I Cloudcuco12, pledge myself to fiction books. I turn my back in the company of people, accept eternal nerd-hood, and join the fandoms.

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One day in the future you may leave platform 9 and 3 quarters for the last time, you might climb out of the rabbit hole, you might shut the door to 221B bakers street, you might throw the sheet back over the wardrobe, you might leave Camelot, you might stumble out of a blue police box for the last time, you might finally defeat the demons, stubborn angels and drive off in the impala. 

But you will remember the days leading up to the end. The adventures, the love, the happiness, the sadness, the pain. For these fictional places and characters are never quite going to go away. Because the ones that love us, never really leave us. 


‘The Daleks set the bloody place on fire!’ screamed Ron, grabbing Hermione’s hand as he flew by. Hermione let out a soft, gasped, ’what?!’ before she was gone, following him with the question dying on her lips as bright, orange flames licked after them; tasting their heels and singing the edge of their shoes. The heat of it, combined with their flee, mingled to entice beaded sweat upon the back of their necks, slipping past the necklines of their clothes.

'Harry!’ cried Ron.

'Doctor!’ corrected Hermione, and former-Harry-now-Doctor turned to inquire them with an arched brow - as though there were no care really to have despite the whole fire issue.

DOCTOR POTTER (recreation)
Hermione Granger edition.

The Nine Circles of Shipper Hell

1. limbo – the canon-shippers
Those who ship the actual pairings as they appear in canon. Barely even belong in Shipper Hell at all. Condemned to a miserable dependence on a fickle deity. Featuring: Buffy/Angel; Peeta/Katniss; Edward/Bella.

2. lust – the crack-shippers
Okay, so they ship it, but do they ship it? The mildest ring of shipper hell, for those people who will ship anything on a dare. Condemned to eternal mockery, but let’s be real, that’s not actually a punishment for these guys. Featuring: Bella/Tyler’s Van; Bilbo/Smaug; Hogwarts/Giant Squid.

3. gluttony – the ultra-common-shippers
You know the one ship. It’s the one that’s in every. single. fic. Even if it’s not the focus, it gets thrown in in the background. Condemned to have their fanart shown to the actors on chat shows. Featuring: Dean/Castiel; John/Sherlock; Clint/Coulson.

4. greed – the multi-shippers
They write your favorite pairing, but then when you go to binge on their work it turns out they write EVERYTHING ELSE TOO and OH MY GOD NOT THAT PAIR. Need to pick one OTP like the rest of us. Condemned to be eternally hated by BOTH sides of every shipping war. Featuring: Harry/Ron AND Harry/Luna AND Draco/Ginny.

5. anger – the trash-shippers
Trash and they know it. Sometimes it’s trash/cinnamon roll, sometimes it’s trash/trash, but it’s always trash. Condemned to…IDK, be trash? These guys are pretty up front about it. Featuring: Bucky/Pierce; Sauron/Morgoth; Hux/Kylo.

6. heresy – the rare-pair-shippers
Not to be confused with the crack-shippers. These guys mean it. Oh god do they mean it. They have treatises about Anonymous Pilot #17/That One Guy From The Novelization. Condemned to three fics on AO3, two of which are mistags. Featuring: Rosie Cotton/Erestor; Deadpool/Sif; Ianto/Rory Williams.

7. violence – the NOTP-shippers
That One Ship. The one that inspires Hatred and Outrage in the hearts of All True Believers. They ship it. They are Those People. Condemned to have their ship tags full of indignant posts about BAD EXAMPLES FOR TEENAGE GIRLS. Featuring: Hux/Rey; Dean/Amara; Willow/Kennedy.

8. fraud – the incest-shippers
Sure, we all understand they know it’s wrong in real life. We still edge away nervously. They can just go … do their thing … over there. Condemned to awkward questions about whether they have any siblings, forever. Featuring: Sam/Dean; Thor/Loki; Draco/Lucius.

9. treachery – the ship-burners
The one circle we can all agree to hate. These are the guys who shoot down one ship so they can put their own in. They’re the ones who demonize female characters so they can ship their favorite gays. Not cool, guys. Condemned to MANY ANGRY REVIEWS. Featuring: Gabriel/Sam/Jess; Clint/Thor/Jane; Harry/Ron/Hermione.

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Here’s To The Crazy Ones.....

The misfits….

The rebels…. 

The troublemakers…

The round pegs in square holes…. 

The ones who see things differently… 

They are not fond of the rules and have no respect for the status quo….

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them….

The only thing you can’t do is ignore them….

Because they change things…..

They push the human race forward….

And while some may see them as the crazy ones….

We see genius. 

I'm in many different fandoms and I like to think of them as several different people just chilling in my head

Harry Potter: *has been resurrected* *confused muttering* *deep shock*

Merlin: ptsd

Sherlock: setlock. fake child. johnlock. pain.

Doctor Who: *is satisfied with my care*

Percy Jackson: *heavy breathing* dO YOU HAVE A MOMENT TO DISCUSS SOLANGELO

Supernatural: *yelling* *red and blue flashes* *fire* #destielstillnotcanon *is dead* *crying* *high pitched wailing* *frantic beeping*

Ordinary Words that mean something in other fandoms
  • Supernatural:"Baby."
  • Doctor Who:"Rose."
  • Harry Potter:"Always."
  • Game of Thrones:"Winter."
  • Orphan Black:"Sister."
  • Once Upon a Time:"Magic."
  • The Walking Dead:"Walker."
  • The Hunger Games:"Tribute."
  • Sherlock:"Friend."
  • Star Wars:"Force."
  • Breaking Bad:"Blue."
  • Parks and Recreation:"Sebastian."
  • Sleepy Hollow:"Leftenant."
  • Empire:"Cookie."