doctored footage

The six thatchers literally opened with Mycroft saying that they can doctor any footage and present false information.

All the promotional gifs and pictures had either graffiti (miss me?) over them or were made to static/look like they were hacked.

They’ve broken the fourth wall, bringing these characters into the real world multiple times, e.g. the telegraph birth announcement, the blog etc.

And yet people think we’re pulling this information from thin fucking air?!?!

Sherlock S4 fuckiness and the post-its I keep to remind me of it

In no particular order, I present the list of things that are particulary infuriating to me about S4 that I’ve been keeping on post-its by my bedside table the last month in case I lose hope. They are, for me, enough proof for The Lost Special. Today being 8th of March it seems fitting to keep them in mind.

(Disclaimer: this is a compound of theories developed by hundreds of people over a long time and I cannot possibly credit everyone or explain them at this point, so I’ll just list them.)

  • The Importance Of Being Ernest, by Oscar Wilde being quoted in TFP
  • Mycroft-> Lady Bracknell, the baby in the handbag = gun in the handbag (Euros and Vivian Norbury). The baby gets thrown in the Thames?
  • Queen’s I Want To Break Free in TFP stoping at “I’ve fallen in…” (love)
  • Elephant Glass Shock Proof in Euros’s cell
  • The elephant in the Thai menu in Mycroft’s frige
  • Rosie’s elephant toy
  • The elephant in John’s living room
  • The endless horror film references in TFP (many of them being hyper meta, especially Shutter Island)
  • John/Culverton mirror
  • Una Stubbs’ voice in TFP “Softer, Sherlock” instead of Euros’
  • Russian and Turkish leaks with no reaction
  • Over reaction with the promo chess pictures being leaked
  • Promo pictures being very similar to Clue’s movie poster -> Clue’s different endings and the similar final paused shot in TFP
  • The bulding up to Moriarty not making any sense (especially if we take into account M Theory, because he IS alive)
  • TLD having the gun shown multiple times, a smoking gun that is definitely not a tranquiliser gun. The last shot fading with red, like in Bond movies
  • The enormous red carpet under John in the therapist that resembles the blood pool in the market
  • HLV/TLD paralels
  • Martin breaking the 4th wall in T6T noding to the camera while holding the glass of wine
  • SHERLOCK: Romantic entanglement, while fulfilling for other people … JOHN (interrupting): … would complete you as a human being. NO PAY OFF FOR THIS. This mirrors the greenhouse conversation in TAB
  • Why was Molly upset when Euros called in TFP?
  • John/Molly mirror (Molly wearing the same jumper she wore in TEH while taking John’s place, the framing of that hellish shot with John and the coffin cover “I love you”)
  • “John is clearly standing behind him in the trailer, so unless he’s talking to a mirror for some very bizarre reason, I should think not.” -Mark
  • Sumatra/Samarra pointing out to TEH which lead us to The Lost Special and MINDING THE FREAKING GAP->Moriarty
  • “It’s never twins”
  • The camera shown in the hotel in T6T
  • Season 4 DVD not having “complete” like the other DVD’s had
  • Mark’s picture with the 4 fingers raised in Twitter
  • “Has it just occurred to you you’ve been played for an ad campaign” hello Apple Tree Yard  
  • Moriarty at the end of S4 DVD “You didn’t think I would just disappear, did you?”
  • The whole promotion about S4 and the season itself being about hacking
  • Skull Hell
  • Sherlock saving the tea cup and the boy in the hotel in T6T dropping the tea
  • Tea code being confirmed
  • “Is this a new person? I’m against new people.”
  • “You’d be better off with clown outfits. At least they’d be satirically relevant.”
  • Cake=violent death John and Sherlock going to get cake
  • Lady Smallwood’s name
  • Vatican cameos ignored
  • “And boop, they are fine”
  • Sherlock breaks the 4th wall (like in Queen’s I Want To Break Free videoclip)
  • The Garridebs literally cliff-hanging
  • Chekhov’s gun on the promo picture and literally hanging on the wall in the Garridebs scene
  • “People always give up after three” 
  • Blue Power Ranger gay subtext
  • T6T being an old case about a gay couple -> Margaret Thatcher getting smashed, Sherlock not knowing who she is despite the fact that he knew in THoB
  • “Fresh paint to disguise another smell”
  • Mycroft watching his own romantic movie turning into an horror film
  • T6T starting with doctored footage
  • “That’s not what happened at all”
  • “Why does anyone do anything” Norbury/Moriarty
  • “Sherlock, the dragon slayer” (Mycroft, Moriarty and kinda Magnussen have all alluded to this and now Mary does)
  • Shark hell
  • Sherlock’s recurrent dream (?)
  • “Oh, good, I love an acronym. All the best secret societies have them.”
  • “It is what it is” either being followed by “says love” or being a quote by John Locke
  • "I don’t like loose ends. Not on my watch” says Mycroft/Mark, as he holds a pen and looks at the camera
  • #Ohwhatabeautifulmorning tying in with Oklahoma! and consequently with  Green Grow the Lilacs, a play with gay subtext all over that got misunderstood and very famous
  • Steven starting TLS rumors
  • TD-12 being memory corrupting
  • The freaking guy from the official Sherlock Youtube channel teasing TLS and saying “The greatest love story never told”
  • The girl on the plane being the same one from ASiB
  • The TAB-like transition when John faints in TFP
  • The S1 scripts being released for no reason
  • “Childhood trauma masked by an invented memory. Boring!” THoB (person=dog)  
  • Mary’s death not being realistic as pointed in HLV (thank you for reminding me, @antisocial-otaku)
  • The explosion in 221B not having the consequences in the building that   Mycroft foreshadowed and them being perfectly ok afterwards.
  • Where is Ben’s 26 pages scene?
  • What was Ben’s kissy gesture while saying “Very well. It’s going very well” in SDCC all about?
  • TFP as a whole. Too much to analyze there


