the first time bones receives a legitimate compliment from spock he doesn’t even notice it for several seconds. the vulcan is straight-faced and blunt as ever, seemingly casually pointing out that he’s the best surgeon in the fleet

he’s so used to the not-so-indirect jabs and insults that he’s ready to bite something back at him and it takes him a moment to go hold on a damn moment. spock’s just paid him a compliment and suddenly he’s forgotten how to react to him

his brain stalls and his face has gone completely blank and spock momentarily entertains the illogical idea that he’s maybe broken the cmo

they kind of stand there until bones slowly grinds back into motion, mouth briefly moving soundlessly until his brain spits something out, which is a strangled “you’re a real flatterer, huh, spock”

he quickly makes a tactical retreat all the way to his office after that and as soon as he’s through the doors chapel asks him why he looks like he just got hit with a stun blast

all he can manage is a strange flapping motion with his hand before collapsing in his chair to stare blankly at the opposite wall and wonder what the hell just happened

I ‘Ship It: The association between television romances and real-world relationships

I am conducting research for my Honours in Psychology at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia, where I am investigating the association between television-portrayed and real-world romantic relationships.  

I am looking for participants who are aged 18 years or above, are currently in a romantic relationship, and watch fictional television programs. Participants are invited to answer an anonymous online questionnaire that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  For more information and to complete the questionnaire, please click the following link:

This study has been approved by the QUT Human Research Ethics Committee. (Approval number 1600000663).

Please Note: If you like or reblog this post, it could appear on your wall and/or timeline. Also note that the participant incentives (ie. the prize draw) may not be usable to participants outside of Australia.

Thanks so much! Please participate and share with your TV-loving friends!

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I realized that a lot of Batman’s villains are doctors in their field of interest: Dr. Fries (Mr. Freeze), Dr. Crane (Scarecrow), Dr. Quinzel (Haley Quinn), and Dr. Isley (Poison Ivy).

I guess for those in education, you either graduate with a master’s degree or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.

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