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I have yet another set of three words for you- 'linger', 'cave', 'cupcake'

Rosetta’s Café was unusually busy for this time of night, Gail noted as she waited in line to be served. Unfortunately, the cakes and pastries behind the glass display were disappearing as quickly as her last orgasm. It was excruciating to watch. By the time she was second in line, all that left was a delicious looking red velvet cupcake with fluffy icing and something else that resembled—Gail squinted at the long brown crusty pastry—to put it simply, a turd.

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Uh. You know you have to write that blind otp prompt post thingie right?

Oh, I do, huh? Well, I guess if I have to… :p 

(Here’s the prompt)


It’s your voice I hear drivin’ me wild
Whispering in my ear
It’s your voice I hear dangerous child
You’re sayin’ what I wanna hear
If I had my choice I’d run for cover
But I think It’ll be OK
‘Cause all I needed to hear
Was the sound of your voice 
[“It’s Your Voice” - 38 Special]

“Bailey! Come here, boy!”

Gail looked up from her notepad, pausing mid-ticket. She noticed a tall brunette woman shouting and clapping her hands at… nothing. She quickly finished issuing the jackass driver a speeding ticket and told him, in a saccharine sweet voice, to have a nice day and to try not to kill anyone. She just ignored him as he sped away and flipped her off. All in a day’s work, she thought to herself as she returned to the driver’s seat of the squad car.

The brunette woman was still yelling out for 'Bailey’ and clapping her hands against her denim-clad upper thighs. And… whistling?

“Dov, why don’t you go see what’s up with that one,” Gail said, indicating the yelling brunette across the street.

“You may be a Peck, but you are not my boss,” Dov said, not even looking up from his phone.

Gail tried the Gail special glare, but the skinny twerp wasn’t looking at her. She heaved a dramatic sigh. “Fine,” she ground out, pushing her door open again before exiting the car and slamming the door. She quickly checked to make sure no cars were coming, then jogged across the road. It was warm for a Toronto April day, causing Gail to curse mentally. This woman better not be trouble. They had ten minutes left before they planned to return to the station for the end of their shift. 

“Bailey, come on!” the woman yelled, excessively loud this time, voice laced with something Gail could only describe as panic.

“Ma’am, is everything okay?” Gail asked, already annoyed from the heat and unexpected delay.

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Sneak Peek: New Golly fic

Here’s a sneak peek of the new multi-chapter fic I’m working on. I got the idea from the song “Good Directions” by Billy Currington. I plan to have this nearly finished or completely finished before posting, but here’s just a taste. Note that I haven’t proofread it, so ignore any mistakes.

(Thanks to @gailpeckholly for the tip on copy/paste. The Mac laptop was the problem, methinks).

Sneak Peek: Good Directions

She could not believe this was happening. After the month Dr. Holly Stewart had just barely survived, the universe saw fit to heap even more shit upon her head. She was just trying to get away, to erase those horrific images from her mind. But the fates, or whoever the hell was in charge of luck and circumstance, would not cut her any slack.

She pulled off to the side of the two-lane road, her jeep sputtering and smoking as she came to a stop. Resting her head on the steering wheel, she attempted to reign in her emotions, refusing to break until she was sure she’d be alone with her anguish. Once she let herself break, she knew it would be impossible to put a stopper on the flow of emotions. She breathed deeply until she was sure she wouldn’t cry and then opened the door, intent on assessing the damage of something other than her soul.

As she leaned over the engine, hood above her head, Holly was reminded how very little she knew about cars. Smoke wafted around her face, the heat causing her eyes to sting. There was a peculiar hissing noise emanating from inside the mess of mechanical parts. She knew she was beyond her depth. Looking up and down the road, all she saw was trees and grass and a distinct lack of people who could help.

Sighing heavily, she returned to her car, deciding to call roadside assistance, thankful now that she had chosen to pay the little extra monthly charge for the service. Leaving the door to the jeep open, she perched in the seat as she pulled her phone out of the cup holder in the console and glanced at the screen.

No service.

She closed her eyes and dropped her chin to her chest. Of course there was no cell service. Because apparently the limits of what she could handle without cracking were being tested today. She couldn’t stop the tears gathering behind her eyelids as she felt her tenuous hold on her fragile emotional state beginning to slip free.

