…I have no excuse for this. Well… okay, I do, it’s for doctorwho’s Adipose contest.  So yeah, mainly as an excuse to not only not work on my paper but also to just have a reason to draw one of these guys.  

A quick kind of experiment I think. :)

“It’s called an Adipose. Made out of living fat.”

Ok, remember the Doctor Who: Legacy app we told you about?

Well, this cute little bundle (if we do say so ourselves) will be available to unlock on the Doctor Who: Legacy app (Android and iOS ) starting this Friday. 

Complete the Season 6 level, Zygon Ambush: Nefertiti and Riddell – and you’ll have the chance to unlock the Adipose for free. If you’re not that far in yet, the Adipose will also be available to buy through the in-app store. There’s also one other way to unlock the Adipose which is the purpose of this here post…

Guise. GUISE. You have a chance to win + play with one of our squishy distant relatives in Doctor Who: Legacy!

You can win one of 10 codes that unlock the Adipose or 10 Fan Area codes by creating some lovely, stubby, squishy, oleaginous Adipose fan work.

You can do anything you’d like for this! You could draw a picture, make a video, make one of those funny stop-motion animations and upload it as a gif, dress up as an Adipose, write a poem, a song or create a new Adipose emojicon.

ლ(╹◡╹ლ) *

(* sorta kinda adipose-ish)

To have your post entered into our giveaway, use #Adipose Fan Work Contest Thingy in the tags of your post. Here at the Doctor Who Tumblr, every contest winner is decided at random. (We also like to contact everybody before we announce the winners, so please bare with us while we wait for peeps to respond.) We’ll be closing the contest at 12pm ET this Friday January 31st 2014.

BTW. The Doctor Who: Legacy game design team will be doing a Twitch video cast on Thursday at 9p GMT, 4p ET, 1p PT here: where they’ll be taking a look at some of your Adipose fan work.

We’re so, so sorry to those of you living the international life of leisure and mystery, but this contest is only open to residents of the United States of America who are 18 years old or older (if you’re younger than 18, you just need a parent or guardian to sign for you.) You can read the full terms and conditions for BBC America social media contests by clicking here.

Have fun and good luck!

Here are the links to get Doctor Who: Legacy for iOS and Android.

With a show that’s been around for over 50 years, there’s a LOT to be said about Doctor Who…literally. The Doctor talks a lot, and sometimes we just can’t get him to stop. 

Our friends at Harper Collins have given us some copies of a new book called The Official Quotable Doctor Who: Wise Words from Across Space and Time, in which a few Whovians (who must also be very good listeners) went back through all fifty years of Doctor Who and picked some of the best quotes from The Doctor and all of his friends (and enemies.)

*We do not suggest using this book as an actual weapon please do not hit people with it

We’re going to give away 8 copies of the book to some lucky Whovians! All you have to do to enter is take your favorite Doctor Who quote and interpret it in whichever way you want (you can also just buy the book here).

You can make gifs of your favorite moment, use your artistic skills to insert a quote into a #DWedit or a piece of fanart, take a picture of yourself cosplaying a character from the show saying your favorite line, or even just make a text post quoting a line you relate to the most. Really, you can do anything you like!

Make a post using the hashtag #Quotable Doctor Who to be sure you’re entered. We’ll gather all of the entries by Monday, May 19th at 12PM EST, and randomly select the 8 lucky winners. 

And we’re so so sorry to people outside of the Fifty States, but this giveaway is only open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia.)

A week or so ago we announced the #Adipose Fan Work Contest Thingy where we asked you to submit Adipose fan work for a chance to win a promo code for the Doctor Who: Legacy game. We got a lot of great entries, here are the winners: 













Congratulations and thanks for participating! 

Here are the links to get Doctor Who: Legacy for iOS and Android.

( This is not in order of appearance also please read at the end for a important surprise! ) - Happy - Dinky with the 3D glasses and flute - Dinky with the fez -Dinky with the bowtie



Wooot! We’ve reached 2k followers on ask Dalek Sha! This is is big milestone for us and so, to celebrate it, we decided to organize a giveaway contest!

There are going to be only 3 winners! And the prizes are as follows:

1st:  An active role in a story in the blog and a sha plushie like mine.

2nd: One “My Neighbor Dalek Sha "poster signed by me and your OC in the background in an update

3rd: Your OC in the background in an update.


Want to win one of the prizes? Follow these rules to enter:

·         Reblog this post ( 3 times max )

·         Must be a follower (we’ll check), but can’t follow the blog specifically for this contest and then unfollow

·         Likes can count.

