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You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like johnlock, and mpreg.

Stranger: John, I’m pregnant. -SH

You: /What/? Sherlock don’t joke around like that. JW

Stranger: I’m not. -SH

You: Really? JW

Stranger: Yes, really. -SH

You: But that’s impossible… Why would you tell me over text?! JW

Stranger: It isn’t impossible. I thought you’d seen my medical records. -SH

Stranger: I had no idea how you’d react. -SH

You: I have, It’s just.. surprising, I didn’t know it’d actually happen. JW

Stranger: Understandable, I’m one of only a few people who have female reproductive organs and are male. It would seem to be impossible, until it actually happens. -SH

You: You got that right. But I hope you realize I’m actually sort of… thrilled. How are you taking this? JW

Stranger: I’m alright with it, but you know that it’s not going to be easy. There is always a high risk with male pregnancy. -SH

You: Yes. I’ve read up on it in Medical school. I’m okay with whatever your choice may be. JW

Stranger: Are you suggesting that I’d want to terminate? Because you’re wrong, if you do. -SH

You: No, I’m just stating, I’ll be okay with whatever you want to do. I want this child as much as you so, Sherlock. Trust me. JW

Stranger: I do. I do trust you. -SH

You: I’m coming home soon, Alright? Try not to get into any trouble, yeah? JW

Stranger: I’ll try. Pick up some peppers and chocolate syrup on your way. -SH

Stranger: \]

Stranger: ’\]

Stranger: (cat walked on keyboard ><)

You: …Okay. JW

You: ((LOL XD))

You: ((oMG it’s ok, my cat does that too xD))

Stranger: Thank you, love. -SH

Stranger: I’ll be waiting. -SH

You: No problem. You’re lucky Tesco’s isn’t very busy. And since when have you called me Love? JW

Stranger: Since today. -SH

You: I like it. Can you do it more often? JW

Stranger: Maybe. -SH

You: Alright, fine have it your way. Ha, I’ll be home in like 5 minutes. Hold tight. JW

Stranger: I’ll manage. -SH

You: You don’t have to if you don’t want to. JW

Stranger: I’m just going to go to sleep. -SH

You: Wait till I get there. On the street now. JW

Stranger: [no reply]

You: Sherlock? JW

You: This isn’t funny. Please? I’m locked out. JW

You: I forgot my key at the clinic, and Mrs.Hudson isn’t home. JW

Stranger: [no reply]

You: John didn’t know any other way to get into the, besides climbing up the back way and in through the window. He considered going back to the Clinic, but then they’d want him to stay. He placed the bags down, and knocked hard on the door. “Sherlock!” He yelled. After no reply, he leaned against the wall, and slide down, sitting on the pavement.

I’m outside still, if you wake up and wonder where I am. JW

Stranger: Sherlock had fallen asleep about three minutes before John arrived, curled up on his bed.

You: About an hour or so later, John had felt his hands go numb. Being it was January and all, it was a bit chilly. 

Please wake up. It’s really cold out here. JW

Stranger: Sherlock woke up to a buzzing by his head, John had texted him.

Why don’t you come in, then? -SH

You: Locked out Sherlock. Didn’t you get the other messages? JW

Stranger: …No. -SH

Stranger: I’ve been asleep. -SH

You: Can you come and unlocked the door? Please?? JW

Stranger: You could’ve used the fire escape. -SH

Stranger: But fine. -SH

You: I have your food. And the rest of the grocerys as well. JW

You: grocery’s*

Stranger: Sherlock stumbled tiredly down the steps and opened the door.

You: "Thanks.“ John bitterly said, trudging past and up the stairs. John began to put the things away, and rubbing his hands tenderly, hoping they’d warm up fast. "You can go back to bed now.” He said to the sleepy detective that was coming up slowly behind him.

Stranger: Sherlock mumbled an incoherent reply, a thanks, and wandered back to bed, passing out on the mattress.

You: John finished with the things, and went to the bathroom, turning on a hot shower. He felt warm and cozy afterward, getting wrapped up in his favorite pair of pajamas.

You: ((do they share a room or no?))

Stranger: (in my headcanon, yes)

You: ((Alright))

You: He snuck in quietly to the bedroom, and laid down on the bed next to Sherlock. “Night. I love you both.” He whispered to the sleeping figure. He brought the blanket up to his face, and slowly fell asleep, remembering everything that had happened earlier in the day.

Stranger: Sherlock instinctively rolled over and latched on to John.

You: John stirred and awoke. He smiled, and latched back, falling back asleep with his face nuzzled in Sherlock’s dark black curls.

Stranger: The next morning, Sherlock woke up holding John close to him. “Morning, John.”

You: John blinked his eyes, and smiled. He stretched a bit. “Morning Sherlock.” He replied.

Stranger: Sherlock kissed John, and buried his face in his lover’s shoulder.

You: "Hmmm" John purred. “How did you sleep last night, Love?”

Stranger: "Don’t remember, I was asleep.“ Sherlock smiled, then yawned.

You: "You’re silly. I’ll make some breakfast, if you’re willing to wat some food for once.” John said, forgetting about the conversation that happened between them.

