Check out these Doctor Couture knock-offs, one of my loyal readers, F.D., sent me this morning.  The smiley face one is a little close for comfort, but the pizza one is a dead ringer!!!!  At least they took the time to flip the pizza, haha!

It kinda bums me out, but it is said that imitation is the best form of flattery, so I’ll try to take it as a compliment.  I’ve had some really amazing designers that even I am a fan of copy some of my designs in the past, but it seems to bother me a little less and less each time it happens.  

You can pick up my “Brainwash Smile” tee HERE and my “Evil Pizza” Pullover or Tank Top HERE on the Doctor Couture website.

Would it make you mad if another designer blatantly copied your work, or would you be able to take it as a compliment?

At New York Fashion Week, Proenza Schouler debuted their new collection which is inspired by Tumblr!  Being an avid Tumblr user, I found this to be very cool.

I can’t wait to show you guys the theme of my new collection for Doctor.  The 1st round of samples came in this week and we’ve already started shooting the new short film which will accompany the collection.  I have such a great cinematographer, band, and model.  You guys are just going to love everything, I know it.

Sneak peeks coming soon :D

x x x x

My So-Called Life - S/S 2013 Lookbook

Our Spring/Summer 2013 collection is finally here!  The over 30-piece collection was inspired by the classic ‘90s television series “My-So Called Life” and the lookbook takes a peek into the lives of the children of Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano.  Think “Degrassi: The Next Generation” for your grungey, grown-up soul.  The entire My-So Called Life Collection is available now in our online store. Come check it out!

Also, get FREE SHIPPING on everything in our store through January 30th with promo code “FREELOVE” at checkout.

Fashion blogger extraordinaire, Bebe Zeva just posted photos on her blog of herself toting the Doctor “Prada” pouch.  She said this of the super-versatile pouch:

“… I’ve since used it every day to store my necessities. Instead of individually transferring all my possessions from purse to purse when I need a new bag to match an ensemble, I grab my clutch and toss it in. I don’t know how I survived before this clutch entered my life… and now I’m wondering how I didn’t think to simply carry the bag on it’s own without placing it inside a larger tote! It looks divine in my hands, or tucked efficiently under one arm. So it’s a bag within a bag, and sometimes just a bag.”

We LOVE Bebe, and thinks she has such killer styling instincts.  You can check out all of the photos in her latest blog post - Steel Carnation.

Our “Prada” pouch has been out of stock for a while now, but we will be restocking them in a larger size in the coming months, so be watching for it if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on one!

One of my favorite vintage renewal pieces I created for my Pop-Up store in LA tomorrow.  If you’re in town, be sure to stop by between 5-9PM at Soundcheck on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood!

There will be samples from the new Doctor Couture clothing line, tons of shopping, live music & free mexican food - my favorite!!!  And you will get to meet yours truly, not to mention my buddy Nikki Lipstick who has a Pop-Up shop there too for the day! Here is the flyer : )

See you there!!!!!