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Wait what is this story about colin baker in the woods, you can't just say that and leave us hanging

 oh god, okay… this is a fairly long story that colin baker relates in the dvd commentary for mark of the rani, i will be paraphrasing it but i’m pretty certain i remember all the major details because i was laughing SO hard the first time i heard it

first of all you have to know that mark of the rani was filmed on location in this particular village and the public woods surrounding it, and also that the weather was being rather inconsistent on this one day. it kept raining and then the rain would stop again, so every time the rain shifted, the whole filming crew would immediately jump up and run between two locations – for continuity reasons, because they were alternately filming one scene where it needed to be raining and one where it was sunny

so they’re doing this scene where the doctor is tied up and hanging from a pole like so:

it’s super uncomfortable to be actually hanging from a pole by one’s wrists and ankles for multiple takes of a scene, so the crew built some kind of contraption to make it easier on him… it was basically a metal frame-like thing that was hidden under his jacket and pants, supporting his back so that he wouldn’t actually be straining his wrists, i guess? at any rate, the downside of this was that this thing took a LONG time to set up, so it wasn’t possible to UNTIE him from the pole in between takes, so they just kind of. set him down on the ground. during the moments when they weren’t filming

anyways, in the middle of this situation with the intermittent weather, at some point it starts raining and the director calls for everyone to go to the other current filming location!! everyone is rushing about trying to get the cameras and props and people over there as quickly as possible (because you never know when the rain will change again) and in all of this hullaballoo they somehow manage to

forget colin baker on the ground

(actually he said that he sort of noticed them leaving him behind but was initially hesitant to say anything, thinking “surely i’m just missing something and they’ll come get me in a moment” and then by the time he fully realized he was left behind, they were too far out of earshot for him to say anything)

so he’s just like. well. i’ll just wait. and they’ll figure it out soon enough

he lies there tied to this pole for a good ten minutes or so until he hears someone coming down the path

but it is not the film crew, because these are PUBLIC WOODS they are filming in. it’s a random middle-aged couple walking their dog. and the dog comes running up to colin baker (who is a little ways off of the main path) and sniffing him and barking

and the couple just … look at him, tied to the pole on the ground… he said he could tell that they didn’t recognize him as being dr. who, so god knows what they thought about his COAT

he looks at them

there is a deeply awkward silence in which he doesn’t know what he could possibly say about the situation of him being TIED TO A POLE IN THE WOODS and they are clearly being TOO POLITE AND PROPER AND BRITISH-Y to bring it up

eventually one of them is like “nice weather today isn’t it” and he’s like “er yes quite” and they just keep going and leave him lying there on the ground tied to the pole

he just stays there for another twenty minutes or so until FINALLY he sees one of the camera crew running back to get him while yelling “COLIN OH MY GOD WE’RE SO SORRY”

…aaand that is the colin baker tied to a pole in the woods story, more or less as related by colin baker himself, aka my all time favorite thing that ever happened behind the scenes of doctor who!! ACTOR DVD COMMENTARIES ARE SO WORTH WATCHING, KIDS



HMV Canada is closing

Any of my friends in Canada, a heads up. As of April 30 the last remaining national chain, HMV Canada, is closing down. Despite the fact that the stores are always packed in my part of Canada, too many people are only interested in spending their cash on digital files.

Thanks downloaders. I really appreciate it. Once you guys kill the last bookstores I won’t have any reason to leave my house at all except to work and buy food.

And don’t say this is progress. How can a move from physical items to a bunch of zeroes and ones that can be deleted or corrupted or blanked by a third party at whim (always remember what Amazon did to the 1984 e-book when it blanked an unauthorized version remotely from people’s Kindles) possibly be progress? Seriously. 

People are already regretting relying too much on digital and in the UK vinyl downloads actually outstripped digital sales last year. People are getting the message but it’s too f–king late for the retailers. And the approximately 1,400 people at HMV Canada who’ll now be unemployed in the midst of a shit economy.