  • “Love conquers all” 
  • “Groundbreaking”
  • “History making”
  • “Rug pull”
  • Derren Brown

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Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Four)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s set report from DWM 396

[Discussion while eating deserts and tea with David]
The Doctor’s relationship with violence is a complex one, though, isn’t it? Much as we’re doing now, he often has his cake and eats it.  “The violence is the final resort,” David stresses.  “You should always give people the benefit of the doubt.  In the final moment of the story, the Doctor basically knows he’s gonna have to sacrifice himself and go back up to the Sontaran ship.  But it’s important and valid that he allows them the chance to back down.  It’s important that he will always allow people to find the good in themselves.  He gives them that opportunity even though he knows that because they’re Sontarans and because of what they’re about, they’re not going to back down.  But it’s the morally correct thing to do, to allow that possibility”

That ‘second chance’ opportunity is a very Tenth Doctor thing, isn’t it?

“He would have you believe that he has quite strong rules about it,” nods David.  “'You get once chance, and then I’ll do ya!’  And again, that came up in Partners in Crime, when he tells Ms Foster, ‘You get once chance.  I’d advise you to take it.’ And she doesn’t, and ends up splattered on the pavement!  Of course, it’s not quite as straightforward as that, and he will bend his own rules now and again.  But that moral framework, that moral righteousness, is very important to him.”

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

Additional parts of this photoset: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ five ]
The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here ]

Honestly the very first thing that screams Unreliable Narrator to me is that there is no mention of The Abominable Bride in the “previously” montage at all? 👀 almost as if we’re to forget that whole episode even happened? A casual audience would be quick to dismiss it as “just” a Victorian one off but we know how significant it is in terms of John and Sherlock’s love story.

The Abominable Bride’s “previously” montage is focussed on key moments in John and Sherlock’s lives, the true heart of the story. Meanwhile, The Six Thatchers’ montage is presented as if the shooting of Magnusssen is the most recent thing to have happened- the scene that is then twisted and manipulated to fit into a false narrative 👀

“The doctored footage” moment occurred even before then. The Abominable Bride being erased from the recap to me is a clue that series 4 has deliberate missing gaps, the heart of the story has been (temporarily) lost.


Horrifying: LEAKED Footage Of Doctor Rolling Around In The Mud Before Surgery

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Twitter is the Answer. They Told Us.

