doctors make me nervous

If you all could pray for my mama that would be great. She tore her tendon in her ankle, plus she has some ligament and inflammation issues which has caused her ankle to shift back and today’s the day she is getting surgery for it. I know it’s just an ankle surgery, and she has one of the best doctors in the area doing it, but surgery still makes me nervous, especially since she has other health problems. If you could lift up a prayer for her that would be great! She should be close to getting the surgery started right now. 


Barca Love pt.1 

*Neymar X Messi imagine*


“Lionel it’s 5 in the morning” I said rubbing my eyes

He chuckled turning my lights brighter practically blinding me, I stared at him through the blur and saw he was accompanied by Antonella, Thiago and Mateo. Rubbing my eyes once more everything got slightly clearer and in front of me was I cute little cake along with signs of congratulations. 

“What’s this for?” I asked

They smiled, “Congratulations on getting into FC Barcelona’s medical staff!” They shouted

I chuckled and smiled getting out of bed and hugging each of them. “Thank you guys really” I said 

They smiled, “Anytime, little sister and don’t forget we have to get up earlier so I could show you around” He said placing a kiss on my forehead. 

I smiled, and nodded. As each of them filed out of my room I chuckled, and got back into bed with a smile on my face. 

~Later On

When I woke up, I was feeling a little bit nervous as we’d gotten in the car. Not because I was going to the Camp Nou but mainly because I was now an FC Barcelona doctor, just even saying it makes me more nervous and anxious. 

Messi chuckled looking over to me, “Don’t worry Y/N you’re going to be fine” he said

I groaned, “That’s easy for you to say, people love you” I said

He shook his head, “You’re just as loveable as I am, plus you’re my little sister"

I smiled over to him, “Thanks Leo” I said

Before I knew it we were in front of Camp Nou’s training facility and I stared at the stadium. “This is it ” I said

Leo chuckled, opening my door. “Cmon nobody’s going to bite you” He said

I sighed getting out, as we walked through the entrance I was able to get everything I needed like my ID, and some FC Barcelona medical things before Leo took me and showed me around a little bit more.

When we finished up Leo went to practice while I went to the office to get everything set up. As I was walking with a box in my hands it was suddenly taken out of my hands, I looked at the person who’d taken the box to see one of the players.

He smiled, “You’re the new Medic right?” He asked setting the box on the table

I nodded, “Yeah and you are?” I asked

He chuckled and motioned towards himself, “You don’t know who I am?” He asked

I shook my head, “I mean besides you being a player for the team that’s it” i said

He nodded and chuckled, “Neymar” he said

I smiled shaking his hand, “Y/N”

Neymar and I didn’t say anything else to each other and kind of just stood there still holding onto each other’s hand. We were interrupted by Messi knocking on the door, I turned and smiled. “Mess” I said

He smiled looking over to Neymar, “You’re injured again?” He asked chuckling

Neymar chuckled, “No actually I heard there was new staff and decided to say hello” Neymar answered

Leo nodded his head, and looked over to me, “Well Y/N, I’m going to get back to practice I’ll be back when it’s time to go” He said

I nodded, “Have fun” I said as he walked out

When I looked over to Neymar he had his eyebrow raised, “Are you and Leo close?” He asked

I chuckled, “Leo’s my older brother” I said

Neymar looked at me for a moment and then at where Leo had been standing and shook his head, “You’re kidding?” 

I shook my head, “I’m serious” I said chuckling

Neymar leaned back on the desk and stared at me, after a little while he shrugged. “I guess having Leo as a brother in law won’t be that bad”
From Ruins - Chapter 2 - riversdamsel - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter:  2/11

Pairing:  The Doctor/ River Song,  Eleventh Doctor/River Song  

Rating: T+

Chapter Summary:  River attempts to keep the bite from her voice, but John is bent on trying her patience. When it comes time to do away with him, she thinks she will have no problem.

I'm Nervous About Thirteen

I’ve heard rumors about the new doctor. It is, as of yet, undecided, but the rumors are making me nervous.

Rumor Number One: Doctor Who is going to go off air for a few years once Capaldi leaves.

Sad? Yes. But this isn’t SO bad. Better to give the show a extended break than to run it ragged, right? I wouldn’t mind. Capaldi and Moffat are leaving at the same time, so the show probably ought to take a hiatus anyway, no matter how long it is. New Who has been on since 2005, after all. It’s 2017! We’ve had four Doctors over twelve years. That’s a big deal.

