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Hi! I love your art to much and love your su au and I was wondering if the first time lance and keith fused if it was like when ruby and sapphire did and if klarnet was like cotton candy garnet. I love your art so much and thank you. ♡

Thank you so much and here’s cotton candy klarnet!!!!!!! Poor little romantically confused baby 💜

Person A has been chatting and emailing with someone they’ve met on the internet. And though it may sound weird, they have not exchanged photos or Skyped, so person A has no idea what this person looks like, and likewise the other way around.

Person A has fallen in love with this person and is excited when the person asks for a date. Photos have still not been exchanged. A has gotten a (vague) description. Tall, handsome, pretty, etc. But the person will have something recognizable, like holding a flower or wearing some sort of hat.

The meeting is at a bar and A waits there. Various people come and go. Until person B comes in who fits the vague description and happens to have the flower/hat/whatever. A gets excited and immediately drags B into a date.

But what A doesn’t know, is that B is not the person behind the emails. It’s coincidence they match the description. But B doesn’t mind suddenly being flirted with by A, who looks very cute.
How will they find out this is all a big misunderstanding?

Bonus: Person C is the one behind the emails, who’s good friends with A and got a crush on them. Afraid to ruin the friendship, they started with the emails, but then finally wanted to tell the truth.

What We Missed (End)

Summary: It finally happens. 

Word Count: 564

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It was out of your control, your hand had a mind of its own. It slammed the door right in the man’s face. The man you had spend that night with almost two weeks ago. The man in the pictures that you had in your phone. That man.

He was now standing just outside of your apartment and if you guessed correctly, looked just as surprised as you were.

Wincing once you realized that you had closed the door without a word, you open it and can’t help but to feel relieved when you see that he is still there, hands in his pockets, looking like he’s seen a ghost. But you are probably a reflection of him as well.

“H-How did you find me?” you ask.

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Lena is from the local air force army and Amelie is a tightrope performer. Lena is waiting for her next employment in the same town Amelie was performing for a week. They fell in love, but circumstances make them hard to last. 

Very obviously inspired from Slipstream and Odette skins.