I’ve been avoiding twitter. I don’t like twitter generally and didn’t want to be sucked in. But a few people, particularly @worriesconstantly—whose blog you should go to in order to learn more—kept insisting that that’s where we need to look. And it finally hit me: of course it is. We were told. It just took us a little longer to listen this time.

In T6T, we spotted John’s fake jpeg. blog post. “Odd,” we thought. “Could just be a mistake though.”

Before the season aired, John’s blog shut down. “That’s funny,” we responded. “Same season as this weird fake blog post. Eh, could be a coincidence.”

In TLD, no one seems to know that John’s blog exists. No explanation, it’s just … gone. “How strange,”—wait. Canceled blog, fake post, memory of the blog erased. Any one of those might be incidental, but all three? This is a patten. It has to be telling us something right? 

Oh, and one more thing: John is the narrator, the storyteller. Always has been. But in TFP, Mary tells the tale. She narrates the story. John’s narrative authority disappeared again.

But we couldn’t figure out an in-show explanation for the erasure of the blogs, so most of us let that slide as yet another loose thread, more unexplained proof of the fuckiness of the season. Now, I presume that there will be some in-show explanation later. But what if that wasn’t the main point? We’ve been talking endlessly of fourth-wall breaks, yet John’s blog was always their primary medium for accomplishing this, and now they’re erasing it? What if they were telling us: “things are changing. We will no longer communicated with you through the blogs. Look elsewhere.”

And they told us exactly where. We all knew it—up to a point. They said, “yes, we canceled the blog, but we’re doing something else. Keep your eyes open.” Then #SherlockLive (perhaps notably, only one letter short from #SherlockLives) happened. We saw; we played along; we gathered clues. And then we left. 

But that event couldn’t have been everything. That doesn’t explain the facts.

After all, they told us about #SherlockLives loud and clear. Why, then, these repeated hints insisting, “look elsewhere, look elsewhere, look elsewhere”? Perhaps so that when things—intricate, complex, highly planned and deeply invested things—started happening on twitter, the very medium to which the creators explicitly highlighted as the new medium of fourth wall breaks through #SherlockLive, we would pay attention.

And one more thing—this for me is the clincher. Season 4, Episode 1, Scene 1. Things already feel a bit off; perhaps a bit OOC. Essential code names are aired, footage is doctored. Even before TLD we realized that this is them telling us: something has shifted, pay attention. “Only those within this room,” Mycroft declares, “will ever know the whole truth.”

But we were in that room. And in that room Sherlock, for no apparent in-show reason, is tweeting.

It is time to dig into those intricate stories on the medium to which we were instructed to shift our attention—stories with altered footage; with Sherlock and John together and no Eurus. Time to listen to those who have already been playing attention. 

They told us. It is time to listen.

Edit: One more bit of evidence pointed out by @seekmyroom on twitter: When describing the abilities of Eurus (who, as a bonus, has been widely theorized to = John who in turn has been theorized to = us), Mycroft says: “she predicted the exact dates of the last three terrorist attacks on the British mainland after an hour on twitter.” Predictions and twitter? Hmm, interesting … 

anonymous asked:

Hi Jenna idk if this has already been addressed to or not but I want to ask something which are bugging me 1) if Rosie is real then why does Mary not address her daughter in any of her AFTER DEATH VIDEO messages 2) Mary in HLV asks John not to read the AGRA drive in front of her because he won't love her when he is finished but there is no such thing about Mary's past shown in season 4 that makes her evil or something (Tbilisi wasn't her fault) sorry it's quite long & thanx in advance

Originally posted by reverendhobo

RIGHT?! the whole thing reeks of ‘doctored footage’/unreliable narrator… the whole series- and especially Mary’s involvement- has been deliberately edited and tampered with. The ‘Tbilisi reveal’ to me absolutely didn’t match with Magnussen’s “Oh, she is wicked” and, as you say, Mary telling John that “you won’t love me when you’ve finished.”

And YES about Rosie. There’s something very odd going on behind the scenes with that- Mary not addressing her in the DVDs at all, John vaguely saying “she’s with friends” in The Lying Detective and we never see who those “”friends”” are.

And also, with Mary’s DVDs, I love how we just see snapshot clips of them- we’re never sure if we’ve seen her ‘whole message’, or what version John and Sherlock are seeing.

