(Yeah I did in fact trace the entire freaking thing….. Minus the Doctor and Clara cluttering it up. (Also this version doesn’t have the glowing console bits since they were added in Photoshop later. Bit of a shame since…most of the time in the blog you only get to see a tiny piece of this… But this gives me a chance to do full scale scenes in the TARDIS later on. (Of course I have to add the hat box back in since I stupidly forgot it. I should probably add Derpy’s bed underneath the console too… THIS TOOK A LONG TIME TO DO. GAWD.

It has two layers (each having to be saved separately in order to get the layering to work in Photoshop), the upper layer being the console itself, and the lower one is the wall and floor. This was done to make it easier to add characters standing behind the console.

Please see my last post to see how it looks in a normal photoset with Derpy and the Doctor. )


(Fun fact: One of the first things River did, when she was just a newborn baby, was to insult the Doctor’s taste in clothing…and apparently wonder if that was his real hair… Matt Smith has wonderful hair baby River. Shut up. Oh and if you think River’s claim in this photoset is silly, take a look at the classic Who Episode Robot and see what clothing the fourth Doctor considered before settling for his famous scarf…)


So many… I mean the chances of one alternate universe spawning a pony-me is astronomical in itself but this is impossible! Right Derp… Oh she’s still on the roof…what IS she doing up there?

(These are just a very small selection of Doctor Whooves Blogs out there (and cat-doctor just cuz…cats are cool. And I follow all of the above… half the blogs I follow seem to be Doctor Whooves related <.<)

My Destiny is not pretty by *Usagi-Zakura

Click to see the animation.

This gif just would not sudmit to Tumblr so I just posted it on DA instead.

So I drew the previous picture with both Matt the Pony and Time Turner, and decided to animate it. Sadly I suck at animating and turning it into a GIF completely ruined the quality but here it is anyway.

My Destiny is not pretty, but its what my cutie mark is telling me.

Were you even paying attention when they mentioned weeping angels in your school? Your school didn’t have classes on Weeping angels? Maybe they should.

What a stupid school..

To summarize: Weeping angels can’t move if you’re looking at them, but when you’re NOT looking at them, either your back is turned, you blink or you’re wearing a blindfold they move RIDICULOUSLY fast, and once they get to you they’ll either snap your neck or send you back in time to feed of the energy of everything you never got to do.

(I pretty much just copied the previous post here because this ask was just too silly.

If you’re gonna make up stories just to impress the Doctor at least get your facts straight:

I just added the little tidbit from Matt at the end because he was there…I don’t know if River likes cupcakes or not… apparently his River doesn’t.
Also Derpy doesn’t really have any friends in Equestria, any pony-friends she had wouldn’t remember her since she went missing when she was a young child.)