HEY Y’ALL!! im moving blogs. 

i have about 2k followers on here but i feel like i need a tidier and neater blog, with less followers, less posts, less likes etc. 

the blog is still under construction, and im trying to follow all the 200 blogs i follow on here. but pls, 

FOLLOW ME @astralcasper!!! 

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tagging my lovely mutuals under the cut:

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I hit 1k last week so I thought I’d use this opportunity to thank everyone in TJLC :)

I started watching Sherlock in 2013 and since then I’ve not only joined a fandom, I’ve also made so many wonderful friends. These past few years have been hard for me and meeting you guys was one of the best things that happened. TJLC helped me discover myself and changed my life significantly.

My Amazing Friends

Hazel @fulltyphoonavenue - I’m so happy that I bugged you into watching Sherlock and shipping johnlock. Thank you for letting me scream to you in rl all the time

Abbie @shitelock - Honestly you are my life goals. You’re so talented and gorgeous and nice!

Sara @thelyingdetective - You are the cutest and your blog is goals. Also I’ll never get over you in that bear costume

Phoenix @thecurtainwillrise - I love seeing you on my dash and I can’t wait to read your book!

Kate @fuckmoftiss - Your posts give me life and honestly I’m so jealous that you live in Florida.

Abi @spacewifespock - You always defend TJLC and I love that so much

Wonderful Chat & Peach Buddies

I love you all so much and chatting with you and seeing you on peach makes me so happy

Susana @gemsherlock   Devan @sherlock   Michael @asexualizing   Cassidy @coffeelesbians   Maz @fuckmarkgatiss   Mich @gayufo   Marden @sherlockwatson   Alyssa @chimpsinsocks   Kira @autisticprotagonist   Lucy @insanewishfulfillment   Gaby @gayicehusbands   Bo @princelock   Emma @doctorjohnwatson   Thais @clueingforlooks   Rachel @pearlock   Kris @femlocktm


@artfulkindoforder  @astudyinqueerbaiting  @astudyinsubtext  @bbcjohnlock  @bbcposhboy  @bbcromance  @bleedingvicar  @boffinholmes  @conductoroflight  @consultingay  @consultingpals @culverton  @femmejohn  @gaysherrlock  @gentlewatson  @honey221bee  @honeylocked  @honeytjlc  @ifyouarelookingforqueerbaiting  @jenna221b  @jennabobenna3  @johnlock-is-for-real  @johnlock-is-religion  @johnlockedness  @johnlockedsoul  @johnlockfulfillment @johnlockishell  @licked-by-johnlock-hellfire  @maislock  @morbidmotive @my-mind-palace-blog  @nerdoodles  @peachywatson  @sherlockmeta  @sherlocksings @sherlwats  @silverybees  @slowly-gently-johnlock  @softholmes  @thelesbianbee  @tjlcisthenewsexy  @vaticanhomos  @webelieveinjohnlock  

Those who made TJLC what it is

TJLC wouldn’t be what it is without you all.  I hope I will someday get to know you better :)





@pearlrebs - A huge shoutout to you Rebekah. TJLCE helped me believe in johnlock with no doubts. You’ve done so much for me and everyone in TJLC. Don’t ever feel that your time was wasted, because johnlock is still canon to all of us because of you.

Much love to all my followers and friends


tagged by @johnwatso !!

six selfies of 2k16!! this just made me realize that i take a lot of weird selfies 

i tag @localgaybeekeeper @lestrads @femmewatson @culverton @doctorjohnwatson @clueingforlooks @sherlocksbelstaff @asterein( i cant remember who all has done it lol) and anyone else who wants to!!

somehow i started out this year with like, i want to say 200 followers and somehow i’m at 1.2k right now?? how did this happen? anyway, i’m not calling this a follow forever since i’ve followed some of you for two weeks and some of you since i started making real posts on this shithole blog a little over a year ago. also because some people i would definitely follow forever will probably get left out. but here goes: 

some cool assholes i met in real life 

@shitpostingperidot my one and only gorlfriend * @surullinensaukko my one and only gorlfriend’s roomie slash cool linguistics nerd * @fempai a very cool bean * @dracobaby another cool bean and like? my legit oldest friend at this point in my life??? wild, i love you jones * @boyjadzia a cool ds9 lovin’ bean * @moonwix naoma, a super cool bean  *  @piecesofbrokenrecollections la plus cool parmi tous les beans * @nyl0cke a cool cs genius bean * @gizarae @lockrum the beans who share my living space * @teajava and @mu5icliz literal wife goals


