doctors advise

The Portuguese played a role, that’s what I felt. I saw him on many occasions and I didn’t believe he had [health] problems.They used marketing to win, as happens in our talent shows as well. His backstory worked and the public ate it up. But from my point of view, Salvador doesn’t have heart problems, but head issues. Everybody thought that Italy would win, but there was a big fuss in Kyiv about [Salvador Sobral] because he was mysterious, he didn’t give interviews, he didn’t take photos and he wouldn’t show up for rehearsals.

Alex Florea, rap artist that represented Romania in Eurovision (Yodel it), talking about Salvador Sobral, who tried his best to hide his heart problems after they were leaked by the press and only admitted to them in an interview aired AFTER he won Eurovision. 

Salvador has been on portuguese TV since he was ten and participated in several talent competitions and NO ONE had any idea he was sick.

Just to clear things up, Salvador did give interviews when he was in Kiev and the only reason he didn’t show up to rehearsals was because his team of doctors advised him not to. No talent competition is worth your life.

So yeah, I will block anyone that defends this horrible statement or person. He is a disgusting human being.


Summary [REQUEST]: Great! I wanted to request an AU where the reader has a family member in the hospital, and Bucky is a doctor there. And the reader is really depressed and scared (she also hates hospitals). She is at the hospital basically every day, and Bucky and her get close and then maybe some fluffy romance ignites? Thank you! And if you don’t like his AU then that’s okay. :)

Warnings: some angst, talk of suicide, extreme amounts of fluff

Word count: 4,7k - relax, get settled, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine. this is gonna be a fluff fest.

IT’S MY BIRTHDAYY!!! YAY! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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The cold, pale walls of the hospital room where your sister laid disgusted you. You hated hospitals. They reminded you of death; the sanitized smell like someone just spent hours cleaning up a huge mess and the staff in their boring blue scrubs, you hated it all. You were soaking in a hot bath when your mother called you and told you to rush to the hospital – your sister had been in an accident. You live outside the city so it took you 45 agonizing minutes to enter the city and get to the hospital where you found your mother shaking, tears streaming down her face. A car accident, nobody’s fault, just terrible weather and driving over the speed limit, until she crashed. You didn’t want to be here but you definitely weren’t leaving your precious sister’s side. You didn’t know who needed you the most – her or your mother, who was a complete wreck.

You sat next to her bed, your head resting on your perched up knees, arms wrapped around them. Your mother had finally fallen asleep as she was now resting on the couch across the bed. You were fatigued yourself, your eyes constantly falling shut as you fought a tiresome battle. You were about to give in and rest for a bit when the door suddenly opened and in walked a man wearing a white lab coat. You shot up from your chair, taking a step towards the man to assess him. He had a kind face with an uncomfortable look on it. He was tall, almost towering over you. Chocolate colored hair, longer, tied in a neat bun and a few days worth of stubble. Your mother was woken by the commotion as she stood up as well and stood next to you.

’’Are you the doctor?’’ she asked. 

The man nodded and offered his hand. ’’I’m Doctor Barnes. How are you both feeling? Can I get you anything?’’ 

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Pairing: Jasper Cullen x Reader

Characters: Jasper, the Cullens

Warnings: Angst, May Trigger Unwanted Depressed Thoughts!

Word Count: 690

Note: I hope this requested one-shot/imagine is as lovely and beautiful as the person who asked for it. And let’s be honest everyone, Jasper would have been the ideal boyfriend/mate had he been real.

The very moment I had collapsed upon Alice’s Chesterfield sofa, all I had done  was stare out at the autumn sky as it seemed quite dark and vengeful while angry clouds coiled within as they race across the grey heavens. The winds picked up in a frenzy and the thunder echoed while clouds began to collide with one another. And not too soon, the harmonic thrumming of the sudden raindrops fill my ears.

The sky seemed as depressed as I had been today, it seemed to be my only companion, who weeped as I began to do so. It was difficult to specifically pinpoint as to what had caused me to feel this way. Continuously, I had searched my heart and asked myself what or how I had began to feel this way. Frantically, after thinking about the numerous, unsatisfying possibilities, I grew irritated with myself as I run my fingers through my hair. 

My body betrayed me as my palms began to get clammy yet I felt as if I was bathing in ice cold water. Every cell in my body was tingling in pain while my heart beat so hard within my chest, it almost felt like painful waves thrashing up against the walls of my ribcage. 

These dreaded feelings I had never wished for were like a vicious, exhausting cycle of burning hell, especially when I couldn’t control the overwhelming, sickening anxieties. All this crying, overthinking, the constant feeling of being pulled into a dark abyss, the suicidal thoughts - it was a draining feeling that makes me wonder if this life I was living is worth living at all.

All the sudden, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket as it startles me. I wipe the fresh tears away with the back of my hand and reach for my phone. Instantly, I roll my eyes as I see that the new text message had been sent from my mom asking me where I was…

I didn’t bother replying, in fact I hadn’t even returned home from school today and now, it had been late in the afternoon. The reason for that was not because I didn’t want to be with my family but because I needed to be alone, at peace, where there wouldn’t be vexing comments about my facial appearance, like, ‘Turn that frown upside down, (Y/N), even Mona Lisa looks happier than you do.’

In all sincerity, by now, this monstrous episode of depression would have since faded. But I felt as if my torn soul echoed with powerful melancholies. And so, everything around me only continued to become blurry as an annoying, low buzzing rang in my ears. 

The uncontrollable noise only made me want to yell in frustration as I sink into my feet and slowly crawl over to my school bag. With trembling hands and tearful eyes, I reach for the inner pocket to pull out the pills that had been prescribed for my anxiety. 

The doctor had advised that I not take anymore than one pill as the drug was quite strong and overdosing would pronounce serious, long-term issues. As of this moment, it seemed to be the only way for me as I forced the cap to open and poured the pills on my palm, ready to swallow them.

