The Fandoms right now....
  • <p><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "GOD!"<p/><b>DC Fandom:</b> "Dammit Barry!!"<p/><b>Harry Potter fandom:</b> "Belle Hermione!!!!"<p/><b>Disney Fandom:</b> "DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY!!:<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "So...nice day outside, huh?"<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "Yeah the sun's out and it's pretty warm- WAIT WHAT IS WATSON DOING IN CIVIL WAR-"<p/><b>Marvel Fandom:</b> "HOW CAN THEY MAKE STEVE HYDRA? THAT MAKES NO SENSE LIKE HOW CAN YOU DISRESPECT YOUR OWN CHARACTER LIKE THAT-"<p/><b>Sleepy Hollow Fandom:</b> "Tsk, tell me about it."<p/><b>Game of Thrones Fandom:</b> "Hodor." 😢<p/><b>Star Trek Fandom:</b> (wakes up upon release of trailer and 50th anniversary) "So, what did we miss??<p/><b>Star Wars Fandom:</b> (stares into the camera like "The Office")<p/></p>

Please fire me. I work at the front desk of a pediatrician’s office. Today, I received a panicked phone call from the parent of a 7 year old who has “been around his grandfather who is currently going through chemo.” When I asked the parent why she felt the need to bring the child into the office for a visit for simply being around a chemo patient? “Well, I’m scared my child is catching the side effects of the chemo.”


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  • Dramione in the waiting room at the doctors
  • Draco:I'm bored, can't I...
  • Hermione:*reading magazine* No magic.
  • Draco:But I'm sooo bored, when will it be our turn?
  • Hermione:As soon as you stop complaining. Read a magazine, it will help pass the time.
  • Draco:But the pictures don't even move!
  • Hermione:*reaches into her bag, hands something to Draco* Here.
  • Draco:*takes it* What's this? *opens lid* A mirror? Really Hermione I think I am a bit more mature than...hey wait....there is a smudge on this mirror...*rubs at it* won't come off...just need to use something...*keeps at it*
  • Hermione:*turns the page in her magazine*

Being sick is isolating, so posting photos of myself while sick using #hospitalglam has enabled me to be honest with the people in my life about my illnesses. I can’t often hang out at the bar or do the show or go to the opening because I’m trying to make my body work on a basic level. I’m chronically, invisibly ill and always making things. I’m exhausted by the idea that to live my life as a disabled woman, I’ve got to hide or struggle in ways that aren’t necessary for other people. It’s hard enough to deal with disability; I can’t fake being healthy for other peoples’ comfort. I’ll be loved and accepted by those who understand I’m the same complex person whether or not I’m in a doctor’s office. 

Doctors Office || Liam && Annabeth

Liam walked around his room gathering up his wallet and health card; he found his sweater, his favourite sweater (yeah it was Griffon’s, shut up), and slid it carefully on. Today was the day that he’d get his stitches removed and he was so ready to get the uncomfortable stitches out of his shoulder.

He grabbed his phone and sent of a quick text to Annabeth asking if she still wanted to come with him; if not, he’d go by himself.