help fat folks find good doctors!

Hello! This is a brand new blog for a brand new project - welcome. I decided to start this blog after years avoiding seeing doctors out of fear and anxiety - beginning in childhood, doctor’s visits have been shameful and humiliating for me. I’m always told to lose weight - regardless of the reason for the visit, and regardless of my requests to not talk about losing weight - by doctors who don’t know my story.

Fat Safe Medical’s goal is to facilitate fat people helping other fat people find good, fat-friendly medical care. Fat folks are invited to (anonymously or non-anonymously) submit reviews of doctors/medical establishments/therapists/etc; FSM will post the submissions tagged with the city/town of the doctor so that folks looking for doctors in that area can search the relevant tag.

This blog’s usefulness depends on the number of submissions it receives! If you are a fat person who’s been to a doctor, I encourage you to submit. If this gets a lot of attention, it can become a very cool resource. Reblog, circulate widely, send to your fat friends who aren’t on tumblr, send to your favorite fat acceptance blogs, show your cousin, show your date, show your dog. Thank you for your support! 

You may not become the best doctor in the world, or this country, this state or city. Hell, you may not even be the best doctor on your street, at your hospital or clinic, or the best doctor on a hospital floor or in a room at a given time.
But when a patient comes to you, scared the headaches, the chest pains, whatever they’ve been having for months might be something worse, at that moment, YOU are their best chance for survival. You are that patient’s best hope, and proving yourself worthy of that responsibility is the only title you should ever care about winning.
—  A practicing physician for 40 years, and one who still hasn’t lost sight of what truly matters in this profession: the patients.


After having raged for two years, the end of the epidemic in Liberia on January 14, 2016, also meant the official end of the epidemic as a whole. 

BIG THANKS to everyone who tirelessly contributed to ending this devastating and unprecedented epidemic-

It won’t be New York, Tokyo, Australia or Hawaii, but rather South Sudan, Afghanistan, Congo or Syria. It won’t be peak season, beach weather and tourist attractions that are going to determine my destinations, but rather hunger crises, epidemics, war and natural catastrophes.

This month, I have taken up my two-year contract with the MSF Emergency Unit. From now on, I have to be ready to leave for emergency missions within a couple of days. No sooner said than done… while unsuspectingly attending an epidemics training in Paris, my phone rings during the five-minute break and I am told where I will spend the next two to three months: Ethiopia.