PS. I feel awful making this post longer than the one about John Hurt dying. I got the news literally back to back. John, sadly, wasn’t a huge surprise, and others can do a better job of paying tribute than I, but I was really hoping HMV would survive.

PPS. As one of the only retail outlets that carried Doctor Who DVDs, if there are any you’ve been thinking of picking up (assuming you’re in Canada) I wouldn’t wait too long.

Edit: A couple of folks have thought this post refers to the original UK HMV. I have no idea its status. This is regarding the Canadian chain. If you’re in the UK and there’s an HMV, use it or lose it.


Amazon has a bunch of Region 1 Classic Who DVDs on sale: 

Many other titles are also discounted in the 30something% range. I have no idea how long these discounts will last.


Behind the scenes on Hell Bent (S09E12), from the Doctor Who Extra on the DVD bonus features. Jenna films Clara’s last look at the Doctor as he plays his guitar with his back to her. When filming against the green screen, Peter remained on the set to play the same tune (using a regular guitar instead of his electric one). After filming they shared a goodbye hug. ♥

The last GIF is the same version I made and shared at my Twitter. The difference of the two is this one is cropped with a few more frames. That, of course, is not the only difference. ;)

Doctor WHo - The Complete Series 10

Released: Monday 13th November 2017

Special Features include

Doctor Who Extra: The Return of Doctor Mysterio
The Doctor: A New Kind of Hero
Knock Knocks with binaural sound
Becoming the Companion
Out of this World
…Who’s There?
Rona Munro - A Modern Classic
The Finale Falls
Inside Looks
Deleted Scenes
Audio Commentaries
Doctor Who The Fan Show Aftershows
Doctor Who: The Finale Countdown

so like you know how in community abed and troy watch ‘inspector spacetime’ and it’s clearly supposed to be their universe’s version of doctor who, and you know how no comparison between inspector spacetime and doctor who is ever made, implying that doctor who doesn’t exist in the community universe?

well… in the ham girl episode, when they’re watching the chang footage….

what’s that next to the monitor? is it…? could it be…?


I Don’t Know You, but I Always Will (ch. 1)

Okay so I know I’m a month late, but @your-stitcher-thursday I finally finished your fic! (( except i decided to turn it into a multichapter fic so i’ll actually be continuing this story ))


Camille entered the bright yellow house and quickly packed her things into boxes, removing pictures from frames, and placing all the clothes she borrowed but never returned on Kirsten’s bed. All evidence of the past three years erased, Camille glanced over the living room before closing the door one final time. She didn’t look back. Couldn’t.

Despite the warmth of Amanda’s body pressed up against her, Camille felt an unshakable coldness. She pulled the covers up to her chin as tears spilled down her cheeks. Amanda stretched an arm over Camille’s waist, pulling her close.

“Hey, it’ll be okay,” Amanda whispered.

Camille wiped the tears from her cheeks and flipped over to face Amanda.

“I hope so ‘cause emotions suck.”

“I know they do,” Amanda said, giving Camille a quick kiss.

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simon lewis is a super duper nerd who has all of season 9 of doctor who on dvds and he always fights for bucky barnes because “he’s not a villain he’s never been a villain he was brainwashed” he knows all the words to every fall out boy song and he even saw them in live once and “it was a mystical experience” and he has a crush on jake peralta from B99 and he cried for three hours straight when han solo died and he has read all the deadpool comics three times and he loves bingwatching every netflix show and he’s always finishes a show in like one day and he complains every time because “13 episodes aren’t enough! that’s not fair i’m going to write an email to netflix” he can play the star wars theme song on guitar and he puts the pan in pantastic

Love Lost

Hi can I request one where the reader and Spence are best friends and she starts to think that he has a girlfriend ‘cause the way he’s acting but she has feelings for him and is sad. I leave the ending to you :). Thanks

I’M SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I hope you enjoy it!xx-Ash

Part 2 Part 3

for @ ijspn x

“Spenny are you free tonight? because I’ve got a huge bowl of popcorn calling our name and the last series of Doctor Who on DVD!” you winked at him and laughed expecting him to jump at the offer but was met with an excuse you’d heard far to often recently. 