You: want*

Stranger: Sherlock sat up, the prospect of peppers covered in chocolate making his stomach growl.

You: "Okay come on.“ Joke giggled.

Stranger: Sherlock stood and pulled on his shirt, but he couldn’t quite get his pants buttoned. "John…”

You: "What’s wrong?…Oh.“ John got up, and went over to Sherlock, looking at his little tummy. "You’re…showng…”

Stranger: "It would appear so.“ Sherlock glared at the obstacle keeping him from buttoning his trousers, the bump where their child was growing.

You: "Wow.” John breathed. “It’s fantastic!” He exclaimed. He went down to his knees, and looked up to Sherlock.“ Can I…?” He held out his hands to the small belly in front of him.

Stranger: Sherlock nodded, letting John touch the barely-rounded skin.

You: John sighed, and smiled. “Just wow. I can’t believe this is really happening.” He placed a small kiss to lower left of the navel, and placed his cheek to it. “You have no idea of how in love with you I am right now.” he mumbled softly up to Sherlock

Stranger: "You’re underestimating me.“

You: "Never, Love.”

Stranger: "I know you’re very much in love with me.“

You: "Then how much?” He asked, with a matter-of-factly tone. He stood up and looked into Sherlock’s electric blue eyes.

Stranger: "You’d do anything to make me happy. As I would do for you.“

You: "Good. And don’t you every forget that. Ever.” John said, kissing Sherlock passionately, hugging him strong.

Stranger: Sherlock kissed John back in surprise and closed his eyes.

You: "This is perfect.“ John softly whispered.

You: ((i have to go. tumblr?))

Stranger: (kat1004, yours?)

You: ((doctorkatelyn I’ll follow you <3 goodnight live!))

You: love*

Stranger: (night!)

You have disconnected.

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Rules: In a text post, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard- they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you.
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  1. Between Shades of Grey
  2. Before I Fall
  3. This Lullaby
  4. Brave New World
  5. The Knife of Never Letting Go
  6. Unwind
  7. Lockdown
  8. Harry Potter anything
  9. Finnkin of The Rock
  10. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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katelockholmes  asked:

Can I have a love note from dean, to katelyn, please? 😍


Mrs. Laffleur talks way too much. And after class, you’ll probably yell at me for writing you this note instead of paying attention. Cut me some slack, sweetheart. You’re way more interesting than anything that happened two-hundred years ago.

I’ve got a good view of you from where I sit, two rows back and one across. You’re paying attention, twirling your hair around your pencil, which shouldn’t be sexy, but it is.

I can’t believe you actually said yes last week when I asked you out- I thought for sure you’d laugh in my face. You’re a smart girl, and girls like you don’t look twice at guys like me. I don’t know what you’re doing hanging around with me, but I can’t wait to do it again.

Can’t wait to kiss you again, which will be in approximately thirteen minutes when the bell rings.


I’m literally in tears right now. All because of you writing this stuff down, making me read it over and over and making me have to explain it again! Like ‘OH CRAP, THATS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!’ I need sleep. I need to close my shut ups and PHILL IM NOT TIRED ARE YOU TIRED CUZ IM NOT TIRED oh what why what are you tired CUZ IM NOT TIRED HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. There was a growling from the edge of my bed. There is growling in my bedroom and I do not own a cat. No wait I do. That’s my cat looking at me weird. No wait it’s you looking at me weird. Phill you’re my cat now. I don’t know if I’m turning into Amanda Bynes. Say my name. Ok Phill I got that reference.
—  DoctorKatelyn on Life, the Universe and Everything

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Nicknames: Bri, loser

Gender: Female

Current time and date: May 11, 2:19am

Birthday: September 22nd

Average amount of sleep: 6 or 7 maybe??

Lucky number: 9

Last thing I googled: a manga i wanted to read

First word that comes to mind: didgeridoo???

One place that makes you happy: my bed

Favourite characters: Amethyst, Loki, Emily Prentiss, Zuko

Favourite food: Chicken katsu

Favourite drink: Sprite probably

Favourite book:  Starters

Favourite TV show(s): Criminal Minds

Last movie I saw in the theaters: Into the Woods

Last holiday: ??? Spring Break?? I spent it in my bed.

Dream holiday: Visiting all the countries and cities that I’ve always wanted to see.  

Dream wedding: I don’t really know, but you best believe I’ll be wearing teal heels.

Dream Job(s): Author

Zodiac: Scorpio

Myers-Briggs: INFP

Relationship Status: Single

What are you wearing: Pajama shorts and a mint colored shirt

About Me!

I was tagged by fieryflyingpanda to name five things about myself. Here goes…

1. I’m a dairy farmer and college student by day and a PORNY FANFIC WRITER BY NIGHT

2. I own six crowns and tiaras of various sizes from different titles I’ve held

3. I have a poster that just says ‘nyoom’ tacked on the ceiling above my bed

4. I hollowed out two books to hide my sex toys inside (because the depth of one book wasn’t enough)

5. I keep milk bottles full of dried flowers around my room but one of my milk bottles has a bouquet of four-foot-long peacock feathers instead. It’s beautiful. 

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