“Ma’am, is everything okay?”

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Holly & Gail- "I need this."

Hey there, dear! Sorry about the delay, but hopefully my humble offering will be able to make up for it. :) Let me know how you like it.

I subtly added an element of an interesting idea I saw floating around tumblr a couple of days ago, maybe. Thanks to wonderful ha-st-ee, I now know it was right here. So all credit for that pearl goes to @doctor-of-asskicking.

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Part 2 - Gail & Holly - Texting saga continues

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27 | Part 28 | Part 29 | Part 30

Head. Hurts. U. R. Dead. To. Me. Why u let me drink so much?
[1 image attached]

Fine then. I won’t reveal my miracle cure. Um, your money, your fault. Lookin’ good though, Peck. You always write reports with your forehead?

Yep, most of the time. Let me guess, it’s some sort of green crap made from Brussels sprouts?

Er, no, gross! Bacon and chocolate milk.

Do u swear by that? Because I will send out one of the rookies to retrieve it for me.

Yes, do it. Though perhaps be nice and buy the unlucky guy/gal a coffee for their trouble.

Too late. Sent Diaz instead and he is paying for it.

That cute tall guy? Kinda looks like a teddy bear? He is a such a sweetheart. He brought me coffee to the lab once.

Probably trying to get into your pants.


No, pretty sure he is a dude. I have seen his thingy. Numerous times.

His thingy? Oh yeah, I forgot men have thingy’s.

And u call yourself a doctor.

BTW, do women always hump your leg when your’re out in bars?

Smooth, Peck. Only when I have a hot wingwoman.

I’m flattered. Why are u taking so long to reply? You’ve got your hands in something gross haven’t you?

I have known you for less than 24 hrs and I already know you won’t appreciate what I am doing.

Well now u have to tell me.

[1 image attached]

You make me sick.

See? Told ya! Spin instructors pretty hot though, right?

You could do better.

Very doubtful.

I’m serious. Though no one as hot as me.

Meh, I’ve had better.


You are crazy.

You know, that’s not the first time someone has said that to me?

I can’t! I won’t! I don’t believe it!

You are the biggest smart-ass I have ever met.

I am not usually like this. You just seem to bring it out in me.

Well then, happy to be of service! Gotta go finish this report. You should ask out the chick directly in front of you. She looks nice, especially her ass.

She’s straight.

When has that ever stopped anyone.

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Prompt - It's almost a month of complete radio silence from Gail. Holly takes a bullet for Traci from the suspect who hides in the crime scene 'cause Tranci means a lot to Gail.

Over the radio, Gail heard the code for shots fired. It always made her stomach lurch. She flipped on the lights and Dov hit the gas on the car. They flew through the streets readying themselves to provide support for their fellow officers.

Then, about five minutes from the location, Traci’s voice called for an ambulance because there was an officer down. Dov pressed the gas down harder, everyone who it could have been hit. Gail set her jaw and when Dov screeched to a stop behind Traci’s unmarked car, she was the first one out of the car. “Traci!”

The ambulance rolled up right behind them. The medics jumped out and ran toward the house. Traci emerged from the front door and pointed them inside with blood on her hands.

“Who is it?” Dov asked, stepped up onto the porch with Gail.

Traci swallowed and shook her head, “Gail can you go get me a towel?”

Gail looked at the blood on Traci’s hands and the look on her face. Gail immediately knew something was terribly wrong. She tried to step past Traci who stepped in her way. “Gail. Don’t.”

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Holly Stewart Appreciation Week - Day 1: Favorite Episode

Episode 4x9 - What I Lost

“It’s not going to kill you to try something new.”

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When has Gail fallen in love with Holly ? So when she realizes that they are more than friends ? And Holly ? What do you think who loves first and who loves stronger?

Oh geez this ask went on for longer than I expected. Way longer.

For Gail, it’s not love at first sight. It’s more like a gradual realization that, oh okay, maybe this nerd is the love of my life.

It happens slowly. The first kiss they shared in the coat closet, Gail brushes it off as a one-time thing, a fleeting – albeit tender – moment between the two of them, it meant nothing more than a drunken kiss between two friends.

