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Brian May reacts to the Channel 5 docu :

“ I’ve had lots of comments about the dreadful quality of the recently-aired Channel 5 low budget ‘docu-drama’ about Freddie. It seems to be getting the same reaction on line …

Well, just don’t blame us, folks. We got wind of this project about 6 months ago, and asked them (nicely) to bin it.

So did Freddie’s family.

But Channel 5 were determined to go ahead. Shame on Channel 5. The cads even used my song title ! Not cool.

However the general feeling seems to be that this unwelcome little effort is already dying a quick natural death.

So - onwards. Freddie (and his dear Mum) will rise above it all …



Häxan aka Witchcraft Through the Ages (1920, Dir. Benjamin Christensen), is a silent, Danish-Swedish docu-drama addressing diabolism and witchcraft persecution from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.  Devilishly suggestive, its nudity and criticism of the Catholic Church restricted its distribution, such that it didn’t appear in the U.S. until nearly a decade after it was made. “Graphically explores all the mad, satanic, and supernatural exploits with which ‘upstanding citizens’ have charged presumed witches” (Smith, p.36).  Grotesque and sometimes humorous scenes are drawn from early imaginings on the subject as captured in various texts, including German inquisition manual the Malleus Maleficarum and the torture-testimony of alleged witches. 

“Christensen’s idea for Häxan took root when, in America, he showed Night of Vengeance to a group of Sing Sing prisoners and one prisoner stabbed another.  The reformist warden told Christensen that even the most hardened criminals were human enough to be reached with understanding and kindness. Christensen agreed.  It was the belief in absolute evil, he concluded, that led to much of history’s crimes against humanity.  Thus was born Häxan“ (Smith).

Smith, Don G. The Horror–science Fiction Film Canon Silent Era, 1939. Philadelphia: Xlibris, 2009. Print.                          

REVIEW: Visaranai

*ing: Dinesh Ravi,  Samuthirakani,  Aadukalam Murugadoss

So bare bones: When 4 migrant workers get arrested for a crime they didn’t commit, they fall into the political plot and become victims of the “gods” of our society- the police. 

My opinion:

  • Firstly, this movie is a docu-drama thriller that is based off of novel, Lock Up. It’s won many awards, but it’s definitely not a film for the faint hearted by any means. 
  • Acting wise: The acting was phenomenal. The portrayal of the police was not extremely overdone and due to the acting and the script writing, the lines between good and bad were extremely blurred. The migrant workers play their roles with such innocence and goodness that it tears you up from the beginning to see that this is the cruel punishment that they face. The perfect contrast between their looks and their demeanor makes them pray to the police and that’s what is so excellent about their acting as well. 
  • The movie is rife with twists and definitely violence, but it’s clearly intended and hard-hitting violence. As a review said, “the theaters were chilled with silence.” It leaves you with thoughts about innocence and corruption. Who, in society, is good and who is bad nowadays? That’s the main theme of the story. 
  • Every little minute of the movie is crucial to its plot progression and honestly, even the characters are so neatly portrayed that I wholeheartedly was so glad that this movie was such a hit. Likewise, the author of the book is an Auto Driver and was one of the migrant workers brutally mistreated so this is definitely a very relevant movie to watch. 
  • Please, please put in some of your time to watch this movie. You will definitely leave with a new conception of society, or atleast a haunting shadow of truth that lingers in your head afterwards. 

Sravya’s Reaction Rating?


Chris Evans’ part in Biodiversity: Wild About Life! (1997)

This is “a docu-drama about four teenagers who discover the value of the variety of life on earth, from wolves to plants and wetlands to deserts, and are inspired by positive actions to safeguard it.” The plot revolves around the teens looking through tapes to put together their own film for a student film contest. Basically, it’s an after school special.

Since the original special is an hour long due to nature footage, I’ve edited it down to only Chris’ scenes. Sorry for the bad video quality! It was produced in 1997 – so unless they sat on his scenes for 4 years, he should be 15/16, not 12. :P Enjoy!