“I’m busy tonight, sorry Y/N.”

“Oh, How about tomorrow?” you’re energy was depleted.

“No I don’t think I should.” his words confused you, who would he upset? What is wrong with him spending time with you? It was just Doctor Who and popcorn, you’d had nights in like that all the time so what was wrong with this time. 5 times in the past 3 weeks had this happened, when you’d asked him to come to your cousins wedding, 2 movie nights, a night out drinking and a ‘family’ dinner with the rest of the team.

“oh…ok. Another time maybe…” you dropped your eyes back down to the files in front of you and tried not to feel upset. Normally you weren’t overly emotional, you always managed to compartmentalise everything and avoid the team figuring out how you were feeling or that you had a huge crush on the resident genius. It was something that surprised you, falling for him, you’d been friends for so long that you thought it was out of the question, that there was nothing he could possibly do to surprise you and make you look at him as more than a friend, but then he took a bullet for you. It only scraped the side of his stomach but it would’ve killed you. Something about that moment changed the way you felt about him, flicked the switch to something more.


Spencer was distant; he didn’t talk to you like he used to, didn’t call you late at night when he had a nightmare or pick up a coffee for you on the way in. Since the offer of popcorn and Doctor Who had been shot down your notions of spending time together were becoming few and far between. Your friendship had almost completely disappeared and for the first time since you met, 5 years ago, being around each other had become uncomfortable and silent. You weren’t the only one who noticed, JJ and Garcia had watched him blatantly ignore you on many occasions and had asked you about the strange way he’d been acting, none of those questions you could answer. 

There was a particularly bad case. A case that Spencer knew would affect you greatly; it involved children and, knowing what had happened when you were younger, normally you could count on him being there for you, making sure you were coping. But this time he wasn’t.

You felt yourself becoming flustered, the undeniable feeling of heartbreak coupled with the emotions brought on by the case, had broken through the many layers of protection you always kept up. 



“I think…I thin…” you felt the ability to breath being torn away from you, you hadn’t had a panic attack this bad in a long time. Spencer sat you down and handed you a paper bag before leaving the room. Your eyes focused on the door he had walked out of, hoping he would return with a bottle of water or a cold compress and he hadn’t just left you here to deal with it.

“Y/N!” JJ burst into the room and was quickly by your side “Reid told me you needed my help, I’m so sorry!” 

How could he just leave you like this? 

You had managed to calm yourself down physically but now you were angry, so angry. In a moment of pure red you had marched out into the bull pen and right up to Spencer.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Reid!?” you didn’t care who was around, who heard your melt down, you needed answers “You know exactly why this case is hard for me and you leave! Fine you don’t want to be near me outside of work but when one of your team is having a panic attack you don’t just fuck off and get someone else to deal with it! You don’t like me, fine, but I still don’t know why and I’ve had enough!”

“My girlfriend doesn’t want you and I to be alone together!” his words stream out of his mouth as one continuous sound.

“Girlfriend!? What!?” fuck, now you were crying.

“Yes my girlfriend.”

“And she doesn’t want you so much as talk to me because even in a room full of people you won’t do that.”

“She doesn’t think you can control yourself.” and with that you were done. All respect and love for him was gone.

“Fuck you Reid.” you stormed out of office, out of the building and out of his life.

I’ve previously written about how much more affordable it is to buy classic Doctor Who DVDs from the UK than it is from the US. And it is, it’s immensely more affordable than buying the US releases of the classic series.

Which leads me to my next question: Would there be any interest in a collected spreadsheet pointing to the optimal link to buy each serial on DVD? Keep in mind, some stories are in box sets, and enterprising individuals are making some money on Amazon by listing box set stories separately at an inflated price. Not to mention the fact that some serials have Special Edition re-releases, meaning it can be quite confusing to figure out which version of, say, the TV Movie or The Green Death one should buy.

Please Like, Comment or Reblog if you have interest. If there’s enough, I’ll assemble a list.