Art Sale, Again!

So, I’m still working on selling my contract, but if I can'theeee get it sold soon… Urk, nervous…

Added some more MLP:FiM sketches (Including a Discord page), added Mericcup Selkie works, and a few other sketches.

If you would like to see some of my other works not listed below (including a lot of my older things), you can check out my dA heeeeeeeere. Or you can message me about any other art pieces.



Hey guys! I’m gonna be selling some of my art projects and sketches for some extra cash—AND YOU GET SOME COOL ARTS. Shipping within the US will be free, and I’ll have to discuss the matter of shipping outside the US with prospective buyers. 

Note: I only put in sketches and pieces that I thought would interest you guys the most. If there is a sketch of mine that you really like that is not listed below that you’d be interested in having, feel free to send me a note, a’ight?

Payments accepted via PayPal only—prices can be haggled if I feel offer is fair. 


Art and prices below the cut. <3

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