// boy or girl?

Gigi was sitting on the exam table in the doctor’s office, her legs shaking anxiously as she waits for the doctor to come in. Today was the day that they would hopefully be finding out the gender of their baby and she was beside herself with excitement. She reaches over to find her boyfriend’s hand and holds it tight in her own while they wait. “Want to make a last minute guess? See if you’re right…”

Annoying interaction of the day

Context: I’m exiting the doctor’s office, looking and feeling like shit. I light a cigarette. Thoughts are in italics.

Random Guy: oh can you give me one?

me (giving him one): sure.

Random Guy (looking at my cane): what happened?

me: I have an illness (usually that’s enough to stop the questions).

Random Guy: oh. What is it? If that’s not too intrusive.

me: it is actually, (random guy I met fifteen seconds ago).

Random Guy: because I’ve done a bit of medicine so…

me: … (oh thank Cthulhu you’ve studied a bit of medicine. I’m sure you will save me when every specialist cannot do anything for my rare and incurable illness).

Random Guy: is it neurodegenerative?



me: yes (not exactly but whatever, please go away)

random guy: oh so maybe you should be careful with the cigarettes then.

I rolled my eyes so far it almost gave me a migraine. Did he just win the asshole bingo?

The Fandoms right now....
  • <p><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "GOD!"<p/><b>DC Fandom:</b> "Dammit Barry!!"<p/><b>Harry Potter fandom:</b> "Belle Hermione!!!!"<p/><b>Disney Fandom:</b> "DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY!!:<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "So...nice day outside, huh?"<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "Yeah the sun's out and it's pretty warm- WAIT WHAT IS WATSON DOING IN CIVIL WAR-"<p/><b>Marvel Fandom:</b> "HOW CAN THEY MAKE STEVE HYDRA? THAT MAKES NO SENSE LIKE HOW CAN YOU DISRESPECT YOUR OWN CHARACTER LIKE THAT-"<p/><b>Sleepy Hollow Fandom:</b> "Tsk, tell me about it."<p/><b>Game of Thrones Fandom:</b> "Hodor." 😢<p/><b>Star Trek Fandom:</b> (wakes up upon release of trailer and 50th anniversary) "So, what did we miss??<p/><b>Star Wars Fandom:</b> (stares into the camera like "The Office")<p/></p>
  • Me:*Procrastinates*
  • *Watches 2 seasons of a show in one day*
  • *Reads fanfiction*
  • *Plays video games*
  • *Stays on the Internet all day*
  • Me:"Why can't I get anything done what am I doing wrong in my life?"
The Signs As Tv Shows
  • Aries: Arrow
  • Taurus: American Horror Story
  • Gemini: Once Upon A Time
  • Cancer: Doctor Who
  • Leo: Sherlock
  • Virgo: The Office
  • Libra: Game Of Thrones
  • Scorpio: The Walking Dead
  • Sagittarius: Friends
  • Capricorn: Supernatural
  • Aquarius: Breaking Bad
  • Pisces: Vampire Diaries

Please fire me. I work at the front desk of a pediatrician’s office. Today, I received a panicked phone call from the parent of a 7 year old who has “been around his grandfather who is currently going through chemo.” When I asked the parent why she felt the need to bring the child into the office for a visit for simply being around a chemo patient? “Well, I’m scared my child is catching the side effects of the chemo.”


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Please fire me. Today I brought in a ham sandwich (I work in a hospital as a receptionist) and a man came up to me saying (exact quote) “Hey lady, could you not eat that disgusting peace of cr#p in here, my kid doesn’t like pork.” My sudden response was “If your kid doesn’t like it then he shouldn’t look then, should he?” After that the guy waited outside the hospital and slapped me when I came out after my shift.