Wally: Excuse me, but I’m a scientist and there’s no such thing as magic so shut up 

Kent Nelson: *does magic*

Klarion: *does magic* 

Kaldur: *does mermaid magic*

Doctor Fate: *possesses Wally and makes him do magic while he watches from inside his helmet alongside another guy who’s not only dead but also does magic* 


anyway i’ll work on smth soon,, sorry i haven’t been too active lately. i had a doctor’s appointment today bc my stomach is messed up. i had a procedure done back in november and everything was fine, save a few minor things, and i was feeling okay for a few months, but now i’m getting terrible acid reflex everyday (even from CEREAL) and i have the hiccups far too often. i got new meds and hopefully they work, but please be patient with me. 😔