For Holly, after the kiss and her confident exit and excuse to go dancing, she pauses outside the closet door and brings one hand up to her lips, fingers brushing against where Gail’s lips had just touched her own. And Holly realizes after the kiss that, Gail Peck, the snarky blonde cop who has a thing against fleece and backpacks could potentially be something else, something more.

But that kiss has always been at the back of Gail’s mind, and the night when Holly brings Gail to the batting cages to let off some steam and forget about the day’s incident with Chris’s son, the way Holly wraps herself around Gail’s form, soft, slim fingers on top of Gail’s pale and slightly sweaty ones to teach her how to swing the bat, her warm breath tickling her neck and chuckling into her ear, Gail feels her face turning red behind the helmet she’s wearing and hope the doctor couldn’t notice the throbbing pulse on her neck. That’s when Gail realizes she might be interested in Holly, in a more than friends kind of way.

They’ve been dangerously close to crossing the fine line of friendship after that night, with movie nights at Holly’s where they’d sit next to each other, Holly’s arm over the top of the sofa and around Gail’s shoulders and dinners in dark and quiet booths at the back of restaurants, hands brushing occasionally and sometimes touching for a moment too long.

Holly likes to walk Gail home, and Gail would invite the brunette up to her apartment for a beer or something even stronger, but Holly being the more sensible one of the two would kindly reject Gail’s offer, using work as an excuse to get a good night’s rest. Gail would try to quell the disappointment and maintain a cool expression, the unusual and odd – but slowly becoming common and ordinary – feeling that often appears as a phantom weight against her chest whenever Holly leans a little too close, faces almost touching and the unabashed gazing at Gail’s lips but always retreating from their almost kiss was a feeling all too familiar by the 18th time. But hey, who’s counting? (Gail is, obviously.)

When Gail is definitely sure that they are more than friends, is when Chloe and Sam are fighting for the lives at the hospital and the whole of 15 division is there with support and prayers. They’d kissed earlier in the day in the interrogation room, heated with teeth clashing and desperate hands on each other’s faces. For the first time in a long time, Gail decided to take matters into her own hands, to fight for something that might be worth living for.

And of course Gail almost fucked things up later on when Holly comes to check up on her, the look of rejection on Holly’s face fresh on her mind for the rest of the day. Gail thought, ‘this is it, Holly probably thinks I’m a jerk and whatever we had is over’ but lo and behold, Holly Stewart appears at the hospital, slightly out of breath from jogging from her car to Gail.

Gail holds onto Holly’s hand that night at the hospital like being apart from her for even a second would be a second too long.

When Gail and Holly share a tender moment in Holly’s bathtub later that night, Holly’s hands on her face, cradling her like she’s the most precious thing in the world and kisses her like she’s afraid of hurting her in her already fragile state of mind, Gail thinks, she could definitely fall in love with this wonderful woman.

And after all they’ve been through, the fight, the separation, San Francisco, Gail only realizes she’s completely in love with Holly after her departure. So she does the next practical thing on her mind – fly to San Francisco and fight for the love of her live.

So of course Gail confesses to Holly the second the brunette opens the front door of her California home. Holly has been in love with Gail since the woman broke down in her bathroom, blonde hair all over the place and a bottle of whiskey wrapped around one hand. It has just taken Holly some time to voice her feelings, merely seconds after Gail.

I’d say they both love each other strongly, but in different ways. Holly stands up to Gail’s parents and co-workers each time Elaine or Bill belittles her girlfriend and gets angry when her friends joke about Gail being a Peck. Holly also makes sure Gail gets the best care possible whenever the blonde cop gets sent to the hospital, whether it’s for a superficial wound or a bullet in the shoulder. Holly never leaves her side and she’s the first thing Gail sees when she wakes up.

Gail loves Holly fiercely without as much words as the doctor uses. Holly knows Gail loves her, the way she’d hold her close at night and stroke dark brown hair, her lips grazing across Holly’s sweaty temple, the way she’d whisper Holly’s name in the dark when nothing else matters. It’s all in Gail’s blue eyes.

 Gail looked around the small dungeon-esque basement she was tied up in. It was so cold and Gail was so hungry. She had spent at least two days in captivity judging by the light fading and brightening in the tiny window across the basement from her chains.

So far, her captors had not told her what they wanted. They hadn’t let her know their demands or if anyone knew she was gone. It just seemed so random. She was out on patrol, responding to unidentified trouble. Someone took off running and she got separated from Chris. That was pretty much all she remembered.