What Archaeologists Really Think About Ancient Aliens, Lost Colonies, And Fingerprints Of The Gods

It’s no secret that far more people watch TV shows like the History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’ than attend lectures by professional archaeologists and historians.  Millions of people tune in to watch TV series and docu-dramas with a questionable grip on facts about the past.  The stories spun by producers and writers may have some basis in truth, but they’re largely stories — they’re compelling stories, though, and they’re aimed at a general audience the way that most academic output isn’t.

People are also reading books about ancient aliens and other forms of pseudoarchaeology, according to archaeologist Donald Holly. He starts a recent open-access book review section in the journal American Antiquity by asking archaeologists to entertain the idea of pseudoarchaeology — just for a little bit — so that we can create better teachable moments, whether we’re talking to students or to anyone interested in our jobs.  People who read these books are not ignorant or obstinate, he points out, but rather undecided about alternative archaeological explanations and clearly interested in understanding the past. Read more.

Sometimes I like to pretend the show is a docu-drama filmed about the domestication of dragon in their world and the cast are all actors who secretly get on really well.


Interviewer: So, Dagur, how do you feel about your new look this season?

Dagur: Uh, well, it’s interesting. They actually stopped covering up some of my tattoos, which was nice–yeah, I do have most of these in real life, okay-

Hiccup: He cried when they told him to cut his hair off and grow a beard-

Dagur: Shut up!

Heather: Why do you think he grew the beard in so badly? He’s trying to get them to let him shave it.

Dagur: You are the worst fake-sister ever and you are the worst fake nemesis ever and they’re both liars! …Um, next question?


Hiccup: I mean it was really nice to be cast, not a lot of roles for a skinny guy missing a leg who grew up on a dragon preserve, you know? Though the fake leg from the first film was kind of itchy…

Interviewer: Is it hard, doing your own stunts?

Hiccup: Oh, heck no, I’ve known Toothless since he hatched. We’ve got it down, hell, we’ve made half of them more impressive.

Astrid: His set-name is “Deathwish”

Hiccup: It is not! …Okay it is.


Interviewer: So, Astrid, there have been rumors of you and Heather having something going on behind the scenes?

Astrid: I don’t know, we just get on really well. She’s my bestie, what can I say? I mean I see where you get the idea and all, but, um-

Interviewer: …And Snotlout and Fishlegs?

Astird: That was just them trolling. We’re stunned that episode got made, really, was it an allergy PSA or something? Besides, everyone knows Snotlout has a crush on Tuffnut…oops. *puts head in hands*

Eager premeds: watch these.

To all the enthusiastic future doctors, these “docu-dramas” make the dream feel so real:

Boston Med Season 1

NY Med Season 1

NY Med Season 2


Doctors’ Diaries

I’m not one for repeat viewings of shows or movies, but I’ve watched all of these at least twice.  Enjoy!

Reece Shearsmith Joins Doctor Who as a Star Guest

Actor, comedian and award winning writer Reece Shearsmith joins Peter Capaldi (the Doctor) and Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) as he takes-up a guest role in a special episode of Doctor Who, returning to BBC One and BBC America this September.

Reece has previously played Patrick Troughton in a docu-drama about the conception and making of Doctor Who, in An Adventure in Space and Time, and returns to Cardiff for a part in an adventure written by Mark Gatiss, directed by Justin Molotnikov and produced by Nikki Wilson.

Most famously known for his work as part of The League of Gentlemen along with fellow performers Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss and co-writer Jeremy Dyson, Reece comments on his casting for the hit show:

‘I am absolutely thrilled to be filming Doctor Who as Mark Gatiss has written a fantastic role for me in a very scary episode. It has been so exciting to be part of a very singular episode - which, I can say with authority will be unlike any previous episode of Doctor Who. It’s a joy to play a part in the show - certainly a badge of honour.’