Suddenly, the pills were knocked out of my hands as they scattered across the floor of the bedroom. And before I could reach for them and yell at the person, two cool yet soothing hands rest upon my cheeks. “(Y/N),” Jasper’s velvety voice whispered as I gasp when I look to him. 

A sudden wave of calm slowly washes over me and my heartbeat gradually returns to normal as I stare at Jasper’s serene, golden eyes. As he pulls me to his chest, instinctively, I wrap my arms around him, breathing in his hypnotizing scent.

As we remain in this comfortable position, Jasper lulls me with his sweet words, “Listen to me, doll. None of this is your fault and no matter what happens, I will keep you safe. I will always make sure of it, sugar.”

The Least I Can Do

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Request: Hi!! Love your writing. Can I request a fic where Jensen goes to the big Victoria Secret Fashion Show that happens every year. And the reader is a model who’s in the show. He falls for her right away and then when they meet, he gets all nervous and cute?

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: none

A/N: First actor x reader piece. Be gentle with it. Also didn’t tag anyone since I wasn’t sure if you guys are into actor fics…

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RFA + Saeran Get Sick

We were feeling inspired by this post, so we decided to do a follow up and have some scenarios where the RFA+Saeran is sick and MC takes care of them. Enjoy~


  • He doesn’t get sick often, but recently he got caught in the rain
  • He came down with a cold the next day
  • When you touch his cheek to give him a kiss, you realize how hot his skin is
  • You make him rest right away
  • While he protested at first, he kind of liked the idea of you taking care of him
  • Finally he agreed and went to lay down
  • You make him homemade soup and makes sure he has it in bed
  • You take care of all his phone calls and explain to his director
  • He thinks he still looks really good even when he’s sick
  • He sends a selfie in the chatroom to brag a little
  • You wipe some snot from his nose
  • “Yeah….you look great….”
  • The next day, he’s fine but he really enjoys being taken care of by you
  • You let is slide one day more, but as day three approaches…
  • “Zen, didn’t your bones mend in like a day?”
  • “Yeah? What’s your point…?”


  • It was after finals and his body completely crashed
  • He gets super sick
  • This boy is really affectionate normally…
  • But he gets 10x more clingy when he’s sick
  • At night, he’s trying to cuddle with you
  • “Yoosung! I can’t get sick.” 
  • “But I wanna feel better…and you make me feel better.”
  • You let him hug you, but you put your foot down when he tries to kiss you
  • “I’m feeling better! Really!” he says with puffy eyes and a runny nose
  • You can’t lay in bed all day, so you pile up pillows so he has something to cuddle while watching some movies
  • He’s horrible when it comes to taking medicine
  • You have to make sure most of them are fruit flavored or else you have to sneak it in his food
  • When you have to force him to take some nasty liquid antibiotics, you promise you’ll make it up to him when he’s better and make him cookies


  • She can’t afford to take days off from the office
  • But you can tell she’s feeling pretty sick
  • So, you stop by her job during lunch and bring her a small care package with tissues and cough drops and OTC meds
  • You may have also left an onion at her desk because you heard somewhere it helped inflammation
  • Unfortunately, it was more of a smell than a remedy and it caught the attention of Jumin
  • He didn’t realize she was ill, but seeing the care package and smelling the onion, he sent her home
  • Once she gets home, you force her to go to bed while you make food
  • While she’s sleeping, you make a list of musical/movie recommendations and leave it on a note ontop of her laptop for when she’s ready for binging
  • She’s really hard to take care of since she’s always refusing help
  • But after a few glares from you, she softens up
  • “Let me know if you need anything, Jaehee!”
  • “No need….actually, since you’re up, could you get some tea for me, please?” 


  • He has a good diet, makes sure he takes vitamins daily, and gets enough sleep
  • But lately, he’s had so many business trips and had been traveling a lot
  • His body just crashed 
  • He calls a doctor right away, but there’s not much he can do but give some meds  
  • The doctor also advises he gets lots of rest, so you have to take good care of him
  • Jumin gets really pouty when he’s sick
  • He looks like his life his over, but he’s just not feeling well…you find it so cute
  • You get those lollipops that soothe the throat
  • It was meant to tease him a little, but he really likes it and always has one in his mouth
  • You also get him a stuffed cat that looks like Elizabeth the 3rd, since he doesn’t want her around him while he’s sick
  • Again…it was more as a joke, but he treasured it since it came from you and it was always by his side
  • He doesn’t like you in the same room as him, so he makes sure you sleep in the guest room for a few nights
  • He. Hates. Vicks.
  • “Oh, my head is so clogged.”
  • “I know what you need…” you say pulling out the small container
  • “No need…it’s a miracle. I’m healed.”
  • It got so bad, you had to call Mr. Han to hold his son down while you forced it onto his head and nose


  • He doesn’t even realize he’s sick
  • He thinks it’s just a headache, and he keeps taking Tiaranol
  • You notice he’s sniffling and touch his forehead, which was burning
  • He swears it’s just his computer heating up
  • You know it’s a hopeless cause to try to fight him
  • So you just place a blanket over him while he’s typing and keep a pillow beside him
  • He admits he’s a little cold, but that’s all
  • Still, you keep hearing him sniffling, so you get some Vicks and rub some on his nose while he’s distracted
  • Like Jumin….he despises it
  • “Ahhh! It burns!”
  • He gets really dramatic every time you bring out the Vicks
  • He gives this big pout and gets teary eyed (probably from his fever)
  • “I thought you loved me…why would you torture me?”
  • You start using it as a threat every time he tries to sneak over to his computer
  • You’ll walk next to him with the bottle and suddenly he drops his laptop and jumps back into bed


