We all need someone who makes us feel like our identities are valid.
My dad has this friend who is just awesome. And like, whenever I go over to his house, which is quite often since I don’t have a key to mine, he always has time to just talk about life. Also, he has this awesome movie collection, but that’s beside the point. And he’s really supportive of my writing and my music, even though not many people in this town are. But that isn’t the point of the story either. I went to his house last night and we just started talking, and I didn’t know it, but I was talking as my kintype. And he just rolled with it. He even introduced me to one of his friends, like “She’s not even from this world. She can, like, travel time and shit.” And I swear to Rassilon, I have never felt this validated in my life.


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The thicker circular Gallifreyan is the Doctor’s name, and the thinner is the poem from Demons Run. :)

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