Creepypasta #728: The Absentees

Length: Long

I’ve always been fascinated by disappearances. Forget procedurals or docu-dramas, I mean reading up on the cases of actual disappearances, and I don’t mean kidnappings. I mean outright unexplained vanishings of individuals. Sure, there’s a lot of sad cases that are obviously just of kids who were taken by abductors who covered their tracks, and guys like Jimmy Hoffa who ran afoul of people who knew how to get rid of a corpse, but it’s a long list and not all of them make perfect sense. I always assumed it was just the human compulsion to categorize and know everything that objected so strongly to these vanishings in me.

Whatever the reason, I’ve always been drawn to them, and have frequented quite a few message boards, social media sites, etc, in my day to discuss these issues. It was about three years ago now, I was discussing the mysterious disappearance of a woman on a cruise ship. A user I knew only by reputation, he’d not been active in recent years, replied to my post:

“On the off chance you read this, the preferred term is “absentees,” not “missing persons.” A missing person is someone still around who you can’t find. The absentees are different. Do you ever feel there’s someone behind you, but you turn and no one’s there? Ever go to open a door, or pull back a blind, and have the nagging feeling you’ll meet someone, or something, on the other side? I’m betting like a lot of people you have a good sense of what that thing is going to look like. For me it was always a tall man in a top hat, but I’ve heard of all sorts.

It first pops up when they notice strangers getting more aggressive around them. They’ll go to get on a train or bus and people push past them, acting almost surprised to find the resistance. Maybe someone tries to sit in the seat they’re already in at a movie theater. Sooner or later maybe their lover or coworker doesn’t hear them the first time they say something, then is surprised to find they’ve entered the room.

Then one day they realize it’s everyone pushing past them and it’s the fifth time they have to repeat themselves before their presence is noticed.

Then one day someone sits on them in a theater and instead of standing up in surprise the person finds the cushion, and our newly minted absentee finds him or herself on their feet, an entire theater silent, no one booing for them to sit down.

They wander in a daze, no one taking their order at restaurants, no clerks making space for them at supermarkets. Their keys don’t fit in the lock of their cars or houses, and they’re just left on their own to go where they will, where they can. It gets cold at night, so sometimes they’ll slip in with an attendee when a door is opened and sleep on the floor, or god willing a spare bed.

Every so often they’ll flicker back into attendance and someone will talk to them, and that’s beyond euphoric. Hell, even just a glance means the world to the absentees. Hopefully it happens in public and not when they’re stealing a night’s sleep, but it never lasts and as far as I know no absentees have ever been caught. They were people like you and me, once, and they’re scared and alone. The next time you feel a crawling down your neck like you’re not alone, or fear what you’ll find when you open a door, just say hello, and say you know what they are. They probably won’t be able to answer, but it’ll mean the world to them.”

I wasn’t entirely sure what to say at such a rant that seemed barely connected to reality. Still, he’d been prolific in his day, and I didn’t want to entirely brush him off. I felt honored, even, that his first post in years had been aimed at me. I typed my response.

“Hey, it’s been a while, glad to see you’re still lurking these parts. I’m not really sure what you’re talking about, though, could you please elaborate?”

He replied simply:

“…thank god you responded.”

He never posted again, as far as I know, and I always figured it was just someone trolling me as their last hurrah. I never paid it much mind, until one morning last week when I went to open my bedroom door, only to be convinced a young girl with blonde hair in pigtails would be standing on the other side.

The whole encounter rushed back to me and I wondered on his absentees, opening the door to find nothing unusual. Against my better judgement I whispered “hello?” One pregnant pause later and I was laughing at myself for giving credibility to such a silly story. I went downstairs to find my wife at the kitchen table, eating cereal, drinking orange juice, and reading the newspaper.

“Honey, you’ll never believe what just happened,” I said with a chuckle, as I made my way to the pantry to get the oatmeal. At the same moment my wife stood up and started when she saw me, one hand on her heart and a nervous chuckle accompanying it.

“You just scared the life out of me, I didn’t even hear you come in.”