  • He gets sick pretty often, but usually it’s nothing serious
  • But the weather had been pretty bad and it caught up to him
  • You know it’s bad when he’s still in bed mid-morning and is shivering despite the two blankets
  • You try not to wake him and put the hot packs underneath the covers to warm him
  • The first few days are really rough because his fever is making him delirious
  • To top it off, it makes his nightmares worse and sometimes he hallucinates
  • It hurts to see him like that but all you can do is hold his hand and talk to him softly
  • It’s a relief when his fever finally breaks and he’s more lucid
  • He doesn’t really like being taken care of because it reminds him a lot of his childhood
  • You oblige and back off a little…but make sure everything is reachable for him
  • So, instead of meds beside his bed, it’s on the kitchen counter where he can get it himself
  • He has a blanket constantly around him cuz he’s cold
  • So you just tie it as a cape to tease him
  • He doesn’t laugh, but he doesn’t take it off either
  • When he’s feeling a bit better, you take him outside to get some fresh air
  • Besides, you know just being able to look at the sky cheers him up a little

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, January 24, 1910

“I was going to call on a friend who has consumption,” explained the prisoner, “and my doctor advised me to eat some onions first, to avoid contagion. I did so. They went to my head and things began to whirl. I don’t remember what happened after that.”

Prunner left, followed by a crowd anxious to learn where he got the onions.


Was it requested: FOR ONCE, YES!!! :D - find it here

Fandom: Marvel/MCU

Pairing: Unrequited!Tony/reader, Bucky/reader


Warnings: Kidnapping, assault, anxiety, swearing, etc.

Summary: [The actual request itself] “ Hello!I’d like to request an imagine where reader is an avenger(one really close to tony) and she helps bucky a lot,and they spent all the time together. And one day she got kidnaped by hydra,and she’s rescued days later but she’s almost dead,and everybody is at the hospital waiting for news. And Bucky is super miserable and crying and begging her to wake up,and everyone realizes how much she means to him and how much he needs her. It could end in fluff “ - Anonymous 

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You and Tony had been friends since you were in the womb, as he was a few years older, because your parents were close to his, making Howard and Maria your godparents. You were the only one who stuck by Tony, through his parents’ deaths, his alcohol problem, his stupid mistakes like Ultron, the whole she-bang; he was your best friend, and you were his; there was nothing the two of you didn’t know about the other, and when you became an Avenger, Tony grew overprotective - like a whiny brother. 
“Y/n, c’mon, Hydra’s out there! You can’t just go out unarmed” Tony whispered, trying to keep his voice hushed so that none of the others - Cap especially - would hear. It wasn’t uncommon for Tony to beg for you to not go outside or to just stay with him, but since the New York incident involving Loki, it had become a daily occurrence. 
“Tony, I’ll be fine” you patted his cheek and turned your back to him, not noticing the small flush of garnet that dusted across his cheeks; Tony loved you, more than a friend, and he couldn’t force himself to tell you for fear of all the negatives that flooded his mind every time he thought about it for so much as a second. 
“Let me come with” he urged, you shook your head and smiled softly at him before hugging him. 
“I’ll be okay” you reassured, Tony nodded with his forehead against your shoulder and his hands wrapped protectively around your torso - he could have stood there for days. 
“Okay” he mumbled, and you let go of the Stark before making your way out, not forgetting to say goodbye to your good friend Bucky. 

Walking down the New York city streets, you noticed how cold they had become despite the fact that it was Spring, but you kept your earphones in, listening to George Michael’s ‘Faith’ as your feet tapped along the asphalt. 
“Hey, ma’am?” you took your earphones out and turned to a small man, who had black hair that was trimmed neatly into a buzz cut, green eyes that were void of emotion, and crooked, almost black, teeth. 
“Yes?” you raised an eyebrow, your thumb hovering over the panic button on your phone that Tony had installed. 
“Are you y/n y/l/n?” the man asked, his German accent thick and sickly. 
“I’m sorry, you must have the wrong person, I really must be going” you pressed the panic button on your phone when the man grabbed your arm and stuck a needle into your neck. 

You blacked out. 

“Where’s y/n?” Bucky almost screamed, knowing that your walks didn’t last half as long as you had been gone; Tony was panicking too, his hands were shaking like grass blades in a storm, his hickory eyes filling with unshed tears that burned, and he could hardly form a sentence. Both men had heard F.R.I.D.A.Y’s alarm when you had pressed the panic button, and both were blaming themselves over the fact that they didn’t make it in time. 
“We got good news and bad news” Clint said, jumping onto the sofa and looking both Tony and Bucky in the eyes. The whole team had been searching for you. Tony and Bucky shared a look. 
“What’s the bad news?” Tony asked, swallowing the lump in his throat. 
“Hydra got y/n” Clint sighed, his eyes frantically searching Tony and Bucky’s lips with hope that he could read them fast enough. 
“Fuck” Bucky sighed, scratching his chin and slumping his shoulders with guilt. 
“Good news is that we know where” Clint announced, causing Tony and Bucky to look at the archer like puppy-dogs. 

Red. Sore. Broken. Your wrists were red from fighting against the binding that was tied around them. Your body was sore from what seemed like the weeks of torture but in reality wasn’t even a day. Your rib was broken from a steel rod being hit against it with surgical precision. Red. Sore. Broken. Your eyes were red from crying. Your head was sore from hitting it against the concrete wall behind you with frustration. Your spirit was broken from all the pain you had been subjected to. 
“Tony, Buck, if you guys can hear me, please, come get me” you prayed, red rimmed eyes closing, sore mouth whispering, broken spirit trying to fix itself. 

“She’s been missing for two days, Tony!” Bucky roared, taking his frustration out on the lonely Stark. 
“And I’m trying to find a way to get there without-”
“You’ve been at it for two days! Y/n’s probably dead” Bucky hissed, causing Tony to look up at him with pained oak eyes, as if he had just been stabbed in the chest. 
“Forget it. Let’s just go to the damn base and get y/n” Tony grumbled; he had wanted to find a way to get you out without alerting Hydra, but he had been unlucky in finding one. 

