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Doctor who was never a show based upon sexual relationships, I'm sorry. Have you ever watched the classics? Only in the newest version is he this man who seems to need so much attention, from young flirty girls, because that's how society is nowadays.

Sorry, did you never see Leela or Peri’s getup? Or how about Dodo’s, or Zoe’s (and frankly hel-looo Mary Tamm and your wonderful white dress) and any number of girls-of-the-week? You may have also missed where several companions fall in love (that’s romantic love, not platonic) and leave the Doctor for those people, or the romances between Ian and Barbara (first companions jsyk) and Jamie and both Vicky and Zoe, or the flirtation between Sarah Jane and Harry, and if you didn’t ever find Jo and Peri flirty I’m not sure what show you were watching. Also, maybe you missed the series of commercials that played up the Doctor and Romana’s close relationship to the point where he proposes to her? Also, there’s the time when his first self gets engaged to a lady who seems very taken with him, and there was his second self’s doppelganger who seemed to be implied to be pretty active. Let’s not even get into the number of times his companions have been seduced and bewitched in suggestive ways over the years, either.

Here’s why the girls weren’t all over the Doctor in the classic series: BBC had a ban on the Doctor kissing or being romantically involved with anyone, especially his companions. Here’s why they are now: The ban is lifted.

And it’s not just the ‘newest’ version that has the Doctor macking on companions. He kisses Grace twice–I think actually three times–and flirts with and woos her all movie long. And if you’d read the novels, you’d know that Eight and Bernice did a whole lot of 'shaking hands’ upstairs in a bedroom together.

The Doctor getting all the attention he’s getting and there being young flirty girls is nothing new to the Doctor Who fandom, it’s just that in today’s society they’re allowed to actually SHOW it, instead of implying it or keeping it mostly off screen or restricting it only to companions. Sure it’s not 'based’ on sexual relationships, but there’s ALWAYS been room for them, so no, they’re not in any way out of place in Doctor Who or its characters now.

Tenth Doctor and his Companions: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones &Donna Noble

“Pretty, pretty please

If you ever, ever feel

Like your nothing,

You are perfect to me.”

The next Doctor-Companion thing I’ll be doing is reinettemadamedepompadour because she’s the other person who gave me the go-ahead to do it. After that, I’ll probably do the companions who are canon characters (of any canon) with faceclaims. I won’t, however, do OCs or meta-blog-companions unless I’m given the permission (and preferably some sort of face-claim to reference) from them to do it, because I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing something with a person’s OC that they didn’t approve of.

…Which is to say, if you’re on thetenthwillseeyounow’s companion list, would like a picture drawn, and are playing an OC or are on the list with a personal blog, I’m really going to need you to tell me you want me to do it. Even if you’re playing a canon character it’d be nice, especially because that way I might know how you envision a companion-shot, but I don’t see the harm in drawing canon characters, so you don’t need to do it…unless you’d just like to say that you specifically don’t want it done.


we’re all stories in the end | Doctor Who

so, long story short: originally posted this about a month ago, went through, refined it, and reuploaded it. totally forgot about posting it on tumblr though. and since tumblr won’t let me upload from my pc, i’m just going to embed it. ok? ok.


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With all the luck you’ve had
why are your songs so sad?


“You’re turning me into you.”

Why is it now that I have time I can't write to save my life

I want to. I’m itching for something but none of my half written ideas are appealing.

I want to dive into Hardy x Hannah but just don’t think I have a their voices and think similar ideas have already been done well.

Tentoo x Rose has been my comfort food but I’m a little bored with domestics.

I have a Rose is the Doctor / Human Nature AU that I think has a lot of potential with Ten as James Noble, the abandoned companion she just might be in love with. But I want some encouragement and need some help because I’ve sort of rushed the pacing of the relationship. If anyone would like to give it a read through let me know. Please