·         Contest Entries will be picked from a number generator on the date of October 17th (have to be willing to give us your address.)


So what are you waiting for? Go go go! And thank you all so much for following my blog I want to thank you all. Katie, Book, Gracie, Kris, Joey, all the Sha crew and to you the followers you got me this far and you deserve this.  Thank you. -

Love Delta Δ


Wearfandom turns 1 year old today and we’d like to celebrate with a very silly photo contest! The theme is ‘Fish out of water’* and we want to see your very silliest photos and cosplays. 

Photos will be judged on originality and humour, the quality of the cosplay and the quality of the photo doesn’t really matter if you’ve got a great idea, so grab your camera phones and plastic swords and make us giggle.  

*To put the theme another way: Characters in totally inappropriate situations for that character. Smaug in a soup kitchen. Molly Hooper Drag racing. Castiel on Whose Line Is It Anyway.


  1. Photos must be actual photos, not photoshopped or manipulated.
  2. Photos must be safe for work, no adult content. 
  3. Any fandom is fine! Please state the fandom clearly in your submission so we can google it if we don’t know it. 
  4. One entry per cosplay.
  5. Maximum 3 entries per person. 
  6. All entries must be sent through 'submissions’.
  7. Last submission accepted midnight GMT 20th Feb
  8. Winners announced 27th Feb

First Place: $30 of stuff from the Etsy of your choice, Any two A items and any 3 B items .

Second Place: A grab bag, any one of the remaining A items and 3 of the remaining B items.


Theres hope for non cosplayers: If you reblog this post you’ll be entered into the draw to win a Grab Bag & the leftover 'A’ Prize and 'B’ Prize. Signal boosting always appreciated! <3 

'A’ Prizes:

  • Avengers Macbook keyboard decals, Dalek Poster, Reapersun 'Sir Boast a Lot’ poster &  your choice of Sherlock fanbooks.

'B’ Prizes:

  • SPN button set, Lucifer tea from beastlybeverages, redbubble stickers, Iron man toy & keychain, Marauders notebook, 'Okay’ notebook and a Hobbit/LOTR necklace. 

Contest & giveaway winners must be following this blog, more prizes and categories may be added if there are a lot of entries~

Nero trust the Doctor;
he lyres.

I decided to play along. In case you haven’t heard, Random House and BBC America are hosting a contest. The prize is a complete set of the Doctor Who History Collection book series. To enter, all you have to do is create a mock cover of a historical Doctor Who episode and post it with the hashtag DWhistoryCollectionUS. Penguin is doing a similar contest for all you folks in the U.K., but since I’m posting from the United States, I’m entering the U.S. contest. You can read more about both contests by clicking here.

Last week we held a #DW Wholloween Costume Contest and the entries that we got scared the Capaldigans right off of us!

We saw wicked Weeping Angels, terrifying twelfth Doctors, creepy Clara Oswalds, alaaarming Adipose, spine-chilling Cybermen, dastardly Daleks…and a David Tennant cardboard cutout wearing a tuqoise wig, amongst other things. 

Thanks everyone SO much for participating, Whovians are some of the most creative fans in all of time and space! As always, we’ve randomly selected 10 entrants to win, and here they are: 


Congrats to the winners and thanks again to everyone who participated!

Welcome to the Convince Me Initiative's 14th contest of CREATIVE CRACKSHIPS!:

Please enter and reblog! We love you, and want to give you things.

What does this mean:  
We take 6 suggestions from our friends & followers, and we use them for our contest!

Crackships-  The top 6, as submitted by you, the voters, are:

  1. Couple (Any Sort): Naya Rivera and Matt Dallas
  2. Any: Charlie Hunnam and Alex Evans
  3. Any: Hayley Marie Norman and Trevor Noah
  4. Family: Maisie Williams as twins
  5. Any: Cody Christian & Gage Golightly
  6. 3s and 4s: Jake Abel, Jane Levy, Emma Stone, and Rachel Miner

Pick one of the 6 options, & show us your art! You can do gifs, manips, drawing/digital art/etc, or even make a video!
You can Submit As Many Entries As You Like. (Extra points, if they’re not on a branded backdrop, like you see at movie premiers.)

There’s no rating, so you can let your imagination run wild. PG, naughty, whatever floats your boat.
It doesn’t have to be new for the contest. And it can have people not listed, too, as long as it fits, and as long as the work is yours. That’s all we ask.

You have until April 27th to finish submissions!
Ask questions, if you’ve got ‘em.  Enter early.  Enter often.  Have fun!

Check the Convince Me Initiative for more details.   

Have fun, and Convince Me!