My DVD collection as of 10/7/2014 
Still need to get 25 more classics
The Scream of Shalka
Sarah Jane adventures series 2,3,4 and 5 
And The Tennant specials -mainly for The Next Doctor !

(edit :I’ve just looked up to see if I could get a cheap Tennant special boxset anywhere no luck -it will be like £40 :( and I only need one ep :( )
I Met The Doctor Today

I was lucky enough to attend the Doctor Who Series 8 DVD fan event today.

It featured the first ever screening of Doctor Who: Earth Conquest (The documentary about the world tour Peter and Jenna went on to promote series 8) followed by a Q&A

The Q&A was hosted by Frank Skinner, who was a very good fit for the role of interviewer, he is clearly a bug fan and knows the source material very well, he made many doctor who jokes and references which went down brilliantly.

Being interviewed were Peter Capaldi (Twelfth Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara), Steven Moffat (Showrunner), Michelle Gomez (Missy/The Master) and Samuel Anderson (Danny Pink).

They were all in good spirit, and very entertaining to listen to, many anecdotes and interesting tidbits mentioned, with a very geeky conversation between Capaldi and Moffat about Mondasian Cybermen (which went on for about 5 minutes) being a personal highlight

And, best of all, after the Q&A, Peter came out to meet the fans, and I was lucky enough to get a picture with him (and subsequently cross ‘meet The Doctor’ off my bucket list!)

This has genuinely been one of my favourite days ever