Points on a Doctor Who date
  • We ate a lot of sushi. So much sushi. Our sushi place told us “long time no see” and we are so sad that’s the truth. We need to eat more sushi.
  • Next time, double check show times. We missed the premier because we went an hour late, accidentally. Now we need to download it to catch up, because the internet is full of spoilers. We went with plan B, getting drinks and playing arcade games.
  • Jer has the worst sense of direction in the world. He also ran a stop sign, almost hit a pedestrian, and stopped at a green light. It took us about 45 minutes to end up at a bar.
  • Teardrop lounge is the classiest place to grab a drink downtown. Their drinks are so pretty.
  • Ground Kontrol brought us right back to our honeymoon days- pinball game after pinball game. 
  • Not everyone can be as amazing as we are. We even have our own family handshake. 
  • Roland didn’t wake up, so our babysitter had a sweet and easy first night. Hurray!
  • Now jer is taking her home, because she’s 12 and she can’t drive. This means I can take up however much of the bed I want!