for doctorwho‘s 7 days of who.

in series 9, i want to see the doctor!!!!! deal!!!! with his PTSD!!!! i mean, maybe not even DEAL with it, he’s bad at dealing with those sorts of things, but i want to see it addressed. i want it to be acknowledged outside of some ( pretty fabulous ) acting choices. i mean, just LOOK at his reaction to a gunshot in mummy on the orient express:

this is not just the look of somebody surprised by a gunshot. this is a person completely about to have a anxiety attack, and forcibly stopping it because other peoples’ lives are at stake.

i just want the narrative to address this a bit more. i want somebody to notice it and ask if he’s okay. the doctor makes mistakes, lots of them, but he tries so hard and he forgets that he deserves to be cared about too.


so probably the gallifreyan fob-watch is a powerful piece of technology, not only for use with the chameleon arch or to tell time in a linear sense… it can also be programmed for other functions.

since his temporal lobe was damaged in the events around EoT, the Master can no longer feel time in all directions.  on a good-brain-day, if he’s lucky, he can feel linear time.  here he’s trying to map out some fixed points and other important events, and rig his watch to serve as a web-of-time viewer.

whenever the Doctor notices him struggling to process something so essential to TimeLord neurology/culture, they pity him and wonder if he’s really still the same person.  idc if you’re gallifreyan, that’s still rude

at the end, he’s testing whether he’s managed to make the device work telepathically yet, so he could keep it in his pocket to consult secretly.  dude you can’t hypnotise a watch by staring at it.  it either works or you need some more troubleshooting…

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“Gay” and “Ace” in Rasilonian for all my gay and ace followers

I do not care if this makes me lose any followers.

More coming soon. (trans, pan, bi, etc.): Send in your own if you want.

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