There was a commotion upstairs that brought Gail out of a shivering stupor. An automatic weapon discharged a few times before there was quiet. A man scrambled down the stairs with a gun pointing up the stairs mumbling something about a demon. He tripped over the last step and tumbled into the wall facing the stairs. He pointed his gun up at the first floor.

Gail flinched when the man opened fire. He kept pulling the trigger until an arrow sailed through the air an embedded itself in between his eyes. Gail looked away and curled farther into the corner. Whoever this was didn’t seem like someone who was friendly with the law. Police officers didn’t use arrows.

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Fall To Pieces - Chapter 1

Here is a new one for a Golly fans. This was is going to be relatively short fic.

Five years have passed since Gail Peck has seen Holly Stewart. The cop has a stable life with a new family. It may not be perfect but she figures it’s working. When a chance meeting with the doctor Gail could never forget threatens to destroy it all, Gail finds herself struggling with whether she should keep it together or let it fall apart.

Some Gail and Holly Headcanons (NSFW-ish?)
  • Gail has a minor freak out the first time she’s gonna go down on Holly.

    “What?” Holly asks breathlessly when Gail suddenly freezes in her descent, soft, wet press of lips stopping just beneath her bellybutton. When she looks down, Gail is biting her lip in a way she’s pretty sure is the Gail equivalent of nervousness.

    “What’s wrong?” Piercing blue eyes meet her own as Gail exhales a warm breath that tickles lightly against her skin, causing a barely visible shudder to run down her spine.

    “I just realized that I have no idea what I’m doing,” Gail offers seriously and Holly lets her head fall back down against the pillow briefly in relief and frustration before rising up enough to lean back on her arms so she can look down at the very beautiful, very naked woman lying between her legs.

    “It’s not exactly rocket science, Gail,” Holly offers sarcastically and she totally blames her crassness and lack of patience on the fact she’s aroused and currently not looking to be finding any release in the near future.

    “No, I know, it’s just-” Gail starts quickly, lifting herself until she’s sitting with her legs curled beneath herself between Holly’s. Her gaze automatically moves down to take in the revealed flesh between tan thighs and for long moments she just stares in fascination before a giggle forces its way past her lips.

    “Wow, that’s comforting,” Holly exclaims, starting to sit up fully so she can move away while at the same time unconsciously tryingto close her legs.

    “Wait, no, what are you doing?” Gail asks quickly, hands moving with lightning speed to draw Holly’s knees back apart before pressing herself back down between her legs. “I’m not laughing because of that,” she promises, one hand stroking softly at a hip in what she hopes is a reassuring gesture, the other finding one of Holly’s own hands and tangling their fingers together.

    “It’s just weird – or funny depending on who you ask I guess- because I haven’t seen a lot of those other than my own and suddenly I’m gonna be up close and getting personal with one and-”

    “Gail,” Holly interrupts firmly, one corner of her lips quirking upwards slightly when bright eyes snap up to meet her. “You’re rambling.”

    “Well, I can’t help it,” Gail exclaims in frustration. “You think I’m laughing at your…you know, but I’m not. I really don’t know why I did, it’s just…it’s new and how am I gonna know if I’m doing it right and what are you gonna taste like? And smell like? And what if it’s just weird? And if I just wanna take a minute to look are you, like, gonna think I’m a creep?”

    “Breathe, Gail,” Holly orders, amused despite the slight awkwardness of exposure she’s feeling. Gail does as told, breathing in deep before exhaling just as loudly, the air hot, then cold against Holly’s abdomen.

    “It’s okay, I’m okay,” Gail tells her after three slow repeats, looking up at Holly sheepishly.

    “Good,” Holly offers back with a smile, “You’re not a creep, Gail, it’s perfectly natural. And if you have questions or don’t feel comfortable you don’t have to do anything.”

    “No, I want to,” Gail stresses, brows furrowing slightly in annoyance. “And I’m, like, a lesbian now or whatever, so I kinda have to anyway, don’t I?”

    Holly pins her with the best serious look she can manage under her very exposed circumstances. “I’m sure there’s plenty of lesbians who doesn’t enjoy going down on someone and you shouldn’t let yourself be affected by the stereotypes. There’s no right or wrong way to have sex, Gail, what’s important is that you’re comfortable.”

