Artist: Yus, Rise Above Tattoos(Singapore)

This is my third tattoo, a tribute to my love for Doctor Who. Done in Gallifreyan, translating to, “Don’t Blink”. Not only is it a reference to a beloved episode of many in the show, but also a personal reminder that life goes by so fast, in a blink of an eye. MAKE THE BEST OF IT!


So I suppose it’s time for me to do something like this.

I like to draw words in Gallifreyan. I can do names, sentences, whole paragraphs if need be. I actually already did something for whatisdoneisinprogress (which you can see here)

Basically, I want to open up comissions. I am open to pretty much anything (you can get a sense of what I have done in these photos). I will price things based on how complicated they are and how much effort I need to do them, though I will be charging a minimum of $2 for anything, with prices fluxuating from there.

This is really just a fun thing for me, as I love doodling this stuff in class and I might as well make someone else happy with it. Just send me an ask detailing what you are thinking of, and we can talk things over from there. I hope you all can enjoy my work!