Red. Black. Red and black. That was all you saw. One minute, you were getting your stomach slashed open by Hydra. The next, everything was black. You could hear muffled voices, and felt yourself being carried away. You wondered if that was what dying felt like; you had always imagined your death, knowing that it would come eventually, so that you would come to peace with it, but no matter how hard you tried, you wanted to go out fighting - fighting to stay with your best friend to keep him on the ‘good’ path, and fighting to have one more minute with Bucky. 
“It’s ok, y/n, we’re gonna get you patched up” you heard it clear as a bell, Tony’s voice, laced with a sob he was holding back as his shaking hands carried you somewhere; you could hear the soft clang from Bucky’s metal arm as it tapped against Tony’s suit. Everything went quiet then. You couldn’t hear Tony. You couldn’t smell the metallic blood that spattered your abdomen. You couldn’t taste the blood on your lips. You couldn’t feel anything. 

Darkness consumed your senses. 

“She’s gonna be fine” Tony muttered over and over to himself as he rocked back and forth in the waiting room chair at the hospital, his eyes were focused on the pale grey tile floor in front of him and the inside of his lip was bleeding from how much he was biting down and chewing on it. 
“Jeez, Tony’s in a hell of a state” Clint observed, he was sat between Natasha and Steve. Sam, Scott, and the rest of the team had stayed behind at the facility to make sure everything was in place and in check. 
“I know” Natasha said simply, she was nowhere near as distraught as Bucky or Tony, but she was still melancholy. 
“Hey, Buck?” Steve attempted to get Bucky’s attention but failed; since they had rescued you, Bucky was silent, the only noise ever escaping him were sighs of grief and woe, as if he had trapped himself in mind-forged manacles made from a guilty burden he didn’t need to carry. Bucky gave Clint, Tony, Natasha and Steve a woeful, teary look before his chains dragged him back down to looking at the ghostly floor. 
“I take it you’re all here for y/n y/l/n?” the doctor asked, her hands stuffed in her glowing white lab coat, a sympathetic look on her kind features, she held a clipboard under one arm. 
“Is she breathing, is she going to survive this?” Tony shot up straight in his seat and gave the doctor an agonisingly plighting look. 
“Yes, and yes” the doctor smiled kindly, placing a kind hand on Tony’s shoulder. Tony couldn’t help the tear that escaped his hickory eyes. Bucky still had not said a word, or even looked at the doctor. 
“You can all see her in a few minutes, she should be awake by then” the doctor gave everyone a kind smile and left, giving everyone a final empathetic and maternal smile. 
“She was nice. And hey, we get to see y/n in a minute” Clint grinned, trying to lighten the mood, Natasha and Steve gave him gentle smiles before Natasha suggested they go outside for a few minutes. 

Walls of calming white surrounded you, a gentle yellow glow emitted from the L.E.D light on the pastel grey ceiling. You looked down; you were wearing blue hospital robes, were underneath a scratchy white blanket, and your stomach protested when you tried to sit up. 
“You’re awake” Tony sighed breathlessly, the doctor advised that only one person visited you at a time until you had had enough rest - of course Tony was the first to visit, he was sat on the uncomfortable dark navy chair that was slumped next to the hospital bed you were laid in. 
“Y-yeah” you coughed, your mouth wasn’t dry, but your voice was still cracked and unpolished from your injuries. 
“Feeling okay?” Tony asked, reaching out a hand toward you; he wanted to feel the warmth of your skin on his so that he could be sure that you were still there, that you had not left him and gone to a ‘better’ place - whatever that meant. 
“Yeah, I’m okay, bit sore, but okay” you smiled and took his hand in yours, rubbing soft circles across his knuckles to soothe him and attempt to wash away his fears. 
“Y/n, we’ve been friends for a while, right?” Tony swallowed thickly; in that moment, he was so unsure, so vulnerable, unlike the Tony he was in public and around everyone else. 
“Yeah” you nodded, attempting to sit up, but Tony placed a gentle hand on your calf to stop you. 
“Well, what if I say that I want to be… more?” he asked, his eyes like an injured wild animal. 
“Tony, I really don’t know about that. You’re my best friend, and plus, I gotta heal before I even think about anything else” you said, honestly. 
“Take all the time you need” he nodded, standing up and kissing your forehead before giving you an empathetic smile and leaving so that the next member of the team could see you. 

“Hey doll” Bucky smiled sadly, his eyes rimmed with scarlet that distracted from his usually beautiful cerulean irises. 
“Hi Buck” you smiled weakly, feeling tired but not tired enough to miss out on speaking to your friends and team. 
“How ya feeling?” he asked gently, taking careful steps to the chair that Tony had previously sat in before sitting down and taking a melancholy look at the shape you were in. He felt as if he had done it himself. 
“Not bad” you nodded at him and reached a hand out, knowing he blamed himself. 
“Y/n, if I were only a minute earlier, I could’ve-”
“Buck, it’s in the past, okay? I don’t blame you, I blame Hydra” you told him with a fiery honesty, Bucky only nodded and sighed. 
“Y/n, I just really care about you is all, and… I dunno, doll” he shrugged, you placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder and gave him a small smile. 
“Let me guess, Buck, are you gonna ask me out on a date or something?” you asked, a knot forming in your stomach as you didn’t know if you would be able to choose between Bucky or Tony. 
“If you want” he smiled shyly, you bit your lip and told him you would think about it. 

