Every time I was close to finishing y'all had to go and create new adorably amazing characters, didn’t ya?  I coulda been done this a week ago but noooooooooo

I’ve only drawn a few of my favourites here (as in not all, there’s a handful I haven’t even mentioned that I adore), there were so many more OCs that I wanted to draw but over two weeks on one piece is enough for me I’M OUT

Long ramble cut short: I love you all and this fandom makes me so happy, your creativity is beautiful and amazing to watch and participate in.  I wanted to make a tribute to it in some way!  Again, it’s not all of ‘em, but it’s a snapshot of some.

Get ready, now.  Here’s a list of all the characters and their creators in left-to-right order:

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Holy jeepers, this new villain OC thing has been driving me insane with how good they are 😭

Nosetradamus - @superhighschoolleveldemigod

Cotton Candy Criminal - @doctorwily

Kindergardener - @clockworks-time