Rumor Number Two: The Thirteenth Doctor will be a woman.

NO. NO NO NO. Good word, people got nervous because David Tennant was the first actor with brown eyes to play the Doctor! Brown eyes! That was the big scare back then! And now they want a woman? I know some people don’t care. Some people will think it’s cool, or that it makes no difference. But it’s a gimmick. A cheap one, too, even if it is Tilda Swinton or whoever. If they do this, it’s because they’ve run out of ideas for the character, which is ridiculous. There’s so much we don’t know about the Doctor and so much more that can be done with him, especially now that the show will have a new head writer (buh-bye, Moffat, don’t let the door hit you on your way out). But making him a her? That’s not going to expand the character, it’ll just be weird for a few episodes and then be dull again. Been there, done that, have a funny but slightly awkward scene where the Doctor checks out her own boobs, now what? They’re gonna break 54 years of tradition for a gimmick that will make them lose a massive chunk of their fanbase? It’s your funeral, BBC. Your funeral.


Doctor Choi

Summary: You visit Doctor Choi at the hospital to surprise him, and things turn out better than you hoped.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1990

Requested Here

You walked into the hospital, feeling a little nervous, especially in your attire. Everything just looked so clean and sanitized, just like a hospital should. There seemed to be a lull in the amount of patients in the waiting room, which eased your nerves a little. This was the first time you had visited your boyfriend, Youngjae, in the hospital, and you had been worried that you would end up being a bother to him.

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Prompt: “I’d love a story where the reader is terrified of doctors and Bones does his best to get them through some sort of encounter.” - @outside-the-government

Word Count: 1,913

Author’s Note: This one is admittedly similar to this story that I wrote a little while ago, but I hope that you enjoy it nonetheless! Congrats once again to @outside-the-government for winning the Skip the Line event; I really hope you like your piece darling! I want to take this opportunity to send everyone over to check out @outside-the-government‘s blog; she’s writing some absolutely amazing stories and she deserves a lot of love for what she’s doing over there. She’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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[Stitchers 1x06 Sneak Peek]





Intoxicated-A Matt Espinosa Imagine-Part 12

I’m so sorry for posting a little later than usual.. But, i hope you guys can understand. Things haven’t been so great.. so. But, I hope you enjoy! Love you guys tons. Previous parts are below(:


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Part 11-

I step back, rubbing my eyes. Clearly this was a dream, I mean it couldn’t be happening. Right before my eyes, Matthew Espinosa was lying on the floor, covered in blood and bruises. “Matt…” My voice croaked, my eyes already filling with tears. “Are… are you alright?” I walk over to his still body, his eyes open. I look at his body, mine still shaking uncontrollably.

“I’m… okay.” He sputters, making my heart break. “Matt, I-I need to take you to a hospital. Please.” “No, I can’t. I really can’t. My parents would kill me.” “Please, babe.” I run my fingers through his hair, the tears coming faster now. “I can’t- I can’t lose you, Matt.” He looks up at me, pain racking his whole body. I look at him, and in an instant grabbed him and brought him up to my chest. We walk to my car slowly, most of his body weight leaning on my shoulder. I quickly place him in the back seat, then go to the driver’s seat and start the car, driving quickly to the hospital.

“Matt, it’s gonna be okay, I promise. Please, stay with me.” He was slowly nodding off, his face full of pain. Every now and then, I would look back and say something a bit loudly to keep his attention. We reached the emergency room quickly, and a couple nurses helped him into a wheelchair. They brought him inside while I went and parked my car quickly. “Matt…” I say, looking at him. He tries to smile, but the pain was too much. 

I give him a once over, seeing the bruises and blood placed everywhere. His arm was clutching his stomach, obviously in excruciating pain. The nurses took him to a room quickly, checking him out. I walked behind them, following the nurses to the door when one stopped me. “You’re not allowed back here. Family only.” I look around, trying to come up with something. “Uh, I’m his sister.” I look at her and smile. The nurse looks at me, shocked for a second. She shakes her head, then nods.

