doctorwhostuck fanventure

I was thinking of making a Doctor Who fanventure…
Homestuck style.
I’ve got some handles
and a Prospit sprite WIP for the Doctor
and I’m working out titles
and I’ve got people picked out.
If you’ve got any suggestions for different people, I’m all ears!
The Doctor - spacetimeTraveller
River Song - majorSpoilers
Idris (Humanized TARDIS, she is canon) - blueBox
Rose Tyler - curiousCompanion
Rory Williams - paradoxicalRoman
Amy Pond - pandoricaPatience
Sooo yeah. That’s all I have, really.
I’m working on titles, and I think I have one for the Doctor already, and it’s not Lord of Time; Heir of Space! You can see how he’d become space, eh?
Yeah, so, any suggestions for different handles, different people, or God Tiers?