The story isn’t over, and all these loose threads are deliberately left, waiting to be tied up, in my opinion.

Mycroft’s Ties in Season Four

Resources I’ve cited and useful links:

Basic Overview of Mycroft’s Different Ties:

We don’t really have a strict key as to what ties symbolise what exactly, but we can deduce roughly what they mean by comparing the different occasions in which they are worn.

- The Red Tie of Love and Sentiment
Worn on occasions to do with sentiment/familial love and helping Sherlock e.g., reading about Sherlock’s suicide in the paper in the Diogenes, Christmas, in the helicopter after Sherlock shoots Magnussen.
- The Navy Ties of Business, Work, and Duty
Worn typically while trying to save lives and prevent terrorist attacks. Usually Mycroft wants to use Sherlock as a weapon e.g., discussing taking down the  London terrorist network when Sherlock returns from Serbia.
- The Johnlock Fleur De Lis Tie
Aka., the best tie. Worn whenever Mycroft goes to John to discuss Sherlock’s feelings and to Sherlock to discuss John’s feelings e.g., talking to John at Speedy’s/the Diogenes, the “narrow it down” speech in TSoT.
- The Black Tie of Death and Sorrow
Helping Sherlock fake his death in Reichenbach, helping Lestrade locate Sherlock’s boltholes after he escapes the hospital, when Mycroft is committing suicide by eating many, many cakes in TAB, when Irene ‘dies’ in ASiB (with additional white slashes here).
- The Grey Moriarty Tie
Self-explanatory. Any time Moriarty is making Mycroft do something against his will, or otherwise influencing him, the steel grey ties come out. It may be a specific shade of grey that indicates Moriarty, however, as there are also lilac-grey ties that Mycroft wears which are slightly different.
- The Purple Tie of Mystery and Fuckiness
Mysterious. No one knows. Does it indicate illusion? Fictitiousness? Insincerity? Wisdom? Mycroft wears alternating purple/pink ties on the tarmac/plane in HLV/TAB aka., “Tie Hell”.

The Six Thatchers:

TYPE: Lilac/grey tie with small spots
CONTEXT: Presenting the doctored footage of Sherlock shooting Magnussen
WHAT WE CAN INFER: Most likely not directly linked to Moriarty. A lilac-grey tie may indicate objectivity/planning/calculated thinking here. Also probably links into the fabrication of events.

TYPE: The Grey Moriarty Tie
CONTEXT: Discussing Moriarty’s next move with Sherlock in the first bunker scene
WHAT WE CAN INFER: It’s likely that Mycroft is holding back and not saying all that he knows in this situation because of Moriarty’s influence.

(full analysis under the cut)

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The fact that the opening scenes of S4 involve a tale of having an appointment with death(of the show) and wanting to avoid it and rewrite it. so we’re presented with the sad, death (of the show) ending, and the happy ending in Sumatra and they are asking us if it can be avoided, which is then followed by a scene containing Doctored Footage showing people what they want them to see, and all of this before the opening credits…all of this alone will sustain me for the next however many months. this has all been a Lie, if not then I guess pigs fly,, and you know what it’s frankly a missed opportunity that they didn’t find a way to sneak a pig on that tfp plane anywhere…

y’know what a great title for the christmas special with the first and twelfth doctors would be?

the tenth planet, part five

The Lie of The Land (Doctor Who) & Sherlock parallels

Previous Doctor Who/Sherlock parallels in Series 10:

The Pilot (opening episode of Doctor Who Series 10) & Sherlock parallels

The Smile (Doctor Who) & (smiley) Sherlock

The Smile (Doctor Who) & Sherlock parallels

Thin Ice (Doctor Who) & Sherlock Parallels

Knock Knock (Doctor Who) & Sherlock parallels

Oxygen (Doctor Who) & Sherlock parallels

Extremis (Doctor Who) & Sherlock Parallels

The Pyramid at the End of the World (Doctor Who) & Sherlock parallels

And a look back at Series 9 etc parallels here

And: Looking back: Jenny & Vastra & Foreshadowing The Plan

This episode was written by Toby Whithouse.