My heart sank.

Credits to: AnAbsentee

I just had a first look at the Destiel docu fan video; I absolutely loved it, and I know that you guys will as well! 

Also, I think that after all of the ‘Cliff Kosterman SPN docu drama’, this video will at least prove one thing: You don’t need thousands of dollars -or to take the money of fans- to make and fund a video like that. This is only a 25 minute video, but I could easily watch an hour of this. All you need is heart and soul, basic software to edit videos, and dedicated fans who want to help you out. 

It doesn’t take dollars: if your heart is in whatever it is you’re doing and you can touch the hearts of others as well, it doesn’t take donations to get your point across.

So proud of my fandom, and can’t wait for you all to see this little Christmas present.  

HBO’s Anita Hill Docu-Drama ‘Confirmation’ Under Fire From Lawmakers

TV | By Linda Ge on February 18, 2016


“We feel when people see the film it will speak for itself,” HBO Films President Len Amato says of the drama exploring the 1991 Anita Hill confirmation hearings

HBO’s “Confirmation” is already coming under fire from D.C. lawmakers who allege there are “grave inaccuracies” in the docu-drama chronicling the Anita Hill hearings.

Former senators Alan Simpson of Wyoming and John Danforth of Missouri are among those speaking against their portrayals in the film starring Kerry Washington, reports Politico.

Simpson is even threatening legal action. “I don’t know what I’ll do but it won’t be fun and games,” he told Politico. “I won’t just sit still. I’ll have a response, I always have. An attack unanswered is an attack believed.”

Also Read: Kerry Washington Warns of ‘Shocking’ News in HBO’s 'Confirmation’ Teaser (Video)

Hill was called to testify at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ 1991 Senate confirmation hearing when it was revealed she had accused him of sexual harassment while he was her supervisor years earlier. The film will focus on the confirmation hearings and the effect they had on Hill and the country at large.

In addition to Washington, the film stars Zoe Lister-Jones as Carolyn Hart and “The Wire” star Wendell Pierce as Clarence Thomas.

The source of the senators’ contention is an early draft of the script, which Simpson said “seriously distorted” actual events.

Also Read: Kerry Washington on Bonding With 'Confirmation’ Subject Anita Hill

“Obviously, they were going to go forward with [the film], and obviously there are going to be some repercussions because they’ve opened a hornet’s nest,” he said.

Simpson objected to particular scenes, including one in which a staffer chases a man through the woods in order to serve him with a subpoena.

Susannah Grant wrote the screenplay and serves as executive producer along with Washington, Michael London and Janice Williams for HBO Films in association with ABC Signature, and with London and Williams’ A Groundswell Production. Rick Famuyiwa (“Dope”) directed.

HBO is standing by the film and the research the filmmakers did.

“‘Confirmation’ has gone through a thorough research and vetting process not any different than our past award-winning films, which have stood the test of time,” HBO Films’ President Len Amato said in a statement. “Basically, our process is to be as transparent as possible and to talk to as many people connected to the story as possible.  We look at all the literature that’s been published, sometimes we option books, we consult with respected journalists who covered the event at the time and really listen to what people have to say.  The goal is to find significant stories to tell and get them right.  ‘Confirmation’ does just that.  We feel when people see the film it will speak for itself.”

“Confirmation” airs April 16 on HBO.

- See more at:

OK, so apparently they’re currently doing some rewrites on Star Wars VIII and apparently it’s because Finn, Rey and Poe proved much more popular than they expected?? Which, way to have confidence in your own writing guys. But also, if it *is* true, what the hell was episode VIII originally going to be about? The epic bromance of BB-8 and R2-D2? (Don’t get me wrong, I totally want a spin-off about the epic bromance of BB-8 and R2-D2.) A slice-of-life docu-drama about how the citizens of Jakku are constantly having to rebuild their homes after yet another unprovoked attack? The exciting adventures of Kylo Ren: Fuckboy Space Nazi? What??