    “Jeez, you don’t have to sound so doctor-y about it, nerd,” Gail teases, but the tension in her shoulders falls away at the, arguably cheesy, words. “I want to though, I really do,” she promises, eyes searching Holly’s face intently. “Unless I ruined the mood?”

    Holly smiles and beckons at Gail until she gets the hint and moves up enough for their lips to press together. “No mood ruined here,” she promises before she gets a mischievous glint in her eyes. “And if you’re worried about your performance, I’m happy to give you orders. You’re good at following those, aren’t you?”

    Gail gives her a glare and Holly laughs loudly in amusement; laughter that quickly catches in her throat when Gail decides to dive in head first, a woman on a mission.


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Prompt: semi-au where Gail and holly start a romantic relationship after the batting cages. Please and thank you :)

(yeah, so I suck at keeping these things short. oops)


“You can stop laughing now,” Gail said with an adorable pout. She’d ripped the helmet off and replaced it on the hook, and now stood with her arms crossed. As much as she tried to look annoyed, Holly saw through her tough demeanor. It was the way her eyes crinkled in the corners that gave away her amusement. It was also hard to take Gail seriously with helmet hair.

Holly shook her head while trying her best to hold it together. “Gail, you threw the bat. You’re supposed to hold onto it, not sling it at the ball.”

“I’ve never played baseball before!” Gail protested, moving her hands to settle on her hips. “It’s a stupid game anyway. Who the hell had the genius idea to hurdle balls of death at someone while they tried to hit it with a stick, anyway?”

“Alexander Cartwright,” Holly said without missing a beat.

Gail glared at her.

“What?” Holly asked. “I mean, most people think it was Abner Doubleday in the 1800’s, but actually Cartwright was the first known person to adapt the rules of rounders in the 18th century into the game we are more familiar with today. Doubleday may have perfected the game, but Cartwright was likely the one with the idea to pitch a ball to a hitter.”

Gail stared at Holly with a dumbfounded through her entire speech, blinking. She just kept staring, not saying a word once Holly had finished.

Holly shifted uncomfortably at Gail’s stare down. “Um, nerd?” she asked with what she hoped was an endearing smile.

Gail nodded. But then she broke into a smile of her own. “Do you have a photographic memory or something?”

Holly shook her head. “I think you mean eidetic memory, but no,” she said. “I just like to read.”

“About the history of baseball.”

Holly shrugged. “I have many interests. Come on. Try again.” She picked up Gail’s discarded helmet and held it out towards her.

“Oh, no,” Gail said. “Don’t even think I’m going back into that death cage.”

“Gail, it’s not a death cage. You just need to work on your stance. Come on, I’ll show you.”

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Golly Prompt: As part of community outreach, Holly is giving a LGBTQ talk at high schools,&a Officer Peck is assigned to accompany her. Holly has only heard of Gail as being cold& emotionless. After a talk, a girl comes up to Gail& asks her how to deal with her mum seeing her as a disappointment for being gay. Though Gail knows she should direct her to Holly, she can’t help but tell her something warm&emotional&loving. Holly overhears& on the ride back, reveals she wishes she was told that at 16

“Can I request desk duty, Staff? Because I would rather talk to the old man who smells like rank cheese than do that." 

Staff Sergeant Best leaned forward, braced against the podium. “Officer Peck, I’m so glad to hear from you.” Gail sighed. That meant he had a job for her. “I needed a volunteer to accompany Dr Stewart for the community outreach program.”

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Gail & Holly discuss dating via text message - Part 3 - Snack time

Part 1 | Part 2 

Be honest. How do I look?
[1 image attached]

I still can’t, in all seriousness, give you an answer until you have removed whatever you are chewing from the side of your mouth, and for me to be honest, I would need to see a picture from the back.

Perv. (Also, 15’s vending machines suck.)
[1 image attached]

Contrary to popular belief, not all lesbians perv on their straight girlfriends. (I really feel for you. I am not at all at home right now eating leftover birthday cake from a work thing today.)

Tell that to the twins. I think they might be your second favourite things to ogle after bones. (Ass.)

If this in fact were the truth, the only possible explanation could be that I was studying them for purely scientific reasons. (I will save you some.)

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