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“You alright.”



A leaked document is circling the internet that apparently reveals the release dates for trailers of many upcoming Disney and Warner Brothers movies. The final ‘Doctor Strange’ trailer will apparently drop on September 30th and the first ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ teaser will drop on October 15th! The authenticity of the document is not yet confirmed!

  • Me:Oh, yeah, I'm just a casual fan
  • Also Me:I've read this series in three different languages because I know the plot so well I can read the paragraph, only know four words, and still know exactly what is happening.
GET REKT (aka the Self Rec meme)

Tagged by @meleedamage, and I couldn’t help but steal her title (because I am a dork and things like this amuse me).  As I’m going to try and write some more fic today before heading out for the night (Dresden Dolls are playing at Coney Island tonight, yasssssssssss) this little trip down memory lane just may help me get in the mood of things.

So let’s start with a couple of familiar faces…

Things That Friends Do

MCU, Darcy/Steve, and rather explicit.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not quite sure where this story came from - doing what basically amounts to a straight up romance story isn’t my usual style.  But there was one singular scene that came to mind first - the scene where Darcy and Steve are in bed together and Steve whispers to her ‘bullshit’ mid-fuck because he knows - they both know that they’re far beyond just friends, and the rest of the story built out around there.  I am inordinately proud of this story, and as other people seem to like it too, I couldn’t be happier.

Cruel, Cruel World (To Face On Your Own)

MCU, Darcy/Bucky/Steve, also explicit…very explicit.

Okay, this one is a bit more of the straight up romance, but I’m including it here because I’m pretty sure this is the best sex scene I’ve ever written.  The writing process was like pulling teeth, as smut scenes are wont to do to an author, but I’m damn proud of the way that blow job came out.

The Writ in Skin Series

Doctor Who, Doctor/Rose, with the rating varying between G and Mature going by AO3 standards.

I tried to pick one story from this series, to narrow down the selection to something a bit easier to get through in one sitting, but I couldn’t do it.  I am so damn pleased with this entire series, my epic Ten/Rose (with some Nine in there also) reunion fic series that gave me the ending I knew the show wasn’t going to give me.  89,000 words later, I got it.  This series also features what I think are probably some of my hallmarks as a writer - scenery porn and other detailed descriptions, some female OCs who are hopefully as fully fleshed out as they could be, and a bit of a thing for magical writing on skin which is pretty much the cornerstone of the entire series (if you can’t tell by the title).  As an older and wiser writer and human looking back on it, yeah, there are a few things I would like to change about the story, and I still haven’t uploaded the whole thing to AO3 (which I have every intention of doing one of these days) but on the whole I still adore it.

Salva Nos

Doctor Who, Ten/Rose, G rated to the core

It’s no secret that I love a good kidfic, but it’s even better when the kids in question are fully fleshed out characters in their own right, which is what I tried to do here.  Charlie’s a quirky little boy, smart and sharp and yet entirely innocent in that way that five year olds are, and I love him (he may be coming back in a future story.  Just sayin’…).  Also yet another reunion story, combined with my beloved Italy and some Florentine scenery porn.  But above all, this is Charlie’s story.

The Consequences of Bloody Manchester

Good Omens/Harry Potter crossover, PG rated, and utter and unrepentant crackfic.

Mrs. Black (Sirius’s mum, before we had an actual canon name for her also -  this is an oooooooold story) decides to summon an incubus and ends up with one Anthony J. Crowley.  Oops.  Not to mention the unintended consequences of it.  Well over a decade since I’ve written this story and it still reduces me to snickers constantly. 

And one honorable mention…

I am Here, and I am Ready

A.k.a. the Dreams series, MCU, rated mature, featuring my babies Darcy and Steve.

The only reason I haven’t included this in the main list is because it’s still unfinished, growing and expanding and taking on the wider MCU.  This series keeps surprising me constantly, going from a little dreamsharing ficlet to this story about two kind of lost people who found each other and are trying to find their way in a world that neither one of them quite understands, that’s filled with robots, Asgardians, futurists, and the wilds that is Brooklyn in the 21st century.  Because while Steve’s still Captain America and Darcy’s more than well aware of aliens, they’re still young adults with a lot to learn, and this series is learning and growing with them.  What I’ll say about this series is this - if you want to get the best idea about who I am as a person and how I look at the world, this is what you should read. 

Not tagging anyone else here, but I will totally encourage everyone else to fill this out, because I guarantee that you’ve all got works out there that you are so proud of, and they deserve to be shared with the world. :)


It just occurred to me last night that there’s a reason Fangirling hasn’t been diagnosed as an actual mental illness. Can someone imagine the hundreds of thousands of people with the same level of insanity shoved into one place. THE WORLD WOULD END As an extreme fangirl im proud of this. The world fears us😂👏🏻

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‘The Daleks set the bloody place on fire!’ screamed Ron, grabbing Hermione’s hand as he flew by. Hermione let out a soft, gasped, ’what?!’ before she was gone, following him with the question dying on her lips as bright, orange flames licked after them; tasting their heels and singing the edge of their shoes. The heat of it, combined with their flee, mingled to entice beaded sweat upon the back of their necks, slipping past the necklines of their clothes.

'Harry!’ cried Ron.

'Doctor!’ corrected Hermione, and former-Harry-now-Doctor turned to inquire them with an arched brow - as though there were no care really to have despite the whole fire issue.

DOCTOR POTTER (recreation)
Hermione Granger edition.

The Fandoms right now
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