…and anyone else I missed.


Stop it.

I hate posts like these, and I really wish I could just delete them from tumblr, all at once, because you guys are so much more than this and I hate, hate, hate to see people talking themselves down.

You are not unattractive people.

It is that simple.

(I won’t argue with awkward, because fuck knows we’re all a little socially abnormal.)

But I know you guys, and you are some of the least unattractive people I know.

Say what you want about societal standards of beauty and how you don’t feel that you comply with them, about how people have called you ugly, about how you don’t feel like you fit in with people who are ‘beautiful’.

Say what you want, but be prepared to have me punch you in the face for it.

You are each beautiful. Each and every one of you.

Inside and outside, you are attractive people, and the idea that you publicly (fine, semi-publicly, this is tumblr after all) are willing to announce that makes me so very sad.

I think your’re each attractive, pretty, beautiful, whatever word you want to use for it. I do.

And you know what, even beyond looks, you’re all fantastic.

You guys mean the world to me. You’re all kind and funny and you’ve each done so much for me that you can’t even fathom how much I love you. You are beautiful people who do and create beautiful things - writing and drawing and buying me biscuits when I’m sad and watching Humphrey Bogart films with me and buying me art supplies when you hear me say that I’m running low.

So fuck you and your reblogs.

I don’t want to see them on my dash, because they’re lies.

You are attractive people. You’re more than attractive. You’re beautiful and perfect and I wouldn’t change a single one of you. And I’m going to keep telling you this until you guys start to believe it, because it kills me that you think so little of yourself when you’re worth so much.

kneesntoess  asked:

(creeping in from the Lewis tag) I always assumed the "Loaded and yorkie bar" thing was something Lewis said out of frustration and it having always been a bit of a taboo when he was younger, and not wanting to upset Hathaway further either, but not quite being sure what he /should/ say. And then the last scene was a peace offering, and was designed to leave it ambiguous, that Hathaway doesn't explivity /deny/ anything...

Yeah, I’ve sort of come round to the idea that the last scene was just Hathaway joking around and poking a little bit of fun at Lewis’ preconceived notions. I respect the writers a bit too much to think that they’d do something so cheesy just because they were scared of having a queer character. (Plus Hathaway looked so blatantly uninterested in that magazine that it was sort of laughable.)

doctorabbywatson replied to your post: I’m going to form a Morte d’Arthur fandom on my…

I WILL JOIN THIS FANDOM ugh tell me things its so interestiiiiiing

Oooh there’s so much (my copy of the book has 811 pages) as it’s the whole life of Arthur with a load of side adventures of his knights like the Holy Grail

And basically Lancelot and Gawain are best buddies (Gawain told Arthur to make Lancelot a knight when he turned up) and pretty much run the Round Table, although Gawain fails most of his quests (poor Gawain)

And Lancelot is having an affair with Guinevere which everybody seems to know about, and eventually it all builds up and Mordred and one of Gawain’s brothers expose them (and even then Gawain backs up Lancelot). And Lancelot has to rescue Guinevere and in the process kills Gawain’s brother Gareth and then Gawain goes all crazy sad and hates Lancelot.

And then they fight and Gawain keeps getting injured and trying again and then he forgives Lancelot but then he dies and then Arthur is killed by Mordred and then Lancelot dies. IT’S SO TRAGIC.

I had a dream that Jack kept buying me paper because I mentioned that I was running out, but he bought me waaay too much, so him and Abby built me a paper house. And it was all well and good, until I realised that my dissertation notes were in the foundations, and I couldn’t get to them without knocking my house down…

kneesntoess  asked:

I think Lewis doesn't really have preconceived ideas in that they're negative (he was always the fairly liberal foil to Morse) but that he gets a bit confused or behind on the way he should be talking about things, especially things the he considers not his business (someone else's sexuality, particularily because of his loyalty to Val and therefore a complete lack of interest in general) or that he fears would be too emotional or vulnerable to discuss. It was James trying to restore normalcy

Oh, definitely. I never thought that Lewis was prejudiced or anything, just a bit uncomfortable and uncertain of how to deal with ~sexuality things~ in general–including heterosexual ~sexuality things~ as I think we’ve seen in the majority of his dealings with women. I think Hathaway was sort of testing the waters, making sure Lewis could still take a joke after their big falling-out, and ensuring that things weren’t going to be awkward now that Lewis knew all his deep dark scary secrets. (Also I think Hathaway is incapable of resisting any opportunity to be facetious.)