  • We open in a world where the monks have total control- we literally see them “doctor footage” of humanity, erasing and re-writing history. This is most majorly like Sherlock when we see footage of the monks killing the daleks when it was in fact, of course, the Doctor: compare with The Six Thatchers, with Mycroft showing the “official version” of a squaddie killing Magnussen rather than Sherlock.
  • We see the Doctor broadcasting the Monks’ lies on TV- looking very much like both Moriarty’s and Mary’s “broadcasts” via the screen.
  • Throughout the episode, we get glitchy effects of the monks’ and their ‘truth’ symbol- effects that very, very much so resemble Moriarty’s glitchy ‘Miss Me?’ broadcast. The words quickly appearing and disappearing also reminded me of Henry seeing the words ‘Liberty’ and ‘In’ during The Hounds of Baskerville.
  • Bill talks to her dead Mum throughout the episode- the effect of her Mum appearing for Bill and then later disappearing from the audience’s point of view visually resembles John talking to Mary in The Lying Detective.
  • We see that the monks’ interfere and manipulate people’s memories (there’s even a ‘Memory Police’), Bill notes that after her asking the Monks for help she can remember “nothing.” Compare with the missing narrative and memories in Sherlock: Faith in The Lying Detective saying she “can’t remember” who Culverton is going to kill.
  • Further on unreliable narration: Bill says, “Every day it’s harder to remember what’s real anymore.” She has to remember that the Doctor “wasn’t just a dream”, and what she did, along with him and Nardole “actually happened.” This can relate to Sherlock with multiple theories of series 4 being unreliable narration, possibly an alibi for John, who shot Mary, John who is injured after being shot by “Eurus”), desperately trying to remember “what actually happened” during his ‘dream’ of The Final Problem. Unreliable narration is further shown in the bluffs the Doctor pulls- he has to fake being under the Monks’ influence.
  • The Doctor says “Goodnight, Vienna!”- Sherlock says the very same in The Great Game.
  • Bill rashly pulling the gun on the Doctor resembles the suddenness of Norbury pulling the gun on Mary- the Doctor doesn’t die from being ‘shot’ and Mary…? ;) See here for more on Mary faking her death.
  • The Doctor saying, “It’s not a trick, it’s not a plan.” Compare with Sherlock’s line in The Lying Detective: “Of course it’s not a trick, it’s a plan.” (Of course, we later find out in Doctor Who that it is also a plan ;) )
  • The Doctor hijacks a ship- see John and Sherlock becoming ‘pirates’ to hijack a fishing boat in The Final Problem.
  • The Doctor was in prison for 6 months and so couldn’t visit Missy= In His Last Vow, Sherlock was going to be sent to Eastern Europe for 6 months; Irene wouldn’t have lasted 6 months without her ‘protection’… “6 months” is a recurring time frame in both Sherlock and Doctor Who.
  • When Bill sacrifices herself to try and defeat the Monks: “They’re hijacking her memories. Infecting them like a virus.”= Moriarty is the ‘virus in the data’ in Sherlock’s mind. The Doctor says here that Bill is ‘dying for nothing.’ I see this as possibly being tied to John– currently dying from a gunshot (he’ll be saved though), and his memories have been corrupted by the nightmare of The Final Problem. I’ve linked this meta before, but see here for the Mary drugging John theory, manipulating his memories just like the monks are doing here..
  • The Lone Monk sitting in “Fake News Central” (nice dig at Trump there <3), with the many film clips displayed around him visually is like Magnussen watching the bonfire footage from The Empty Hearse. Also, of course, the monks act like CCTV, and as said doctor footage, rather like a certain Mycroft Holmes, the British Government... tagging @waitedforgarridebs to scream ;)
  • The Doctor saying “Bill’s Mum, you just went viral”- compare with this line in The Lying Detective: “We’re beyond viral.”

Thank you for reading and if you’ve spotted any more parallels, feel free to add! Next week is an episode written by Mark Gatiss, and features the Victorian era… of course. ;) See you next week! xxx


David Tennant, animatedly narrating some of his animated characters

  • Twigs in Tree Fu Tom
  • Stretchy McStretch in The Itch of the Golden Nit
  • The Doctor in Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest
  • Charles Darwin in The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists

Avengers: Infinity War Set Footage- Doctor Strange vs The Black Order/New Iron Man Armour