“Alright then, come on back.” “Hey bro, how you doing?” I say, coming into Matt’s room as the doctor checks him out. I look at him and wink, trying to let him know what I was doing. “Oh, hey sis, I’m- I’m okay.” The doctor keeps on examining him. He winces in pain when the doctor presses his stomach gently. “Please be gentle.” I say, my tone almost pleading. “I will try to be as gentle as I can.” The doctor looks up and smiles at me. 

I sit back in my chair, trying to relax a little while watching the doctor finishes up. When he does, he nods for me to go with him outside. “I am assuming that you’re his girlfriend. I can see it in your eyes, the way you care for him…” I look into the room, tears springing to my eyes at the sight of Matthew broken. “Yeah…” I nod, looking up at the doctor. “It’s okay, you don’t have to worry. I mean, you’re his sister, right?” He winks at me, patting my shoulder gently. “Yeah, I guess.” I smile at him, thankful that he wasn’t going to take me out of the emergency room to wait. 

“Well…” The doctor shifts in his stance, making me nervous. “He clearly has a broken rib, and badly bruised arms and legs. We do need to take an x-ray to see if any damage is done to his organs.” I wipe away my old tears, fresh ones springing to my eyes. “He will be okay, though. But this, this was bad. Do you mind if I ask what happened to him?” I shake my head, “I don’t know. I didn’t ask him yet.” “Oh, alright then. Call his parents and let him know for me?” “I will, thank you Dr..?” “Dr. Jackson.” “Thank you.” I nod, then walk back into Matt’s room where is laying down clutching his stomach. 

“Matt, baby…” I look at him, tears in his eyes from the pain. “What happened?” He takes a deep breath, then starts, “I uh… I was in a fight..” “You- you what?” I say, shocked. I knew that Matt could fight, but he himself would never be in one. “Jacob… he, he came back with a couple of guys.. They beat me up badly. I tried to fight back, but they had more guys, Sarah.” I look at him, anger rising for Jacob. He was the one who left that note on my locker, and he was the one that beat up the one person who I could even possibly love. 

“That asshole…” I trail off, seeing Matt look at me apologetically. “He- He said that I wasn’t to mess with his girl, and that this was the effect of it.” He catches his breath, then continues, “And if I was to still date you, that he would do much worse to me, and to you, too.” I look at him, thoughts of Jacob kicking the hell out of him. But as I did, I realized that Jacob wouldn’t do that, he was too much of a coward. I bet that he watched as the others beat the shit out of him. “I’m going to kill that boy, I swear. That little shit is going down.” My hands clench into fists, my jaw tense. “No, Sarah.. please, don’t do anything. It’s my fault.” “How?” I say, confused. “I was the one who put all of this on you…it’s my fault.” I look at him, watching as he says over and over again how it was his fault, when in fact, it wasn’t.

It was mine.

"The Anderson Rose" - Kurt/Blaine (10/24)

(See the masterpost for the full summary/notes/overall warnings.)

Blaine Anderson is heir to the ruling seat of Westerville and, from birth, has been destined for an arranged marriage—he must father an heir in order to ensure the line of succession. When it becomes clear to his parents that his affections lie with his own sex, they make it their mission to find him a suitable—and potentially happy—match with a carrier who can return his interest.

Kurt Hummel is the son of Burt Hummel, Westerville’s most well-known engineer. Though he has grown up far from the Andersons’ manor in a small village to the north, his family has worked with the Andersons for generations, providing them with transportation vehicles, engines, machines, research, and repair work of all kinds. After the tragedy of losing his wife, Burt takes it upon himself to explain to Kurt that, since his birth, he has been sought after by the Andersons as a potential future husband for their son, because he is a carrier.

The hospital is the one building on the compound that Kurt has never been inside of.

He has to admit that part of him has been intentionally avoiding the place. The aura of sanitized depression that surrounds the hospital reminds him too much of kind but resigned faces bearing bad news, of the sharp smell of antiseptics, and of his mother’s gray mouth, so different from the laughing pink curve that it had always been before childbirth had torn her apart.

He has nothing but respect for those who choose medicine as a profession, but he hates the way that the place makes him feel, and the fact that Blaine handles this industry has always given him a perfect excuse to not go near it.

Now, he finally has a reason. This morning he had received a note from Arthur, the carrier who he had met in the music shop, informing him of the birth of a baby girl to him and his wife.

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