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I’m currently on Snapchat documenting my boredom till my powers back on😫 SC: Sabrina-Mfc catch me before its to dark lol

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Nurses may be change agents & progressive in advocacy, skills, and patient care - yet sometimes have these hidden odd rituals, or superstitions with the strangest of things. We get dressed in the morning, specific scrubs, undergarments that seem to bring good luck, a favorite lip gloss stashed always in the same little pocket. We eat the same breakfast that enhances focus, or gives us the comfort that this is a nursing day and we need to begin it well. We begin a shift by arriving and following the same ritual of taking single sheets out of the copier, applying little labels to the top left hand corner, neatly separating out the sections of report, allergies, history, medications, drips, labs, IV access, and to-do list - and God help us if we use the hospital’s ever changing SBAR record with little to no room to write notes; the whole day will go to hell. We set up our workspace, scrubbing down the computer station on wheels, neatly laying our hoodies on the back of the worn chairs, stethoscope and pen with report on the desk as a claim to space. We assess our patients, and our rooms in the same ritual, stressing at the piles of supplies tipping over the bedside tables, hastily moving it to a neater place, lest it interfere with clear thinking, or sudden need for space in a code. We carefully untangle wires, tubings, and label them before the moment of panicked confusion in an arrest where we tell ourselves, see, this is why we follow our usual course. We arrange the pumps, and the furniture in an orderly fashion, lest we trip over it. We follow the same order of documentation that oftentimes invites boredom at the repetition, yet we follow our internal system. We panic, when our favorite pen is missing, or in the hands of the unit pen thief and will hunt them down to get it back, or the day will go to hell without the lucky ink. We have internal alarms that shout warnings when we go off course of how we normally do the small, seemingly inconsequential things, but when we walk out into the real world, we probably walk under ladders, step on cracks, own black cats, and break many mirrors without a thought of bad luck. To the outside world, little rituals in nursing may seem odd, but on the inside walls, it can make or break our (thought process) day.
—  Nurse X