Dr.Steve Brule- Living On Your Lonesome

cuz when you’re sleepin, there’s no lonely times, just dreams.

Brule: My next guest is Dr. Jimmy Brongrass

Boden: It’s actually Dr. Johnny Boden

Brule: Dr. Johnny Brogen. This is a popular part of the show we like to call Doctor To Doctor. So what happens to foods in your body

Boden: Well they break down. Proteins break down into something called the-

Brule: I know.

Boden: ……The best diet consists of food that occurs in the environment. Natural food without a barcode or a lot of processing.

Brule: I know.

Boden: Apples, berries, pears, watermelons, 

Brule: Corn dogs. 

Boden: Well, not really corn dogs because corn dogs aren’t a food, they’re a food product.

Brule:……it’s made of corn and dogs


Brule: I’m a doctor too


The Universe

I'm a Doctor too

This is what I want to see/draw:

Two people run up to the Tardis and scream “OMG it’s the Tardis.”

Slowly, a hand opens the door.

The faces of the two people are beaming and overwhelmed with excitement.  Suddenly they look disappointed and one of them says “you’re not the doctor.”

Final reveal of Dr. Steve Brule who says “I’m a doctor too, you dingus.”



Happy Birthday Steve Brule (Halloween Edition) (by Ben Heeren)

I’m a bit late for Halloween, but here you go.