you want to remember. Using a bullet journal means you can scribble down half-formed ideas or spontaneous castings, without having to commit them to memory in case you forget them before you have access to a spellbook, or if you’re like me and your spellcraft is more..scientific-method-y, note thins that just don’t pass muster for Big Book Status. 

6. Dream Tracking - Sometimes you have a dream and your not the kind of person who regular journals these things, but this one seems important. You can put this there.

7. Deja Vu Moments: We’ve all had those moments of deja vu, and having someplace to write down these little moments can help, even if it’s just that feeling of ‘Wait, I’ve seen this before.’

There are loads of other ways bullet journaling can incorporate witchy things, this is just me sharing some I’ve come up with! If you have any more, feel free to add!

Rehab, Day One, Feb. 4, 2017

* * *

My 93-year-old grandmother had a successful knee surgery after breaking her kneecap two weeks ago. She’s spent the past nine days in rehab.

The first few days of rehab were challenging, given that she lives a fully independent and active life, despite her age. Being bedridden now, with her leg immobilized and other bodily functions inhibited has led to much frustration and anxiety during the early stages of her recovery.

Family members, myself included, have spent as much time as possible at her bedside to help lift her spirits and to assist in whatever ways are needed.

Initially, I made a few photographs of her to include with written updates for concerned out-of-town family members and friends. These images, however, have taken shape into a photography project.

The aim going forward is to document, step-by-step, as much as possible, my grandmother’s recovery. Each time we visit, I’m shooting at least one roll of B&W 120mm film – analog, rather than digital, seems to be the appropriate medium for such a project. The best images will be complied into a book, I think, and I’ll also post some on this blog, to report on her progress.

My grandmother and her strength are the inspiration behind this project. I also credit Ted Forbes at The Art of Photography for encouraging photographers to produce “work that matters.” (I learned how to shoot and process film from his YouTube series.)

My grandmother has an orthopedist appointment tomorrow, at which time we’ll have a better idea of how long she’ll be in rehab. Based on what caregivers have said up to this point, we’re looking at three to four weeks, total. According to her PT and OT nurses, she’s ahead of the curve.

Resources for non-Black Asians on Anti-Blackness

Time to collect my own.  Even if you think you’re fighting and checking yourself every day, go through this list of links and read up.  The credit for this is not mine, I’m just sharing it from another friend.

Fellow Asians, we are responsible for those in our community who perpetuate anti-Blackness, and we always have to call it out and fight against it.

PoC solidarity is often considered a myth because of the rampant anti-Blackness within our communities.  But Black activists fought alongside us and for us, stood up with us.  We Asians need to give back.  We have to fight alongside them and for them, and stand up for them.  And that starts by going directly to the source and confronting the blatant anti-Blackness that exists at home.

dark gray (1/?)

summary: Killian operates a lighthouse in the middle of nowhere, preferring a life of isolation, until one day a woman and a baby wash up on his little island and change his life forever.

word count: ~2600

also found on:, ao3

a/n: this is something I’ve had in my documents for a long time and since it’s almost completely done, I’ve decided to start posting chapters for my sweet, completely excited friend @swans-and-pirates. Meagan I hope it’s everything you dreamed of haha <3


He slams the front door closed and it squeaks on it’s hinges, swinging and clattering against it’s cracked and broken frame.

The air is cold and he shoves his fist into his jacket pocket, straightening his gaze ahead of him with a white huff of air to mingle with the fog that has descended onto the island. 

His boots crunch on the rocks as he carries himself onward and he takes note of all the things he has in store for his day. It isn’t much, never is, and he curses his sailor’s blood for the ungodly hours.

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In the last three days, I’m pretty sure I’ve read 80% of the fics on AO3 that have Saphael as the main tag and aren’t human AUs. Sooooo I’m gonna run out soon. And that’s gonna be BAD.



for like listening and letting me yell into the void… im never gonna apologize for complaining about this gunk because this is my blog and where else could i yell but that doesnt mean yall have to put up with it and u do anyway

im not gonna stop complaining abt pain or documenting my very special and fun medical journey any time soon so thank you for not making me feel like im being an annoyance, even if i feel like it