You were crushed by a bear hug from Thor the second you walked in the Avenger’s facility door, then Scott and Sam pretty much tackled you to the floor as they trapped you in a suffocating hug, Wanda gave you a gentle and kind hug, Vision gave you an awkward hug that you couldn’t help but to laugh at, Peter clung onto you like a child who had just been picked up from the first day of school, Bruce shyly hugged you with a soft smile, and soon you were all crowded in the living room with a few pizzas on the table in the middle. Tony and Bucky sat on either side of you on the sofa, Steve sat next to Bucky, and Bruce sat next to Tony; Clint, Natasha, Sam, Peter and Wanda sat on the sofa opposite whilst Thor, Scott, and Vision sat scattered on the floor - Scott sat a little close to Steve. 
“I’m gonna go to bed” Clint smiled lazily as he made his way to bed, and one by one the other Avengers left to retire as it was getting late; only you, Tony and Bucky were left. 
“Y/n, I don’t wanna pressure you into anything, but I just wanna know if you’ve thought about it” Tony said gently, you nodded at him and turned to face him when Bucky spoke up. 
“I wanna know what you think too, y/n” he said, and you turned to face the empty sofa in front of you, wishing that the rest of the team was there so you didn’t have to feel so unsure. 
“Bucky, we’re friends and all, but I don’t think it’d be good for us. I’m sorry. And, Tony? I’ll think a little bit more about it” you told them, and they nodded in unison. 

Badass Black Women History Month:
Celebrating 28 Black Women Who Said,
“Fuck it, I’ll Do It!”

Day 23: Lucy Hicks Anderson
Badass Lady Law Breaker

Lucy Hicks Anderson was born in Waddy, KY, but her year of birth is unknown. What is known, is that from 1920 until 1945 she was constantly harassed and prosecuted for living as a woman. While the term “transgender” did not exist at the time, She insisted publicly that a person could appear to be of one sex, but actually belong to the other. 

According to Lucy’s own testimony, when she started school, she insisted on wearing dresses and started calling herself Lucy at a young age. Her mother took her to a doctor, and, amazingly, the doctor advised her mom to raise her as a girl. Lucy quit school at 15 to start working and eventually moved to Texas when she was in her twenties. In 1920, Lucy married Clarence Hicks and moved to New Mexico and, finally, Oxnard, California.

Lucy would continue to work as a maid, but eventually saved enough money to buy property at the center of town. She operated a brothel, divorced her husband and remarried a soldier in 1944. Around this time, it was discovered that Lucy was born male. The Ventura County district attorney decided to try her for perjury, believing she had lied on her marriage license by saying she was a woman. 

Lucy challenged the authority of doctors who insisted she was male. Reporters state that Lucy said, “I defy any doctor in the world to prove that I am not a woman. I have lived, dressed, acted just what I am, a woman.” 

She was still conviced and sentenced to probation for ten years. The harassment would not end there, however. Because Lucy was married to a soldier, she received allotment checks from the Army. The Federal government then decided to prosecute both Lucy and her husband, Reuben, for fraud. They were found guilty and sentenced to prison. After Lucy’s release, she tried to go back to Oxnard, but was told by the local police chief that she had to leave town or risk further prosecution. Lucy decided to live the remainder of her life in Los Angeles and continued to live her life the way she wanted. 

jumbled concert thoughts:

  • Brendon Urie’s dramatic ass pause ending in a backflip in the middle of Miss Jackson saved my life tbh
  • Dallon was on the other side of the stage from me and the screen was mostly focused on Brendon so I didn’t get to see him much but when I did it was an Experience™
  • Everyone screaming bloody murder whenever Brendon slayed a high note 
  • Brendon seemed the most happy when singing The Death of A Bachelor, even though he was walking through the crowd and being grabbed left and right (which was gross af but unfortunately expected) and I thought that was rly cute
  • Brendon told a rly funny story about how he’s been sick this past week and his doctor advised him to stop drinking and smoking (including vaping and edibles) temporarily and this was the first night he was able to do it again. We all cheered.
  • We did a version of the rainbow hearts thing and Brendon loved it and I was emotional
  • Girls/Girls/Boys in general was just a fucking emotional moment for me and I will hopefully be able to upload a shitty recording of it later
  • I also recorded Bohemian Rhapsody, which came right after with the beautiful segue of “here’s a song by one of my favorite gay people”
  • I tried recording I Write Sins but halfway through I realized my excited dumb ass forgot to press record
  • Which is a fucking shame because the iconic line went a little something like this:
  • “what a shame the poor groom’s bride is a -”
  • “WHORE”
  • “You said it, not me”
  • Overall hearing Sins, Lying/Camisado/Its better if you do, and Mona Lisa was a life changing experience, even from the nosebleed and this was one of the best nights of my life
Always in my head

Word Total: 1280…  

Request: Anonymous asked: Imagine trying to fall asleep next to Poe. I say trying because he would just keep grabbing your ass, pulling you into him, kissing you on your shoulders.(Not leading to sex or anything. He just missed you a lot.)

Pairing:  Poe x Reader

Y/N wandered in circles inside the small room waiting for news on Poe, he had been missing for a few days; she nibble on her nails looking down the floor. She sat down for a few minutes bouncing her leg up and down, but when her leg started cramping she lay down on the bed, but on his side; that side that smelt just like him.

        The three of silence were making her a wreck.

The first one was on her mind, she couldn’t think of anything else. But of Poe… All the worst possibilities were haunting her head, as much as she tried to focus on other tasks her mind refused to cooperate with her… Poe that was the only word that echoed in her mind.

What if Poe was captured by the First Order? Were they torturing him?

The second one was in her room as she paced around it, no BB-8 beeping, no whining Poe, no… nothing it was silent the only thing was her feet scraping the aluminum floor beneath her.

The third one, being any news of him. Nobody knew where he was, the General had tried to calm her down telling her that Poe was alive; that maybe he had been uncommunicated. That he needed to repair the communication device. That bad news travel fast…

But that was two weeks ago…

She finally sat on her black sofa looking at the empty wall in front of her, the food that Jessika had brought her was already cold. But she didn’t care.


