Security Guards AU - Night shift security guard Smith knows there’s something suspicious happening on the higher levels of Torchwood Tower, he just doesn’t have the clearance to find out. When he meets Tyler, the new day shift guard, he instantly seeks to recruit her to his cause of finding out just what is going on.


Title: “Fade
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: A vignette.  The Doctor prepares to regenerate.  Based on this prompt.
Characters:  Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler 
Length: 552 words


It’s a peculiar process, the brain completely self-rewiring its own branching synapses. It’s inevitable, under this kind of magnificent strain, that a few memories will vanish.  It’s little things, most often, useless snippets of time cataloged in the arbitrary and meticulous halls of his measureless mind.  Apple trees in blossom in Prague, the lonely sigh of wind at a long past daybreak, the faces of passers-by.  Idle time, Tuesdays, sun-drenched slopes of red grass remembered vividly for what seems to be no reason at all.  Memories that only seem like keepsakes, but are really just clutter.  Nothing he’ll even miss.

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Beautiful Disaster (Coming soon)

Pairing: Ten/Rose

Warnings: None 

Rating: teen

Genre: hurt/comfort 

Summary: (high school AU with Ten in Nine’s clothes misunderstood bad boy)

“Amazing,” He said with a bitter laugh, “You’ve never spoken to me once but you like half the school think you know me. If you really believe all the rumors then go and tell Mrs. Redfern to give you another partner and I’ll work alone.”

Rose had every intention to go speak to Mrs.Redfern but when she saw the lonesome look in his eyes when he spoke of being alone  she stopped her self.  The glint they had revealed a world of darkness and even though he would try to hide it with a a tough bad boy exterior his eyes revealed it all. The dark brown  eyes that mourned his despair.