doctorwho fandom sherlock

  • Six Year Old Me: I wanna be a pretty teenager with long hair and cute clothes. I wanna be a dance teacher/fashion designer/princess with a hot boyfriend who adores me.
  • Me Now: I'm a clusterfuck with a pixie cut and too many problems to count. I'm failing my classes and spend 221% of my time on the internet. I'm also single and gay af.
  • shit
Year 2032
  • Daughter(dressed as the doctor): Mommy, what did you do when you were younger?
  • Me: I was just like any other teenager. Obsessed with Starbucks and Taylor Swift. And had normal hobbies.
  • Daughter: *looks at me with a smirk* The truth...
  • Me: Alright. (Pauses) I literally watched Netflix all day instead of being at dances. I was (and still am) Phan trash. And instead of reading To Kill A Mocking Bird, I was reading Destiel smut. And I screamed all the words to I'm Not Okay by MCR. (Pauses) And a couple years later your dad came along. And we were just chillin through life. And then we had you.
  • Daughter: *shakes her head in disappointment and walks away*
  • Me: Beef JERKy
  • Daughter: Witch