doctors freak me out

random aus i havent seen
  • ‘you are sitting next to me at the doctors watching me freak out. oh, i just am deathly afraid of needles and need to get a shot’ AU

  • ‘i’m a librarian and i see you have a bunch of books about depression and suicide in your hand, hey buddy, want to talk to someone? i’m here if you need me’ AU

  • ‘you are talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you are going to fail. need help there? i just so happen to major in that subject. oh shit, you’re really cute’ AU

  • ‘you play guitar every day during our lunch hour and no one knows what song it is but I do and i love that band, lets talk about how amazing they are.’ AU

  • ‘i have a garage sale every year at the same time and you always show up but never buy anything and just flirt with me but i have never seen you any other place’ AU

  • ‘i’m in a band and i jumped into the crowd but no one caught me and i accidentally crushed you oh my god im so sorry here come backstage to rest. wow, you’re actually really cute’ AU

  • ‘you’ve been in Bed, Bath and Body Works for hours everyday and all you do is smell everything’ AU

  • ‘i met you on social media but we both don’t speak well in each others languages, wow i really like you and need to figure this out’ AU

  • ‘i’m a guest on your talk show and you’re flirting with me, do you do this with everyone? oh your audience is swooning over us, sure, i’ll come back on your show soon’ AU

  • ‘i collect snowglobes and i just need one more from your country, you own an antique store, wanna help me find it? oh shit i forgot you don’t really speak my language’ AU

  • ‘i’m the principal of this school and you’re an administrator and you catch all the kids trying to sneak off and send them to me. i’m impressed and you’re also really hot in that vest.’ AU

  • ‘you write amazing fanfiction on tumblr and i send you anon messages everyday. oh shit, that wasn’t on anon, my cover’s blown. well, may as well message you and talk about how much i love [insert ship here]’ AU
Hallucination Starters!

“Hey, snap out of it! There’s nobody here!”
“Don’t be ridiculous, that kind of stuff only exists in bad horror movies.”
”Help me! Someone’s been following me for over twenty minutes now, I can’t shake him/her!”
“You must’ve heard that… It was loud a-and it seems to be coming our way!”
“I didn’t just imagine it! It was there, I swear!”
“No, no, no, you can’t be real! You died!”
“You’re seeing things again…”
“I’m not making it up this time! There was someone there, I’m sure of it!”
“Are you high? What the hell are you on about?”
“You’re hallucinating! You need to try to calm down!”
“I think you’re seeing things that aren’t there.”
“How can I be sure that you’re real?”
“That’s it, I’m calling a doctor, you’re freaking me out.”
“You’ve got a high fever… You’re going delirious. Let me help you, please!”
“So, what you’re telling me is that there’s some kind of ghost murderer following us that I can’t see?”
“There’s medication for this sort of stuff, you know? Maybe you should take it.”
“I think you might be having a flash back, you’re screaming at a door. Look at me! Ssh, calm down.”
“There’s nothing there.”
“There’s something there, I swear! You need to believe me or we’re both going to get hurt!”
“He’s there… he’s there… I saw him, oh god, oh my god!”
“It’s not invisible, it doesn’t exist. That’s a different thing.”
“What are you seeing?”
“Close your eyes, what you’re seeing is not real, you have to listen to my voice, alright?”
“Did you take something? You’re not making sense!”
“You have to focus on me, there’s no one else here.”
“Who are you talking to?”

My Doctor

My doctor freaks out every time she sees me, in her living room, at 2am, eating junk food, being lazy and smoking. And it’s so cute, she’ll always scream
“you have to make an appointment”
To which I scream back
“I spilled a bunch of raspberries onto my very dirty floor, but I still ate them because they’re raspberries and they cost a fortune and now I’m seeing things”
Then she goes into her doctor spiel

Doctor: what kind of things are you seeing?
Me: uh you, the floor and walls, your stupid art
Doctor: so you’re seeing
Me: yes, that’s what I said
Doctor: why are you here?!
Me: are you asking philosophically?!

Eventually she threatens to call the cops to which I reply ‘I already did, they told me that you were home and made me promise not to bother you or do anything illegal.’
Then she and I make passionate love, after which she tells me she just wants to be friends, so I wake her husband up and ask if that’s okay because I don’t want it to be weird that his wife has a guy for a best friend. He replies something in Spanish, or Chinese, I can never tell as the only language I speak is Finnish. I speak strong Finnish, or Finnish strong as we say back in Copenhagen. Eventually he makes French toast to honor my homeland, and I ask ‘who wants raspberries,’ at which point I vomit the filthy raspberries all over the table.

And that’s why I don’t eat raspberries anymore. Well, that’s not why, it’s more of a religious belief, but I won’t bore you with religion.

i think the #1 thing that freaks me out is hospital/doctor related horror like i cannot cope with hearing about that or seeing that one time when i was trick or treating i saw a guy dressed as a bloody doctor and i almost started crying right there today my sister told me about a doctor who murdered people ents in their house and i cant stop thinking about it hell a fucking animal crossing town w a hospital horror theme left me terrified for weeks i cannot handle hospital horror at all get it tf away from me

anonymous asked:

Okay here comes a confession, I always hate when my parents normalize everything bad I feel saying it's normal at my age but today when my mom actually seemed worried and she said that maybe I have depression and we can go see a psychologist I was so AGAINST it. And i just don't know anymore, like I don't want to have depression but I also don't want it to be "a phase"? Like there is no medication for a phase but for illness is. And i want it to stop but I don't want to do anything about it.

i totally get what you’re saying. my parents downplay what i’m dealing with, but when they threatened to hospitalize me or take me to a doctor i freaked out. it’s hard knowing what you want, when you don’t even know what’s happening. i think it’s best to just talk to a doctor, they will know if it is a phase, and if it is or isn’t you won’t have to go to therapy or take medication forever. if it is depression, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and can be managed. everyone i’ve talked to tells me it seems scary, but is never as scary as you think. you know your body, so if you feel something is wrong, you are most likely right. stay safe, love

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how to tell ur mom “i am starting to feel like things are going to be bad again” but not like… .have her freak out or take me to the doctor and instead she just lets me chill sometimes