аноним спросил(а):

14, 18, 27, 64?

14: Do I have a crush? Yes I do. But not from this site.

18: Do I use sarcasm? All the time, pretty much daily. 

27: Meaning behind my url? Well, I love Doctor who so much that I decided to change my url to what it is because the departure between Amy, Rory, and RIver were so strong it broke me on the inside. I really loved them a lot and that’s why.

64: Do I believe in magic? No, not really. If there was magic, I would have already mastered it and done what I wanted to do. My power would extend over all. But for now it’s all about science and history, I find the most truth in that, altough I’m not sure if it hasn’t been changed to reflect someone else’s views.

bio for genesisau

                            hannah ● ●   ocelot ● ●   nurse

history ;;

the only child of a doctor and a scientist, hannah grew up loved and doted on. she was an average student with an apt for practical subjects, struggling with more theoretical applications. she has a bit of a green thumb, and delights in growing things; for this reason, she was encouraged to pursue farming/gardening.

despite this, hannah has always been nurturing and instead followed her father’s footsteps, pursuing a career in the medical field. while hannah’s father was a doctor who specialized in treating citizens in their splice form, hannah lacked the theoretical know-how to succeed as a doctor, and instead opted for more bedside oriented care, becoming a nurse. unlike her father, hannah prefers her patients in their human form.

because she is the daughter of a doctor and a scientist, hannah was spoiled during her first splice. although her parents could not remove the negative side effects, hannah had none of the horror stories of her peers. this did, perhaps, lessen the experience for hannah and she maintains an attitude of indifference regarding her splice. 

personality ;;

hannah is bright and sunny. she is nurturing and kind. she avoids conflict and is content to let others run the show. among her close friends and family, hannah is talkative; although she is friendly to strangers, she keeps her distance and will not initiate small talk.

connections ;;

none, currently.

[ please contact me if you would like to be added to hannah’s connections. ]

Imagine waking up one morning to hear the TARDIS materialising in your apartment. The Doctor steps out and tells you to come with him, and you suspect that it is Loki, because Loki knows how much you love Doctor Who and have always wished it was real. You keep saying that you know he is really playing the Doctor, but the Doctor denies it. Eventually you find out that Loki is actually disguising himself as the TARDIS and he wants to watch you interact with the Doctor and watch your eyes light up with excitement when you think no one is watching.

I am honored to have met Billie Piper today! She was so cheerful and funny! When I came up to her, and said hi, she said, “Hey girlfrieeeend!” As if she knew me!

Billie and her character Rose were huge role models for me in middle school and she helped me in so many ways to discover women empowerment and my own self worth. I will be forever grateful. ❤️

timeswhenlucywasright спросил(а):

i rly rly love u and i also love bazoolium who is the best housemate in the World

i love u 2 lucy like we went through the mcrmy days together which is essentially like the “we ride together we die together” of the emo world

also bazoolium (tumblr has officially stopped letting me tag people thanks) i’m just gonna add that yr blog is rly nice!! plus i like your url (it’s a doctor who reference right but back when doctor who had depth and plot. the good old days)

//send me nice things about yr faves so i can tag them in it!! (i might not answer until tomorrow because i’m heading to bed now though)

The Doctor’s Daughter mini meta question

So we have this planet. Where people (human and the Hath) reproduce using a machine. That’s how Ten got a daughter, already grown and dressed with make up and fighting skills. But no name. And everybody coming from the machine is like that, from what we’re shown. Right?

We have a war that has been going on ‘longer than anyone can remember. Countless generations marked only by the dead’. And if a generation is made in a blink of an eye, using that machine, that’s not really that long as we find out later.

And then, there’s General Cobb. He’s the leader of the humans. He says noone remember the origins of the war, only the origin myth about the Sigh and the Source and how their ancestors dreamt of new beginning but the Hath broke the promise, hence the war. And that’s all nice and shiny.

But here’s my problem. Cobb looks like the only human that looks old(er). He couldn’t pass for a 20-30-year old. Do they age so quickly then? Is it a side effect of the machine, if they are born young adults, they grow old and gray in a few days? Or is he lying about everything and manipulating everybody with a nice story to turn the place into a slaughter house? But then, he would know that the Source isn’t a weapon.

Suggestions? Ideas?

I’d love to chat :)