Frantic knocking shook her out of her stupor. “Coming” her voice came out of a whisper, she rolled her eyes as the knocking continue followed by angry shouts of a man. “The hell do you─”

“I am home”

“Commander Dameron, I told you to stay at the clinic; the injuries are still fresh and open, you can’t wa─”

“Poe” Y/N said looking at Poe, he barely stood in front of her; visible he wobbled from side to side. He winced and hold his side. There were multiple lacerations on his face, his hair was a mess with some black tartar on it, the color of his skin was dull like a flower that was in the sun and suddenly was hidden in the dark with no water. “You’re here”

“I told you, I always come back for you”

Y/N smiled and stopped herself from throwing herself into his arms. “You should go to the clinic”

“At least someone has some sense, let’s go back to the clinic I need to sterilize the wounds on your body”

“But I just got home, can’t I get a few minutes with my beautiful wife” Poe whined at the doctor, Dr. Leeman rolled his eyes and shook his head and looked at Y/N.

“Come on, we’ll come back once you’re fixed all right?” Y/N alleged looking at Poe. Poe nodded and turn around.

“Where is your jacket?” Y/N asked as Dr. Leeman started to cut Poe’s shirt with a pair of scissors.

“Lost it,seemed” Poe said he grimaced as the doctor removed the pieces of shirt that were adhered to his injuries on his torso. “Took a little tumble down with a Tight-Fighter”


“A Tight-Fighter? Why were you─”

“Long story short, a Stormtrooper help me out of captivity; we borrowed a Tight Fighter and they were─ ouch that hurt be careful” Poe bit his lip as the doctor rolled his eyes.

“I am trying, but there is sand in the injuries. Did you rolled down a mountain of sand?”

“Much like I was being eaten by sand”


“Quicksand, that thing is tricky” Poe smiled as Y/N frowned. “Hey, all that matters is that I am here with you” She only nodded and stood up from the chair. “Where are you going?”

“I am going to help the doctor because someone is being a baby”

“I am not a baby”

Y/N helped Poe sat on their bed careful not the touch the bandages that were on his torso. They were a lot of bruises on it too, but the doctor seems advisable to put anything on them since they need to be exposed to air to be cure more quickly. “Do you want anything to eat?”

Poe shook his head and lay down, Y/N quickly ran to his aid and help him get lay down slowly into his side of the bed. “Something to drink then?”

“All I want is to sleep with my wife,” Poe said putting a hand over his face. “That thing the doctor gave me is making me so sleepy”

“Just let me─”

“You should not be condescending to your dying husband Y/N”

Y/N rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. “Just let me go change”

She came out of the bathroom already change in more comfortable clothes. Y/N smiled seeing Poe passed out on their bed, she leaned down and softly kissed Poe on the forehead.

Y/N couldn’t contain her smile as she lay down the other side of the bed, as far as she could from Poe she didn’t want to move around the bed and hit him. He had already enough injuries on his body to add more.

She was having a pleasant dream when she felt something on her bum. A hand, Y/N reacted without thinking and raised her hand and hit… Poe


Y/N quickly opened her eyes and saw Poe holding his cheek. “I am sorry, I thought it was─”

“It’s alright” Poe removed his hand from his face, his face was red and Y/N grimaced because she was the cause of it. “I just missed you so much”

Y/N smiled and lay down close to him. “I can’t get closer, I might hurt─”

“I don’t care, I missed you so much. Being away from you has been more torture than the one by the First Order” Y/N rolled her eyes and scooped closer to him. She bit her lip as Poe’s hand squeezed her ass.

“Really Poe?”

“I miss your ass too” Poe said cheekily gazing down at Y/N. Y/N shook her head. “You have a nice ass, what can I say?”

“You’re saying that you marry me, because of my ass?”

“You can say that, it was love at first ass”

“Poe, I thought you were being romantic here you’re such a pervert” Poe shook his head and kissed Y/N’s hair. She rolled her eyes as Poe started to kiss her neck down to her shoulders. “You’re still a pervert”

“The first time I saw you, well I saw your ass first” Y/N contained a laugh and let Poe continue, as he passed his hand through the length of her hair. “You were repairing my X-Wing” he said with a smile on his face. “You look so beautiful when you came down the ladder, though your ass looked nicer”

“Stop talking about my ass, it’s embarrassing” Y/N said hiding her red face against Poe’s neck.

“But you know what?”

Y/N raised her face and turn her face to look at Poe. “What?”

“I love you” Y/N smiled and Poe leaned down slowly until their lips touched. Y/N squeaked and broke the kiss, as Poe’s hand slid down her back down to her ass and started to caress it. “I love your ass more”


“What?” Y/N smirked as Poe jumped.

“Y/N, don’t touch my ass!”

“You have a lovely ass too” Y/N laughed as Poe started to murmur under his breath. “I love you, Poe”

“I know” Y/N looked at him, Poe winked at her; she only shook her head and suddenly stood up looking around the room.

“What’s wrong?”

“Where is BB-8?”

Spirit in the House - Chap 1/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1;499

Warnings: Car Accident, Coma, Drinking, Depression, Language (but I swear it’s basically fluff)

A/N: I am SO excited for this new series, you have no idea. This is a big thank you for 1k and Lord knows I’m grateful for all of you. I love you guys, don’t think I’ve taken you for granted. Hope you’ll like this one my lovelies ♥

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Originally posted by avasparks

You were walking fast through the little park in front of your best friend’s house. It was pitch black and you were already an hour late. The park was exceptionally quiet, nobody was out. When your phone chimed, you slowed down a little as you fumbled through your purse to pull it out.

“Where are you?” Your best friend urged.

“Peggy, I’m so sorry. Work was crazy, but I’m in the park.”

You looked up and saw her standing at her kitchen window, her eyes roamed over the dimly lit street to find you. You waved and told her to look straight ahead. She waved back, although her lips turned into an upset pout.