@propergenius * @ormondsacker * @vivahate1988 * @femlockpng * @discosherlock * @bebybee * @sherrinfordholmes * @johnlck * @gregoryhouse * @peachyimg * @beaniesforspock * @clueingforlooks * @gayufo * @galpalkirk * @sherlocksbelstaff * @bokehjohnlock * @lesbianlupin * @aconissa * @doctorjohnwatson * @softos * @astrologv * @gemsherlock * @grumpybisexualtm * @lesdienne * @queerwatsn * @lestrads * @sherlock * @princelock * @culverton * @girljohn * @bbcjohnlock * @softviolin * @birdfluffs * @sherlockwatson* @shitelock * @sapphicsherlock * @pearlock * @citruspocket * @johnlocklesbians * @thelyingdetective * @femlocktm * @thetwelfthpanda * @tjlciseternal * @sapphicvelma * @butchsherlock * @chimpsinsocks if we’re friends on peach and you’re not in here it means i couldn’t find your url <3 

other cool people

@jimmyjanuary * @spockoandjimjim * @captain-liddy * @futchcassidy * @protodog * @emilociraptor * @bechdels * @sherolck * @loudest-subtext-in-tv * @basinhounds * @marsixm * @gnckirk * @shitlo * @nondeducible * @translock * @ciel-doux * @thejohnlockhell * @jon-lox * @glitterfutch * @softlavenders

my computer is lagging so bad i’m going to publish. if i forgot you it’s super not personal and please let me know so i can add you (basically if we’re mutuals and you’re not here i forgot you) i’m think you are all great! happy new year and happy johnlock! 

This is my second FF. Thanks a lot to all the people who decided to follow my crappy blog, ily ❤️

(non mutuals in italics)

🌟 @acdlock  🌟  @aconissa  🌟 @actingchoices  🌟 @autumnalbee  🌟 @balletlock  🌟 @bbcjohnlock  🌟 @bbcromance  🌟 @beebenedict  🌟 @cakemakethme  🌟 @captainbadasswatson 🌟 @chanolay  🌟 @claireetemple  🌟 @confirmedjohnlock  🌟 @consultingwives  🌟 @culverton  🌟 @daddy-freeman  🌟 @dangbenedict  🌟 @dieinmanhattan  🌟 @doctorjohnwatson  🌟 @dracomaffoy  🌟 @dracomafloy  🌟 @erickslehnsherr  🌟 @erikthatsenough  🌟 @femlockbee  🌟 @femlockpng  🌟 @femlocks  🌟 @femmewatson  🌟 @freemantm  🌟 @gaymotives  🌟 @gayterror  🌟 @gaytheist 🌟 @gaywaterfall  🌟 @gemsherlock  🌟 @girlgays  🌟 @greglextrade  🌟 @grumpybijohn 🌟  @grumpybisexualtm  🌟 @holmescope  🌟 @johloc  🌟 @johnandsherlocks  🌟 @johnlck  🌟 @johnlockisses  🌟 @johnlockville  🌟 @johnnlocked  🌟 @johnsjawline  🌟 @johnwatso  🌟 @kinklock  🌟 @kordineon  🌟 @lesbianlupin  🌟 @lestrede  🌟 @lgbtkirk  🌟 @marcelock  🌟 @martinsbaby 🌟  @merrygalpals  🌟 @mollsstrade  🌟 @moriarty 🌟  @mycroftiest  🌟 @peachysherlock  🌟 @pearlock  🌟 @perlockholmes  🌟 @princelock  🌟 @propergenius  🌟 @quietlyprim  🌟 @sapphicvelma  🌟 @saziikins  🌟 @sherlock  🌟 @sherlocksbelstaff  🌟 @sherlowk  🌟 @shorlock  🌟 @sidryan  🌟 @smittensherlock  🌟 @softejohn  🌟 @spectacularlyignorantdetective  🌟 @studyinpink  🌟 @thecumbercollective  🌟 @thelyingdetective  🌟 @theyre-my-divsion  🌟 @transjim  🌟 @translocked  🌟 @utterlywholocked  🌟 @vanetti  🌟 @violindeductions  🌟 @vivahate1988  🌟 @whatsortofcase  🌟    @williaems  🌟

Hello! So since itʻs my birthday and i recently hit 1.6k followers I thought I would do a follow forever because I love my friends on here and youʻre all very important to me! Thank you everyone that has followed me and stuck around even though I am not very active anymore or as much as I used to be! 💜

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