“You could have called.”

“Thought I was going to bail on you, didn’t ya?”

“Well, yeah.” She admitted.

You watched as the corners of her lips curled upward. She kept her eyes on you as you crossed the street to her house.

“Just hurry up, everyone’s starving.”

You snorted, glancing furtively around to make sure there was no car. You opened your mouth to retort when the screech of tyres made your head snap up.

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Shibata Injury Update

This is from this week’s Wrestling Observer:
“In a cruel irony of fate, it now appears likely that the match designed to bring Katsuyori Shibata into a top tier position with New Japan Pro Wrestling may be the last match he’ll ever wrestle.
Shibata, 37, who remains hospitalized after his 4/9 IWGP title match with Kazuchika Okada at Tokyo Sumo Hall, is said by friends of his to be unlikely to ever be cleared to wrestle again after surgery due to a subdural hematoma from a sick skull-on-skull head-butt spot as a counter to being hit with the rainmaker.
The combination of the length of the match, dehydration and the trauma from the head-butt led to doctors advising New Japan that they would likely never be able to clear him to wrestle in good conscience.
New Japan has not announced this publicly, nor has anything been said publicly about Shibata’s situation after some brief statements in the days after the match.
Shibata collapsed backstage and was rushed to the hospital in a situation where nobody knew what was and wasn’t real, because Japan does have a history in keeping the lid on its most protected angles and making them seem legitimate.
But while there was a lot of questions last week, almost everyone at this point is going with the idea the injury and situation is exactly as it was described last week.
Dr. Shunji Asamoto, who performed the surgery, noted that he would need a strict examination before being cleared to wrestle and that he’s not optimistic at all.
The only word we’ve received on Shibata is that he’s awake and alert, can carry on a conversation and has memories of the match with Okada. At first, he had some right side paralysis, but that has gotten better.”

Masakazu Fukuda was cleared to wrestle after having surgery on a hematoma in the brain and after extensive examinations. NJPW is very aware of not letting history repeat itself so it still looks like Shibata will be retiring. But at least he’s still with us!

Foodie Baby | Part One | 6 months old

There’s really no doubt about it - we are a foodie family. Alice and I both love food. I’m not very good at making it, but I can follow a recipe. Alice, though. Alice can cook. Still, we wanted to wait the full six months. The AAP and WHO both recommend waiting until six months for solids, and to completely skip rice cereal. Why? Well, a lot of reasons. Obesity, allergies, and digestion issues are the biggest. Baby’s tiny little gut just isn’t mature enough before then. I hate seeing a mom feed her four-month-old baby food! No! Too soon! Also, why are doctors still advising rice cereal in a bottle?! One, it’s a choking hazard. Two, there is no nutrition in it! You’re filling your baby up with nothing, and robbing them of vital nutrients. Exclusively milk, breast is best, until six months old.

Ahem. Sorry for my sanctimommy rant.

We started Schuyler out with a popular first food - avocado slices. Some suggested leaving the skin on, but that felt redundant so I peeled them off and popped three huge slices onto her high chair tray. At first, she just looked at it, then she smashed it while grabbing for it, and then finally she brought her avocado-mush covered hand to her mouth and tasted it. An instant hit! I assisted her in picking up an intact piece, and she had a ball.

Next, we tried strawberries. We waited the recommended 3 days for allergies, and since I was having strawberries with oatmeal I decided to slice some up for her breakfast. She had a lot of fun mashing those, as you can see, and I think she actually ate some of them too! Side note - it’s kind of alarming to see your baby covered in a bright red mush.

She has also tried bananas and cucumber. The banana wasn’t a huge hit - it upset her stomach on day two, and we decided to cut it in the case of allergies. She really liked cucumber. I think it was nice on her gums. Waiting for those little teeth to pop up!


San Myshuno Central Hospital, December 2016

Allison’s injuries were minor, just a few cuts and scrapes across her face. After Allison lost control of the wheel, the car swerved onto the sidewalk and hit a tree. The impact was mainly on the passenger side, causing Lala to fly out of the car and onto the concrete. The doctors advised Allison that Lala’s immediate condition was serious. She was unconscious and her vital signs were unstable, and she was moved into the ICU for critical care. It had been hours since Allison had been updated and she wasn’t permitted into the ICU to see Lala yet.

Nico and Remy find her crying softly in the ICU waiting area.


A publicist for country music legend Loretta Lynn says she has been hospitalized after having a stroke.

Maria Malta confirmed Friday that the 85-year-old singer and songwriter was admitted into a Nashville hospital on Thursday night after suffering the stroke at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

Lynn’s website says she is responsive and expected to make a full recovery.

It says Lynn has been advised by doctors to stay off the road while she recuperates, and upcoming scheduled shows will be postponed.

To read rest of article:

Picture is from Crystal Gayle’s Twitter account three weeks ago.

anonymous asked:

Why is it that when Hillary said we should bomb Syria y'all applauded her for being "presidential" yet when Trump did it... y'all acted like it was terrible. What the fuck?

Coz it’s a difference between an adult and a toddler making that decision.

Let me put it this in a way you might understand: you are sick, and a properly educated, highly experienced doctor advised that you probably need to undergo surgery and you agree; but a tv doctor with no real medical training and never even tore open a band aid in his life is the one who actually does your surgery, over Skype, while eating chocolate cake.

For the third time that twenty-minute call, Katara promised her father she would be careful. And then again, a fourth time, to her brother, listening in on the other line. They sounded worried, despite their words stating their pride in her and her work, and so she tried to keep her voice even, steady. After the months she had been through, keeping a smooth voice in a high tension environment had become something of a talent of hers and so it was easy.

“I have to go,” she told them after hearing the ding of her alarm. Break over. “I love you guys.”

“We love you, too,” Hakoda told her. “Be careful.”

“I will.”

“Call tonight! I mean it! Don’t fall asleep again!”

“Goodbye, Sokka.”

She hung up. She felt both relieved to be off the phone and strangely scraped with loneliness.  The way she always felt now after calls home. It was getting easier, though, being so far. On the other side of the world. It was hard, lonely, frightening at first. Now, mostly, it was tiring, trying.

And satisfying. Among the stress, and pressure, and sleepless nights, there was satisfaction, when her patients woke up, when she was able to see a patient walk out the clinic, or a mother hold her child for the first time. The satisfaction kept her going. It had to. The pay was bad, and the nights long, and the hours even longer, but the satisfaction worthy.

So, swallowing down her last mouthful of coffee, it was back to work, down the clean, white clinic hallways.

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Shinhwa Company & CI ENT’s Updates: ABOUT DONGWAN’s INJURY

Shinhwa Company:



We are sorry to announce SHINHWA Kim Dongwan’s injury news to all the fans who are giving so much love and support to [2017 SHINHWA LIVE UNCHANGING TOUR].

Few days ago, Kim Dongwan got injured by falling in a wet road. Through examination from hospital, he got a diagnosis of ligament damage and a cast in his knee.

Because of his injury, we will minimize his stage line as possible for his fast recovery in this week’s [2017 SHINHWA LIVE UNCHANGING TOUR IN DAEGU] concert.

However, we promise to make the best stage for the fans who are coming to Daegu concert which will be the stage since 14 years ago. We hope you all understand and keep supporting us.

SHINHWA COMPANY will do our best to help Dongwan for his fast recovery and comeback to the stage and meet the fans in his best condition.

Thank you.


[NOTICE] Hello, this is CI ENT.

Last Sunday, due to a momentary carelessness, Kim Dongwan slipped and fell on a wet road.

After a thorough examination at the hospital, he was diagnosed as having injured his knee ligament, and the doctor advised him to rest and recover, while receiving treatment, and so he currently has a cast on.

Although he will continue to go on stage at the <2017 SHINHWA LIVE « UNCHANGING » in DAEGU>, held this weekend (25), unfortunately, he will not be able to put up a perfect performance.

The Shinhwa members and staff will pay more attention, to fill up Kim Dongwan’s limited movement, and Shinhwa Changjo, who will witness this, we ask for yout understanding with our apologies.

After the end of the Daegu concert, with the health of the artist as the top priority, we will do our best to make a speedy recovery through enough treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, we ask for your continued support for the Daegu concert.

Thank you.

Cr: malpabo(eng-trans)

Shinhwa Company:



Nous sommes désolés d'annoncer des nouvelles de blessures concernant Kim Dongwan de SHINHWA à tous les fans qui donnent tant d'amour et de soutien à [2017 SHINHWA LIVE UNCHANGING TOUR].

Il ya quelques jours, Kim Dongwan s'est blessé en tombant sur une route humide. Grâce à l'examen de l'hôpital, il a reçu un diagnostic de lésions ligamentaires et un plâtre à son genou.

En raison de sa blessure, nous allons minimiser ses lignes sur scènes autant que possible pour sa reprise rapide pour le concert de cette semaine [2017 SHINHWA LIVE UNCHANGING TOUR IN DAEGU].

Cependant, nous promettons de faire le meilleur concert possible pour les fans qui viennent à Daegu, le premier concert de SHINHWA dans cette ville depuis 14 ans. Nous espérons que vous avez tous compris et continuez à nous soutenir.

SHINHWA COMPANY fera de son mieux pour aider Dongwan pour sa récupération rapide et son retour sur scène et rencontrer les fans dans son meilleur état.



[NOTICE] Bonjour, c'est CI ENT.

Dimanche dernier, à cause d'une imprudence momentanée, Kim Dongwan a glissé et est tombé sur une route humide.

Après un examen approfondi à l'hôpital, il a été diagnostiqué comme ayant blessé son ligament du genou, et le médecin lui a conseillé de se reposer et de récupérer, tout en recevant un traitement, et donc il a actuellement un plâtre.

Bien qu'il continuera à monter sur scène au <2017 SHINHWA LIVE «UNCHANGING» à DAEGU>, ce week-end (25), malheureusement, il ne sera pas en mesure de réaliser une performance parfaite.

Les membresde Shinhwa et le personnel accorderont plus d'attention, pour combler le mouvement limité de Kim Dongwan, et pour les Shinhwa Changjo, qui sera témoin de cela, nous demandons votre compréhension avec nos excuses.

Après la fin du concert de Daegu, avec la santé de l'artiste comme la priorité absolue, nous ferons de notre mieux pour faire en sorte que cela soit une récupération rapide grâce à un traitement suffisant et de la réhabilitation. En outre, nous demandons votre soutien continu pour le concert de Daegu.


anonymous asked:

My doctor has advised that I lose some weight. Apparently I'm in the overweight category but I'm super scared of losing weight. I used to suffer with anorexia but I've become overweight from binge eating. Every attempt to lose weight has lead to relapses. I've asked repeatedly for help from medical professionals and have been turned down because I'm not severe enough to warrant help. Is there anything you can suggest? Anything to help me start a journey to a healthy body and mind? - R

Jfc get a new doctor who will give you the referral that you need! If your current doctor hears, “I agree that I need to lose weight, but I’m concerned about losing weight in a healthy, sustainable way because I have a history of disordered behaviors when it comes to food” and just shrugs it off, you need a new doctor. And if you haven’t said it that bluntly, say it. There’s no reason you should be denied professional help with your relationship with food when you are literally asking for it!! You can’t just get rid of those behaviors and tendencies by thinking happy thoughts or something. I’m glad you recognize that you need help - that’s really the place you should start. A healthy body starts with a healthy brain. Don’t stop asking and pushing for it until you get the help that you need.